Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heart Frances Cami and the Soiree Sateen Blazer in Olive...Perfect Combo for a Great Day!!!

Thank you all for such nice words about the Coccodrillo pencil skirt outfit from the party the other night. I think all of the pieces in the outfit are wonderful, and together they "sang." The tee, btw, is the boyfriend v-neck tee that HeidiG. preaches about on her blog. I agree, they are quite lovely, and as you could tell, they aren't see-through, which is a minor miracle in J. Crew-ville. I think you need to make sure that you buy the right size. Since anything overly baggy on my upper-half just takes away my waist, I will never buy into the "boyfriend" look 100%. This is why I bought an extra-small. Basically, by buying an extra-small, I bought a very nice, normal fitting tee shirt. :) My two cents.

Today I wore one current item with a lot of older pieces. See the polyvore for more info.

I was going to meet 3-Penny Princess for coffee in Old Town. She also introduced me to a great consignment store called "Mint Condition." The store seems VERY interested in the pieces I have on my for sale blog. So you all know, if things don't sell over on my blog, I will pull the pieces and try my luck at the consignment store!!! So if you are wondering what happened to a particular item, it may have taken a jaunt to Old Town... :)

So all you NOVA ladies, head on has A LOT of J. Crew!!! :)

Top: Heart Frances Cami, J. Crew, Size 6, black and white (or maybe grey and white--Patina and I aren't 100% sure), Winter 2009.
Pants: Prima Stretch Pinstripe Trouser, J. Crew, Size 10, charcoal, Fall 2007.
Peep-Toes: Air Carma, Cole Haan, Size 9.5, Safari Green, ???.

For those of you on the fence about the Heart Frances Cami, get it. The material is very soft and luxurious feeling, and the print is too precious. And I feel like the cami looks better in real life than it does at It also isn't super-long, so maybe some of you petite ladies can get it and not feel overwhelmed. Just a thought...

Blazer: Soiree Sateen Blazer, J. Crew, Size 6, Burnished Olive, Spring 2009. I wore his sister here. Notice that the olive blazer is a boy and the pink a girl. Hmmm...

This blazer gets wrinkly!!! But, oh, such lovely fabric and saturated colors...and the way the olive looks with the grey is awesome. :)

CW is so cute there in the background trying to read. Such a show-off!!! ;)

Have a nice night!


Marietta said...

Again, you look wonderful! I just received the heart Frances cami last week, and have not worn it yet.... but I can't wait to! Isn't the print just darling? I have the Frances in the geo print, rose and light sage, so at first I debated whether I needed another.... but the hearts called out to me! :-)

RatsOnParade said...

Those colors look fantastic together! I just got my Frances Heart Cami delivered on Tuesday, and I was trying to figure out what to wear with it. The Burnished Olive Blazer is a perfect pairing! I was going to go with my Charcoal Summerweight Cardigan (that I wear with absolutely everything) - but a pop of color might be nice. Come to think of it, isn't that how Patina styled hers too? (I seem to remember a bright pink cardigan overtop of her Frances cami...) Either way - LOVE this outfit!

Jemma Ruby said...

That outfit is perfect on you. I love the grey with the olive, what a combo! I am all ruffled out so no more fancis camis for me, even though this one is darling!

Kristin said...

You and Patina are killing me! My heart frances arrived today. I do love it but don't know if I'm a ruffle girl. But it looks so amazing on you two - love the pops of color you both have chosen. I'm so tempted to keep it. But part of me feels like I should take it back and see if it gets marked down (I did get it during the 30% off promo so at least it was marked down a little).

Beautiful outfit - again!!

Rosa said...

that blazer looks so awesome with the frances heart cami! (i have it too but haven't worn it yet, lol just like several of the other commenters). great color combination for you!

gigiofca said...

omg you look fantastic in the sateen blazer. very striking!

jjc said...

Can't help but chime in (as gigica would say) even though I don't leave a trace often. lol. The grey/brown-ish with burnished olive combo was a delight - I'm more of a blazer girl, so there. Will have to steal your styling ideas! And needless to say, the adorable CW always brightens the day...!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a great color combo. You would also look amazing in the moroccan blue Frances. IMO.

dinagideon said...

Hi, All! Sunday night here...after shovelling out this AM and getting a very strong headache, I am back to comment back...

Thanks for the comments. I was surprised at how many of you liked the combo. That bright yellow green of the blazer is a bit strong. Mr. Dina's mom actually called to tell me how much she loved it on me, so I guess the outfit was well-liked all around!!! :)

Marietta: I think you and I have half of our wardrobe in common, which I take as a good thing... ;)

RatsOnParade: Yep, that is how Patina styled hers...but maybe she did hers with a jackie cardi??? This print is so precious, but from far away you wouldn't even know what it is like the hearts are for someone special, you know someone who can get that close...teehee. Love that!

Jemma Ruby: Thank you!!! Haha, ruffled out...I am almost there, but the dang annalise has called my name ONE. LAST. TIME. ;)

Kristin: Yes, the only way I was buying this cami was on special...I think I got mine on the 25% off. I can justify it with some off, otherwise the price tag is just too ridiculous. I know you hear me!!!

Rosa: I bet it looks great on you...I can see it being very elegant with some of your jackets. When you get home could you e-mail me??? I would love to hear more about the L'burg clearance center if you went!!! :)

Gigiofca: Well, thank you!!! I bought the blazer because of your fantastic review, way back when, so I really have you to thank...oh, and Ema. You all are such enablers. :)

jjc: Well, come on over any time. Thank you...I rarely wear blazers, they are for the more professional dinagideon, but I always seem to get a positive response. CW sends you a big hug in thanks, btw. :)

Anon: Ooh, the moroccan blue frances. Oooh...I love that color. Maybe??? On sale??? If they still have my size left??? Thank you!!!