Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mall Shopping in Style...

So I spent all of yesterday in bed. I seem to get bad headaches on Saturdays. Jim says they come from over-doing it all week...and then the moment I have nothing to do, my body rebels in the form of a headache. I am a sufferer of migraines, and I do have medicine, but it still doesn't make their attacks any better. I now get them a lot less than I used to...but when I get them I am afraid no blogging will happen. :) That said, by 7 pm last night I felt better. Better enough to go--SHOPPING! Actually, I had promised Jim a coat for his birthday and so off to Pentagon City we went (Macy's coats were on sale). Don't worry ladies, I stopped at J. Crew (and got a few things on sale--plus 15% teachers--they were being generous last night). I will put pics of what I got later...but now for the main point of this post--what I wore to go shopping! :)

There was no way to polyvore this set because I looked through all of the items from Anthropologie and could not find this top, so I said, "forget it." The top is Anthropologie from this summer...meant to be an early fall item. I fell in love with it! The catalog barely does this top justice. It is super-soft and the print is so unique. Initially I was scared off by the whole turtleneck/short-sleeve combo, but it works. It is a precarious balance, for sure, but it works. Plus paired with the amazing matchstick cords from J. Crew it all fits just right! The shoes are the brown suede Jane flats from this fall (J. Crew, natch). I also am wearing the sunset charm bracelet from J. Crew that was sold last summer.

To top it all off, I wore the very warm Shipley. I love this coat. It has a nice shape and it keeps me toasty without being a Michelin-man style jacket. Jim was complaining of the cold (good thing we got him a new jacket) and I said, "well, if you had a proper jacket like I do then you wouldn't be cold." :)

Here is my precious baby girl. I love this shot. I might print it out and frame it. I have one of me with Rex (at about this age) and I had that framed, so darling CW needs her own photo like that, too!

You can see the print on the shirt here a little better and the sunset charm bracelet, too.

I rarely buy from Anthropologie, but when I do, I make sure it is different and special. I don't look to their company for classics like I do with the Crew (I had to make that rhyme), but I do look to them to help me expand my wardrobe with a little something that no one else can offer.


Slastena said...

Dina- you look lovely. CW is beynd adorable- she is naturally born model! I spotted you wearing the charm bracelet that I just recently deconstructed. I ended up with a link bracelet which is exactly like the one being sold right now-

LakeNokomis said...

Your daughter is adorable! The photo is definately one to frame. The colors of the shirt look really nice on you. Good choice!

dinagideon said...

Slastena: Thank you. CW is good at posing. Maybe a crewcuts model contract should be in her future. That way my whole family could be decked out in J. Crew for a reduced rate (we can all dream). :) I loved what you did with that bracelet. I think your creativity is sky-high. I will have to try that with some other pieces of jewelry that I no longer use but can be re-purposed.

LakeNokomis--I will frame it. If my hubby likes it, then it is a "go!" I adore this shirt. I wish more things came in these colors! Thank you!

HeidiG said...

You look great. You always have an extra glow when you are holding CW - it's lovely.

I covet your coat, it looks so yummy, cozy, and chic.

gigiofca said...

I love that top on you. It's beautiful. Must chime in w/the others...yur little girl is so cute!

Drewablank said...

I've wanted to comment all weekend, but my computer at home wouldn't let me! Grrr...

I wanted to let you know that this combo looks stunning on you! The bright colors totally reflect your sunny personality! :)

As always, CW is a scene (or should I say, picture) stealer!

dinagideon said...

HeidiG: Thank you for complimenting CW. She is drooling in response. :) That coat I am coveting now myself because it is so cold here where I am typing...brr!

Gigiofca: That top is pretty special...have you done many try-ons in Anthropologie for your blog? I would love to see you in some of their outfits!

Drewablank: You are not alone...I was having a tough time commenting today on some of my favorite blogs. I had to e-mail my comments to myself so I could try again tomorrow morning! Sigh!

CW is a scene and picture stealer. It's crazy how much my kids draw all this attention--and that's great by me! :)