Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Goldenrod for a Golden Day...Plus a Santarific Picture!!!

No polyvores today, just too freaking lazy to care. :) But I do have three photos of the outfit I am wearing today (woo-woo), and one photo of an outfit I think I wore back in September, and the best thing by far, a photo of the kids with Santa from last night.

So why did I entitle this post a "Golden Day?" I happen to be subbing today, for a 1/2 day, but the way this teacher's schedule worked out, I am only really "teaching" two classes, 45 minutes each. I will happily take a 1/2 day's pay for 1.5 hours of real work. This teacher I am subbing for is one of my very favorite people here at my former school, so I must say, I think she worked it out this way just to keep me happy!!! So thank YOU!

Cardigan: Willi Smith, Goldenrod Print, Size Medium, Fall 2009 (TJ Maxx brand). I wore it here last.
Top: J. Crew Outlet, Goldenrod, Size Small, Fall 2009.
Chinos: J. Crew, Grey, Size 10, Fall 2008.
Tennis Shoes: Adidas, worn by me for this blog ONLY when I walk home from school. BTW, yesterday, I said I was going to walk to that meeting? I got a ride...oh, well!
Necklace: Some company somewhere made this snowflake necklace. I wore it today because I hate snow and prefer to keep my snowflakes as decoration, not the real thing. :)

This is a Mr. Dina specialty...take some ridiculous pic of me adjusting while I am being photographed. Sigh. Doesn't he know that it wastes memory??? ;)

Coat: J. Crew, Double-Cloth Camino Coat, Dusty Blossom, Size 8, Fall 2009. Last seen on me here. I finally get to wear it for REAL. It is actually cold enough for this coat. Not that cold, of course, or else I would drag out my stadium-cloth. It is probably 45 outside and just perfect. I also like that this fabric is pretty durable, so I know it will be fine under my backpack on my walk this afternoon.

This is from September. It was probably 75 and sunny that day. Oh, what a few months do to your wardrobe. I am highlighting this one because I like that it is yellow (like today's outfit), too.
Dress: Boden, Knitted Floral Dress (something like that), Yellow/Pewter, UK Size 12, Spring 2009. I was attracted to this print because it is so fresh and delightful. I received a lot of compliments on the dress and its print. Definitely not for the faint of heart, admittedly, but still a pleasure to wear and be seen in. The fabric is a knitted cotton, with a modal slip, so it is nice for summer and spring outings.
Shoes: Aerosoles, Grey Patent, Size 10, ????.
Necklace: J. Crew, Pearl Cluster Necklace, Spring 2009.

Watch for both outfits: My trusty Fossil.

And as promised, here is the pic of the kids with Santa. CW wasn't having it...the lollipop placated her for about two minutes, then the tears came quickly and strongly. BTW, Rex was great and loved it. His request? "Big Bakugon, PLEASE!"

Hope everyone's day is GOLDEN, too!


amy kelinda said...

I love your cardigan! And even though your hubby sneaks in that "adjusting" photo, I like it! It looks like an action shot. Well, probably because it was, haha... The cloth is absolutely lovely on you. The dusty pink color is super flattering, and I'm glad you got to drag it out for real this time! I don't blame CW for crying about Santa! I remember being scared that my parents were going to leave me with this strange bearded man when I was younger!

Marietta said...

Dina, you look great! I, too, really like your cardi, and the dusty pink coat is so flattering on you! You always look so radiant. :-)

The pic of Rex and CW with Santa is priceless! Thank you for sharing!

HeidiG said...

Great pics! I so love you in that Camino - so perfect on you.

GingerSnap said...

I love the Santa photo! How darling are your babies!

Anonymous said...

Oh the Double Cloth Camino coat is divine on you, I really like that color. Love it!!!
And I must say that the picture with Santa is so cute. CW is so funny! I wonder what Lola would do if I try to take a picture of her with Santa? She would probably turn super vicious. Hahaha

Kathy said...

The picture of the kids is so cute! Brings back memories for me.
Thanks for sharing!

Drewablank said...

(After a long absence...) Those colors - goldenrod and gray - are terrific together, and then you put the dusty rose camino over - perfect! :)

Your two little ones are getting so big! I miss them so. I hope you all are staying warm!

Elaine said...

I LOVE the J.Crew coat and that dress is amazing on you! Shows off that hot body!

dinagideon said...

Amy Kelinda: Oh, don't you worry, like Gingersnap, my hubby loves fooling around with me when I am doing my serious business of blog-writing. ;)

As far as CW, she is in great company. I think Santa is awesome, but when you are only 32 inches tall, he is a bit looming. LOL!

Marietta: Thank you so much.

Some of the folks that have seen the pic of CW with Santa say she looks very skeptical, which is so funny in contrast to Rex and his glowing positivity (it is usually the opposite, too). :)

HeidiG.: Merci!!! Do you own any double-cloth??? I can't remember, but I could so see you in a black lady day...

Gingersnap: My babies are pretty darn darling...but I may be the weensiest bit biased. ;)

Rosa: They do have a paws with Claus photo-session at Springfield Mall...not that Lola would go, but if she was feeling amiable, it might make for a nice looking blogger ID photo!!! Hint, hint...

Kathy: I know that I will miss this age SO much when they get all old and surly (hopefully not too surly), and people are always so excited to see little ones, I have no problem sharing the joy. I hope that I can one day look at someone else's blog and see darling babies and be all lifted, too!!! Do you have any of seashell from this age with Santa that you can scan?

Drewablank: We've missed you, but it has been busy here, too, so we understand. E-mail and we can talk about some getting-together time, okay? :)

Elaine: Thank you!!! The dress seems right up your takes the right person to wear "brights" and I based on your blog, I could see you in something very similar!!! :)

Patina said...

you know i love pink and that camino coat is right up my alley. i love it on you. great pics. happy holidays

Charlotte said...

Hi~ I love your pics and I'm a big fan of your blog. Your review of the double cloth camino coat in dusty blossom convinced me to get the coat for myself! I love the coat but there's this weird issue with the lining under the front shoulder area and I was wondering if you have the same question. When I first received it (a month ago) I didn't notice b/c I tried it on with a thick sweater but I noticed that when I wore it with a plain shirt, on both shoulder areas, under the lining, there's this sharp paper-like thing that pokes my skin. It's like a thin cardboard paper-like thing with sharp edges that's between the lining and the coat. Okay, when I put it like that, it sounds awful. Anyways, I've been busy so i haven't had the time to deal with the coat issue but I called customer service to see if this was a common problem but they couldn't tell me anything about it.

Anyways, I was wondering if you had any issues with the lining with your coat.

I may just have to return the darn thing since I'm not sure if I want to "repair" it. I'd have to tear the lining to see what's underneath and I don't have the seamstress skills and I'm not particularly inclined to take it to a seamstress.


dinagideon said...

Patina: Oh, thank you so much!! :)

Charlotte: That is just terrible. I have not had the issues you speak all. DEFINITELY return it. That is weird. I would have felt something like that because I have only worn the coat with lighter tops and I am super-sensitive to things like that!!! Get another one, though, because that cannot happen twice (we HOPE...never know completely with J. Crew)...Good luck, let me know what happens...

Anonymous said...

The Boden dress is just perfect on you! And I am super jealous Ms. Superfluities of all your J. Crew Coat purchases this year!!! I want the Camino in the Dusty Pink...but have to wait until after Christmas-or maybe I can move next to you and shop your closet!!! :)

dinagideon said...

yogagirl: You can move in anytime. :) We could chill and do yoga in my playroom, that would be AWESOME...

The coat purchases were made after my decision to purge the lovely coats that I have bought in the past years. I have sold all three, so I feel better about my decision. I probably will be adding a couple to the mix to be sold, but I am on the fence still...I probably will know better by mid-January.

Right now I am purging dresses (tomorrow I have four to list on the exchange) and next week I will probably purge some tops. :)

You would look lovely in the dusty blossom!!! (Not that I am enabling...)

Charlotte said...

I will definitely return the coat next week. It's really too bad since I really like the coat but I've decided that I'm justified for my dissatisfaction. :( I will let you know what they say at the store. Thanks for listening! :) I love that there's a community of people that I can commiserate with about J.Crew.

dinagideon said...

Charlotte: Good luck, and please do let us know. :) I hope you can get another, and in 100% working order.

gigiofca said...

Gorgeous cardi on you!!!!!!!!