Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Sweet Pastel Day Plus a Look at the Stardust Pencil Skirt (Copper)!!!

Seems like I am on a roll with this whole "sparkly, sequin" look thing I have been doing these past few days. It is either a product of: a) there are a lot of sequin/sparkly things for sale out there, b) it is around the holidays and I am buying into the festive look 100%, or c) (most likely reason) I am just splashing out as a way of rebelling my stay-at-home mom status (I don't get out much). :)

First up is my review of the stardust pencil skirt in copper. I also happen to own the gunmetal version. Yes, I love this skirt, and yes, I plan on making it work for me outside of the "festive" part of the year...I can see wearing this skirt all year...wintertime with tights and a sweater, springtime with flats and a long-sleeved tee, summertime with a tank and sandals, and falltime with a tee, jacket, and a pair of nice-looking Keds (or some type of pretty tennis shoes). Anyone who owns this skirt want to join me in my quest?

BTW, my on-line personal shopper helped me find the gunmetal in both an 8 and a 10. The 8 fit better, so I sold the 10. Then the copper showed up as a popback on-line in a 8, and since that was the color I wanted the most, I jumped on it! :)

I have provided the link above, just in case any of you are looking for a popback yourself.

The 10 was longer on me, but that was because the 10's waist basically was 4 inches too big, so it sat at my hip. The 8's waist is only 1.5 inches too large, and the hips fit better, so in the end I sacrificed length for a better fit.

I like this look that I am wearing, Tortoise Ballet Flats (9.5) and the Cashmere Tunic in that mint green color from last spring (small). I think the mint color is a nice, complementary color for the copper of the skirt (basically a brown/red combo).

The skirt's fabric is well-made. None of my usual palpitations over whether the sequins have to be babied by me, they are sewn on very tightly. The sequins are adhered to a lace-y type material, and under it is a opaque slip that feels nice to the skin.

Any questions? Ask in the comments. If you have reviewed this skirt, could you mention it, as well. I know that gigiofca, nojcrewinjapan, and summerilla have reviewed it, but I am 100% sure others have!!!

Here is what I am wearing today, as a full-fledged stay at home mom. I am not going anywhere today, at all. Not even tonight. I just felt like bringing it a bit, you know? I like the way this came together. I think the pink overdyed denim (30 Short) looks nice with both the tortoise patent flats and the mint green tunic. I wore these jeans last here.

Oh, and these pants, while not the most comfortable in the world, are still more comfortable than last night's pants. :)

Have a great day, everyone.


Anonymous said...

I wasnt sure about the copper color as I never saw it in real life but it looks great on u so I may have to try to get it on a popback now.

Cate said...

I love the skirt. looks great!

gigiofca said...

You look fantastic in the skirt. Love it w/the green!

Suzy said...

HI Dina!

Great review on the stardust skirt. I had that in my cart too many times to count, then always deleted it, until alas it was gone in my size. But today is showed up (returns?) and I ordered it. Love how you paired it with the light mint green, which I already have. Here's hoping it fits now! It looks terrific on you!

jcmama said...

I like how you paired the copper tone with the minty green...

Does your tortoise flats fit TTS or did you go half size up?

dinagideon said...

missmasala: Oh, yes, you should think about it...it is a luscious color that (even in sequins) can be worn with a lot!!! Very versatile, even more so than the gunmetal.

Cate: Thank you!!! :)

Gigiofca: I had the green on anyhow, and it just worked. LOL. ;)

Suzy: Ooh, very cool. I hope that it works for you in the size you got. I am so glad I got to try it on in both sizes...really showed me what size was best. Let me know, okay?

jcmama: Thank you!

The funny thing about me and J. Crew shoes is that I used to be a 10, solidly...never swaying ever. And then, in the past two years I am now buying either 9 or 9.5. It is WEIRD. I think there is vanity sizing here, too. Anyhoo, in these flats I went with a 9.5, which is my "new" normal with their shoes. They fit beautifully. (I have fairly narrow feet, so bear that in mind...although these don't seem to be esp. narrow, but they are in no way too wide like some of the mocs can be.) Does that help?

Anonymous said...

IF I got the Stardust Pencil Skirt I def. would have went for the copper! Great choice!!! Looks very purty Ms. Dina!