Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shopping Times Two...Outfits, That Is!!!

Time to play catch-up (again)!!!

These two outfits are from December 23rd (PM shopping at Potomac Mills Mall) and December 22nd (PM shopping at Pentagon City Mall). The outfits are not in date order because I like the December 23rd outfit and photos better, so I choose to show them off first. ;)

Polyvore for outfit #1. I wore the Winnie coat, but since you all saw it here already, I chose not to take a photo of the outfit with the coat. It looked good, I promise.

Love this shot because CW looks so sweet here. The cardi is laying weird, but I chose to publish this photo because of the cuteness on display. ;) The outfit was more than comfortable for shopping. Only issue I had was feeling a bit overdressed amongst the young teens of Potomac Mills mall. I never feel overdressed at Pentagon City or Montgomery Mall or Tyson's...but Potomac Mills, I see a whole lot of really baggy jeans, Ed Hardy tees, and backwards caps. And that's just the girls...heehee. BTW, no J. Crew at that mall...

Cardigan: Medium.
Top: Medium.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Here is the cardi with last season's sequined cashmere tank. Just a bit of sparkle there on the collar. Note that CW is coming up from the playroom with a puzzle. (Just snuck into the picture...)

This next polyvore is from outfit #2, worn on December 22nd to Pentagon City. Probably should have worn this outfit to Potomac Mills instead. Less dressy and fussy, but oh, well. ;)

Button-down is not the same as in the polyvore. The one I am wearing is from Eddie Bauer a long time ago. The rest of the polyvore is accurate.

This was the best photo of the bunch. I wasn't in the greatest mood when taking these photos, and since you can read my feelings from my face, when I am in a bad mood it ALWAYS shows in pictures. Ergh...I really wish I could be one of those poker-face kind of people. It would be nice to have an air of mystery.

Outfit was comfy enough. Love the peacock blues (vintage forest, whatever).

Can I ask a question of all of you who own the Cashmere V-Neck Henley? Do any of you think there is a button too many on this sweater? All the catalog images make it look like there is less buttons than in real life. I personally think the top button is superfluous (yes, I realize I normally like superfluity), but here it is bordering on obnoxious, like button overload!!!

Sweater: Size Small.
Top: Size 8.
Jeans: Size 30.
Shoes: Size 9.5.

Have a great day. More outfits, etc. to be published later. Plus, Mid-Century Mom tells me a new post may be in the future, too. Oh, and Cash from My Closet will have items on it that will only be there for five days. After five days these items will most likely vanish to the wonderful consignment shop Mint Condition if there are no takers. :) (I have an appointment there on December 31st...seems like an appropriate thing to do on the very last day of the year.)


C said...

I have the "outlet version" of that sweater, which I have raved about on a few other blogs. I thought it was identical in design- it does have 5 buttons. I have worn it with 4 buttoned, and I could button the 5th...your 5th button looks as if it is higher up. