Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silk Tiered Cami Goes for a Day Out!!!

Merry Christmas, one day late, you all!!! It has been a great couple of days, just insanely busy.

Learned a few things. My daughter is a HUGE fan of Baby Chou Chou and of the Fur Real Animal Friends Kitty Cat. My son can't get enough of his Dragon Castle and of his Big Bakugon.

More on the festivities later, but I wanted to go back to publishing my outfit of the day, even if I have almost no time to really devote to it.

So here you all outfit of the day for December 26, 2009 (the other days this last week will be published probably tomorrow and Monday).

This above is the polyvore. The only thing that is different are the pants. I was wearing a pair of INC pants from a few years ago. If you fall in love with any of the other pieces, you can link to them from Polyvore.

One thing, the boots are a DEAD ringer for the Metropolitan Leather Ankle Boots. They are not *exactly* the same in color, and are certainly not leather, but for $35 from Naturalizer (in store price), plus a "woo-hoo, looking good" from Mr. Dina, I'll take it even if they aren't J. Crew. ;)

Top: Size 6.
Pants: Size 10.
Boots: Size 9 (I have been fitting into MUCH smaller sized shoes it just me or are the shoe companies suffering from vanity sizing, too?).

Cardigan: Medium.

Coat: Size Small.

I loved this outfit from tip to toe. Not only was it comfortable, but I felt chic. I almost never feel chic. It was a good feeling going out all dressed up...lots of teens in their sandals and socks combos at the mall today, so these boots felt ultra-glam. I don't think anyone realized I got them from Naturalizer. ;)

Have a nice night, all. Will get to comments for the last two posts (one on the shimmerveil charmed mini bag and the one on the watercolor leopard dress) shortly. Probably not tonight, but all know I am good for it!!! ;)


Pamela said...

Great boots!! I bet they were uber comfy too!!I love that comfort shoes are looking much more stylish!

I'm totally pairing my silk cami under a fun print cardi! I love the auburgine color. I have the same one.

Sounds like the kids were happy with what Santa brought!

Anonymous said...

You do look chic in your outfit, very nice!

The Outfit of the day said...

I love your last two posts outfit. You look INCREDIBLE, and your body looks great!

Suzy said...

Hi! I echo all of the above comments! I think this outfit is very chic and you look great! I seriously want another silk tiered cami in the fresh plum color, but I am seriously holding out knowing that some colors were 19.99! Your boots look adorable, and being comfortable makes them amazing!

MMM said...

Lookin' stunning Dina! I LOVE the outfit!
Merry (belated) Christmas to you as well! ;)

Slastena said...

Very chic indeed, Dina! Boots are great, they certainly look designer.
I keep missing silk cami in stores, maybe will get lucky soon.
I am so envious yuo get to go out with kids. Docs told us to avoid crowded palces untill baby is at least 6 mos old. Disadvantage of having a winter baby, and what's with H1N1 around. Oh, well! At least I can occasionally get out of the house by myself or with older one. Looking forward to spring when we can all go someplace fun.

Anonymous said...

Boots are freakin' fabulous! You look great! Luvee the silk tiered tank so much I have it in 3 colors!

gigiofca said...

Perfect example of how you can throw the puffer vest on an outfit and it still looks fantastic. Love the color mix. You look great!