Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner Shimmers with a Peacock Jacket and a Crushed Glitter Satin Clutch...

I am a few days late (but not a few dollars short, just kidding, I really am, which is why I am selling stuff--okay I am done plugging that blog) in publishing this outfit, but I wanted to give this post more time because it includes a mini-review of the crushed glitter satin clutch...which is just languishing in the sale section over at like a sad, little, lost puppy.

Some of you have already seen this outfit if you follow or read my Mid-Century Mom blog. I wore this outfit not only for Christmas Eve dinner, but also to go grocery shopping in...

Christmas Eve Outfit!!!
Christmas Eve Outfit!!! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

The polyvore of the outfit is above. This dress is two winters ago from Macy's. I couldn't fit into it last winter, and while a bit loose overall this winter, it is just the right kind of loose (especially if you are going to go and have a big dinner). It is by Evan Piccone and is as pretty in real life as the photos make it seem...the color is the lushest shade of blue ever and the silk taffeta is TDF.

The gloves are actually from Ann Taylor and are so soft...I keep touching them because the leather is like butter.

Did I smell something weird? What is up with my facial expression?
Jacket: J. Crew Collection, Maggie Shimmer Peacock Jacket, Ivory with pretty metallic threading, Size 8, Winter 2008. I last wore it here.
Dress: Evan Piccone (Macy's), Silk Taffeta Shirtdress, Blue, Size 10, Winter 2007.
Shoes: J. Crew, Alessia Patent Peep-Toes, Grey, Size 9.5, Winter 2008.
Necklace: J. Crew, Pearl Cluster Necklace, Pearl and Clear Beads, Spring 2009.
Headband: J. Crew, Braided Gold headband, Gold, Summer 2009.

Clutch: Crushed Glitter Satin Clutch. Why are you not more popular? Could it be that people worry that your glitter will get all over everything, like your less attractive sister bag would (and why is she sold out)? Or is it the color, your warm beige silk is just not practical enough? The black silk version of you is sold out...hmm...

I am here to tell you that the glitter has a flake or two fall off, but overall, that glitter is secured to this bag's top handle tightly. And I am also here to tell you that this particular shade of beige is warm enough and light colored enough to be used well beyond the winter party season. I have a silver clutch that I adore, but I only use it in the winter because it just screams "New Year's Eve Party." This clutch is a lovely combination of retro, silky, dainty, and lady-like, enough so that it could be a good choice for a evening bag the WHOLE year. Or maybe that's just me. I do wear a lot of silk camis, and a lot of people think that is fairly impractical, so I could be deluded. :) Anyhow, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the little bag that could.

Plus, with 20% off, it isn't a bad price right now.

The dress has pockets. Love pockets in a dress. Makes my hands happy because they have a place to live. Is that weird?

Have a nice day all...


Anonymous said...

OT: Got my Boden order from the sale! Did you get anything? Get yours yet? What did you buy?

I got the drummer jacket and it fits so well it is insane. I LOVE IT. Such a fun, unique style esp. in the blue with brown trim:)

I also got the Peacock jacket--not sure about it (boxy fit) and the purple glitter jacket (defective)1 pocket is crooked. Having another one sent. Also got the treat yourself wallet. Love it.

Stylestance said...

You look gorgeous!

Pamela said...

That dress looks great on you! I never noticed that clutch until you have so kindly pointed it out!!! Very cute! I love the entire outfit.

Suzy said...

Beautiful outfit! I love the dress! (I really need to pay closer attention to dresses.) Interesting info on the clutch. I did order the silver - sold out - other clutch, it should arrive shortly. For 29.99 less 20%, I won't be upset at the loss of some glitter. I think your clutch looks beautiful and very versatile as well. Gorgeous!

laceysiegel said...

Love your blog. The blue is a great color for you and the fit is fantastic. You look beautiful. I bought the Frances Heart Cami (haven't received it yet) b/c of your review. Thanks.

dinagideon said...

Anon: I have gotten them!!! I did receive a defective necklace, but Boden said they would pay 15 dollars to fix it (it is repairable, thank goodness), and yep, the jewelry shop can fix it for--15 dollars. :)

I have the treat yourself in the green/pink union jack combo...nice looking wallet, for sure!

Stylestance: Thank you!!! BTW, was the shirtdress was of the 50 types of dresses? ;)

Pamela: I like an underdog, so I love my clutch!!! I liked my outfit too, a lot of fun to wear...I think I could even find a way of wearing the dress in the spring, but I will have to be careful so it doesn't look to "wintry." :) Thank you!

Suzy: Yes, you should wear dresses, but I am a biased person. I actually really missed dresses last year because CW needed to be nursed 24-7, and dresses don't work well with that!!! Now that CW is taking a bit easy on me, the dresses can come out again!!!

Yes, $24 is a GREAT price. I suspect they put more glitter on than necessary just to make sure there was plenty left over. ;)

laceysiegel: Thank you so much, and you are so welcome. That frances heart cami is such a great will love IT!!! :)

Anonymous said...

THanks for your reply. By Peacock jacket I meant the Boden one in purple. Not the JC one!

dinagideon said...

Anon at 8:13: Ah, yes!!! I can see where that may be a bit boxy. Johnnie Boden, do you see that??? ;)

Debye said...

That dress is so beautiful on you, you wear color so well! I love pockets in a dress, it just makes me happy.

I am waiting for my first Boden order, I had actually never heard of them before reading your blog. I ordered from the Spring Preview so it should be shipping in a week or two...yippee!

Jemma Ruby said...

That dress is gorgeous on you!