Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...No, It Really Is!!!

Don't worry, friends. We are alive. I will still be able to comment on the last three posts...promise...but first...ta da...the crazy Christmas storm of 2009!!!

We get snow here in Virginia. We tend to get, oh, maybe 1 to 6 inches of snow a YEAR. Today, as of right now, at 3:27 pm, we have almost 16 inches. You read that right, 16 inches. That would be, by my calculations, 3 years worth of snow...and that is only if we get 6 inches a year. Last year (by which I mean the winter of 2008-2009; we are currently in the winter of 2009-2010) we received LESS SNOW than Mr. Dina's family did down in southwest Mississippi.

We do get blizzards and crazy snow, but only once every (and this comes straight from Topper Shutt, et. al. over at WUSA 9 News) 6-10 years. I guess we were due...our last big snow was in February of 2003.

If you live in a place where 16 inches sounds like child's play, well, I tip my hat to you. If you live in a place where you can dig out of a snowstorm that dumps 16 inches in a day in a couple of hours, I COMMEND you. At this rate, we won't be able to get of our neighborhood (barring a snow-dog led sled or skis--neither of which this family has) until maybe Monday. Knowing our part of Virginia, likely Tuesday. Tuesday P.M. ;)

Enjoy the pics, all.

Rex was super-excited to get out and play in the snow. He didn't even complain that I made him wear a very tight snowsuit, coat, hat, snowboots, gloves, and a trapper hat. By the end his cheeks were BRIGHT red. Darling!!!

CW hated the snow for the most part...I don't think she quite got that you shouldn't fall into the snow...once she fell the first time and all that cold wet got on her face, it was downhill from there.

She did wear gloves, eventually...I think it took her realizing that her poor hands don't like freezing water for her to be okay with the gloves. You know kids...(well, maybe not, maybe my kids are the only ones who fight me on their wardrobe...yes, I know this is slightly ironic).

Ooh, so cold. And the snow was literally blowing into my eyes...I look slightly off-kilter here. Still a nice photo, nonetheless!!! These photos were all taken when the snow was about 12 inches...therefore if we went out now, CW would be nearly covered. That is A LOT of snow.

This is one of those family place signs you can use on your driveway. Only the vestige of our family characters are poking can't even see the kids!!!

It would be some kind of Northern Virginia miracle if my well-hidden street gets a snow plow down it before Monday. Some of you might think I am joking, sadly, I am not. :P

If you are in the thick of like me...grab some wine and update your blog. :)

Have a nice one...


Anonymous said...

You have my sympathies, I live in a snow belt climate (Ontario Canada), and 16 inches is alot of snow, we received 12 inches last week and it took us a day to plow through it. At least your snow will melt faster than mine, my snow will last until March.

Your kids pictures are adorable. Enjoy.

dinagideon said...

Oooooh...good point, Casual-crew. We do melt quickly fact I told Mr. Dina all he needs to shovel are the places that the southern sun doesn't hit on our driveway!!!

But it is good to know that 16 inches is a lot, even for you very seasoned winter-birds. ;)

Pamela said...

My brother is law is stuck in West Virginia right now. He was out there for work and his flight is cancelled and he's not sure how and when he's getting home! he may end up renting a car at some point. But he is sending us pics of the empty walmart and lines at the gas station! i'm not envious of that snow one little bit! Stay inside and if you have to go out---be careful!!!!!

ashley said...

WOWZERS! you got a lot of snow!!! that storm is about to hit us later tonight! your pictures are super cute! stay warm & safe! have a happy happy holiday dina! :)

C said...

we are having that storm now....the snow is pretty, but the wind chill is nasty. More than 5-6" they can't plow effectively and it is relentless ...also, they start running out of places to plow it "to" because the streets are not designed to accommodate it, and they do just plow it back into your driveway over and over...luckily I do have XC skis.

Patina said...

Yes, we have an actual Winter Wonderand on the East Coast. My neighborhood mirrors yours. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with us. The babies look so adorable.

Beth said...

Hey Dina!
We had a trip to DC this weekend for a party and had to cancel. We were going to stay at the Hotel Monaco in DC on the Mall. I was bummed at the time but now I am glad because we would have been trapped. The grandparents had the children and might not have been too happy.
We have the same snow here....Fun huh??!! I have snow pics on my blog.
Have a great weekend!


Rachel said...

