Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Pink to Brighten Your Day (Featuring Sequin Tiered Ruffle Tissue Tank and the Jayne Dress)!!!

UPDATE: Happy Birthday to my girls HeidiG. (whose twin's birthday is today--heehee) and 3-Penny Princess (who celebrated a birthday last week). I hope you all got lots of J. Crew. ;)

Day Two of Two...and yes, I am publishing a post with today's outfit and polyvore AND an outfit from about a month ago. Yay! I will catch up, I will!

Today's outfit is this polyvore above. You have seen me wear all these pieces before...but I like this combo for today because it is:
1) NASTY has been raining (or monsooning) outside for hours. Thank goodness we were just over the front-line, else we would have had ice or snow. Ick.
2) A day where I am substituting AND I need to walk to a meeting after school (about 1.5 miles) AND I get to take the kids to see Santa (and I want to be festive).
3) It should clear up (sunshine and clouds later today), but if it doesn't, that trench coat (great fabric, Banana Republic) and umbrella should be handy on my walk.

Cardigan: J. Crew, Merino Crewneck Cardigan, Dusty Rose, Size Medium, Spring 2009. I wore it here last.
Top: J. Crew, Sequin Tiered Ruffle Tissue Tank, Slate, Size Extra-Small, Holiday 2009. I wore it here last.
Pants: J. Crew, Everyday Chinos, Quartz, Size 10 Regular, Spring 2009. I wore them here last.
Tennis Shoes: Adidas from a million years ago. :)
Necklace: Tiffany's, Apple Necklace, Given to me by Mr. Dina many years ago...seemed appropriate for teaching. ;)
Watch: My trusty Fossil.

No polyvore for Outfit #2. I could have made one, but eh, too tired!

Dress: J. Crew, Super 120s Jayne Dress, Tea Rose, Size 8, Spring 2009. This was an insanely popular dress when it came out. I didn't think it would work for me, but then I decided to give a whirl...and I really liked its shape on me. I bought this one off of ebay, as I did with the navy, but I decided to get the aqua color when it was on sale at I am now realizing I don't really want or need three of these dresses, so if any of you want to buy the navy from me, let me know. ;) (I look fine in navy, but the tea rose and aqua make my skin tone sing...)
Belt: J. Crew, Superskinny Satin Belt, Aqua color, Size small, Holiday 2009. I really love this belt, as I love all of J. Crew's skinny belts. This is just the right punch of an opposite color to define the waist of this dress.
Shoes: Cole-Haan, Air Ada Low Pumps, Nude, Size 10. Nude heels or pumps? What can I the look with a dress or skirt. :)

Do you all have any ideas on what cardigan or jacket might look nice with this dress or the aqua one? I worry about the neckline plus jacket/cardigan looking too fussy...any thoughts? Thank you!

Have a nice day...if we get the photo of the kids with Santa uploaded tonight, I will definitely share it tomorrow. Hohoho!


LizPoms said...

Hi Dina! I might be interested in the Navy size 8 Jayne dress! Let me know what you would be selling it for.

You look amazing in the tea rose! Have a great afternoon!

dinagideon said...

Hi, LizPoms: I left you a comment over at your blog with info on how to reach me! :)

Thank you for visiting...nice to have you over here!!!

amy kelinda said...

Oooooh my gosh the dress looks divine on you! A Navy dress is nice, but that tea rose color looks SO GOOD on you! As for a topper, I'd think a nice boxy jacket would actually work for that type of neckline. It would provide contrast to the soft drapeyness of the neckline instead of competing with it the way a more fitted jacket or cardigan would.

JKW said...

You look stunning in the Jayne dress -- WOW! That shade of pink beautifully complements your luminous skin (I envy your perfect skin, BTW). I agree w/ amy kelinda about a boxy jacket with that dress -- that would be very elegant. I think I'll steal your pink cardi/grey ruffle tissue tank outfit idea - a very pretty look, and I have that sweater and a similar tank!

HeidiG said...

Love the Jayne dress on you - so fabbie!! Love the other outfit too - perfect for the day. You look so good in those warm pinks.

Ditto above on the boxy jacket - it would give you that Mad Men vibe, definitely.

And thanks so much for the bday wishes!! It has been a fun day!

Anonymous said...

The Jayne dress does fit you wonderfully--I'm just not a fan of the collar and how it lays.
Pretty color though.

dinagideon said...

Amy Kelinda: Ooh, I will have to try the boxier I just have to figure out which ones in my closet will "go" best!!! Thank you!!!

JKW: Thank you so much...

I also would love to see your take on the grey ruffly tank/pink cardi was very comfy and fun to wear...

HeidiG.: Warm pinks are my best friends, unlike those cool pinks that are my frenemys (I love them but they don't love me back). ;)

Yogagirl: The collar is my one sticking point...and it shifts throughout the day...I wonder if it would look better if I had more (cough cough) "oomph" up top. :)

Anonymous said...

haha! smile