Friday, February 6, 2009


The cardigan in full is soft, has beautiful shades of pink, green, and olive. It is very similar to other cardigans I have from J. Crew, except all my other ones are merino wool. I suspect this cardigan will stretch a bit from wearing it, unlike the merino ones. It is good that it will stretch because it is looking like it will be a bit form-fitting, otherwise. Not that matters to me because I never button cardigans, but some of you probably do, so this is your fair warning. I wear a medium in J. Crew sweaters and this is seeming smaller in general, shorter, tighter, etc. Again, it doesn't matter to me...but it might to some of you. Plus, I bet this is J. Crew's version of "shrunken."

The only thing that slightly bugs me about this sweater is that when it is buttoned up, the pattern does not match up. It does on the model at, see here: Again, not an issue because I am not buttoning up...but I am sure some of you are. Also, it is hand-printed (or so the little brown tag says). This may be why it is off a bit, but whatever.

Close-up of the fabric. It is obvious the print doesn't match up here. Look at the buttons. How pretty. They look like the buttons they used in the winter with their merino sweaters!
All in all, I am in love. I truly look forward to wearing it for real.


IRL said...

Hi Dinagideon. Last time I was at the B&M some ladies had this sweater laying on the counter & were discussing it with the SA. I wonder if they were talking about the print not being aligned on both sides? I just looked at my navy cotton cardi with the rope print on it from Summer 2007 (item 84142), and the print does not line up on this sweater either. A bit less noticeable on the rope sweater though. I don't wear mine buttoned up either so this does not bother me. Thanks for posting! (I'm going to post this on Aficionada too because JCrew is being slammed for their quality and my sweater is from 2007.)

dinagideon said...

Hey...thanks for posting here. I really appreciate you backing J. Crew and all of us ladies that are less "buttoned-up." Haha! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the print not aligning is intentional. Keeps the sweater from looking too precious.

dinagideon said...

You know what, anon at 9:41 am, you may be right. I actually looked again at the other post I did about this sweater and discovered that even the one they have on the J. Crew website is off a bit. :) Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is intentional. Much cheaper to make the sweater not match than match. Family member in the garment industry...told me as much...and if they do say it is intentional and adds to the charm...well that is just marketing lingo for making it in cheaper way...LOL!