Hey Dina -
Can you believe the snow?!?! It is beautiful but it is a lot! We took our kids out for a bit but it was still snowing pretty hard. Don't know when I will brave to roads. BTW - LOVE the Talbots shirt from the last post - looks like it could be forgiving which I love - was it purchased here at Tysons - I have NEVER been in that store.
Enjoy the weather and stay warm

Kathy said...

Your kids are adorable in the snow! Being northerners, our kids live for the first snow of the year. No matter how old they have gotten, they will still be out there tomorrow sliding and building a snow man and a fort!

The Outfit of the day said...

Oh the kids look so cute with their winter clothes.
My husband family is from Northern Virginia and we plan to move there after we finish our tour in Japan. The pictures are so beautiful and I miss the snow!

AppGal said...

We got about 16" too! This is definitely the most snow I've ever seen. Our town, being seasoned in all things winter, is pretty good about plowing and salting the roads. God bless all the men in their trucks who were out ALL day yesterday taking care of everything! However, our driveway is quite long, and in order for us to get out for Christmas holidays (and a fondue party last night) we spent the ENTIRE day shoveling our driveway. The snow is less cool now, hehe. You all have a fun snow day(s) and stay warm! :)

gigiofca said...

It's so good to hear from you. I'm glad you & the fam are doing well. Thanks for sharing the pics :-)

Kathryn said...

Love the pictures! And Mr. Dina is from Mississippi? I am originally from Mississippi! Whenever we had a light dusting of snow or even freezing rain growing up, our schools would close and people would freak out and stock up at the grocery stores like we were in for a blizzard! And then the next day it would be 70 degrees! :)

Anonymous said...

You and your daughter are so stinkin' cute out there in the snow-LOVE that shot!!!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!!! I had to take yesterday off, spent a good portion of the day shovelling (surprisingly I am better at it than Mr. Dina) or sleeping.

For all of you who shared your sympathy or your own stories, thank you. I have lived here in NOVA almost my whole life (26 years now) and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have seen this much snow. This last snow would be #4.

Pamela: I hope he gets home soon!!! Poor guy!!!

Ashley: Supposedly you all got less because most of the storm was out at the ocean by the time it got you??? Happy Happy Holiday, right back atcha!!! ;)

C: Oh, yes, the dreaded plow detritus...ooh, I have seen that and it is ugly and makes it so hard on walkers and XC you be careful!!!

Patina: Thank you...did you get to work yet??? I know nurses are definitely "essential" personnel. Be careful, 'kay???

Beth: LOL. Richmond/DC/Baltimore got SLAMMED. I loved your pics, btw. Esp. of the newscaster. :)

Rachel: Ooh, I want to go sledding with my kids...maybe in a few years? I think they are too young now.

The Tysons Talbots I have never been to, but I have been to the Pentagon City and Old Town ones. I always get such nice treatment. :) But lately, I have been almost exclusively an on-line shopper. ;)

Kathy: Do we get to see darling pics of your kids having fun??? ;)

TOOTD: Really? Back to VA??? YAY! You can join our fold...that would be awesome. :) Can't promise that we'll have snow like this for a long while, but it should happen again at some point in the next 5-10 years. LOL.

AppGal: Oh, sister, I hear ya on the long drive. We have three times the length driveway as compared to our neighbor. Mr. Dina and I shovelled for two hours and only got half of it done, by that point, we saw some enterprising souls and Mr. Dina paid them to finish it.

16 inches is very By the end, we were at 20 inches, but it is already starting to about you all???

Gigiofca: It is REALLY good to hear from up, okay???

Kathryn: That is so cool!!! Mississippians are very devoted to their that one of you all has that in common with Mr. Dina. His dad always sends us text messages about the weather...the phone was definitely going crazy the past few days. :)

Yogagirl: I love that shot, too. My heart sort of hurts (in a good way) to realize they just keep getting bigger and bigger...part of this blog's purpose is to have some sort of record of this time in our lives. Thank you!

Debye said...

Wow, that is a LOT of snow! It is still in the 70's here in San Diego which is nice but at the same time it feels less like Christmas when you can still get a sun tan :o)

NoJCrewinJapan said...

Eek! & to think I want to MOVE to the NOVA... hmmm... better stay in warm weather as long as I can! Enjoy the winter wonderland! It DOES look like tons of fun!

Slastena said...

Kids love it apparently.:) Mine got home soaked through and through. He was so hungry for the thrill of it, he got into EVERY snow pile he could. I am yet to post picks.