Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink, Yellow, and Grey...Oh my!

I had intended to wear this outfit on Saturday, but, eh...I was lazy. Plus I figured more people would appreciate my efforts at school...heh...yeah, a bunch of 6th-graders are gonna appreciate a beautiful herringbone aubrey jacket. :)

I read a post comment on J. Crew Aficionada last week that said something like, "when are all you ladies going to wear you silk camis...doing the dishes?" As you know, I really dislike the tone of the comments on that site (see the post from 2/8/09 re: not everyone agrees with me)...I think some people are looking for I wrote back that I wear mine often and to do whatever. And I did...I ran around like crazy today...and the blouse withstood it all.

By the way, the outfit consists of matchstick cords in gold (size 32...yay), small Elizabeth halter in sour lemon, oatmeal haley cardigan, a grey herringbone aubrey jacket in an 8, and the caroline flats in graphite.

This outfit was uber-comfortable. I was sort of surprised that I felt so good wearing it all day. Let's all wear our silk camis more often...if I can do it with a drooly, spitting up mess that I love and adore (baby CW), then the rest of you all should be able to, as well!

Here is the link to polyvore:

Here I am (excuse the goofy face) holding my drooly, spit-up making baby CW. Outfit is fine!!!

Here is the jacket over top. If I had thought about it, I would have rolled the sleeves down...but I was in a rush to get to school on time.


Anonymous said...

I never would have thought to wear gold cords with a yellow halter - but it looks FABULOUS! You look great

I agree that sometimes people can be extremely rude on JCA. I imagine such people are very unhappy and dissatisfied, and most likely not in a healthy relationship where both people love and serve each other. Count your blessings and give that handsome young man (with super cute shoes!) a kiss :)

IRL said...

Well I didn't have anything to do with any rude comments about silk cami's but I have to admit I did return a white, silk Piper a few weeks ago. I was afraid of ruining it so I thought it best to return it. Luckily the sa's at the b&m welcomed it and I'm sure one of them gave it a safe, loving home.

Your outfit looks very nice and what a cute little baby! It helps to be dressed nice around the house...makes you feel good and I'm sure you're family appreciates it too.

dinagideon said...

Bekah: Hi! I am glad you liked the outfit. I loved wearing it. I kept feeling the silk all lovely. And I thank you for complimenting my kids! Much appreciated.

Funny you should say that about the angry commenters...I have always said that about the agressive, rude drivers around here. I figure if they had a loving household, then they would want to drive safer so that they could spend a long time with them (who wants to chance getting killed on the road because of road rage). :)

IRL: That is to bad about your cami...I almost never buy blouses in white for that reason! :) Maybe you could get one in a darker color...the silk feels so nice, huh?

Thank you for the nice compliment of my baby girl. I appreciate your comment about my family, but I bet they don't even notice my clothes...ha! :)

Slastena said...

Dina, both of you look super adorable. I bet you can't wait until you can dress CW in all that super cute Crewcut things. And talk about mom/daughter mathcing outfits- how exciting!!!!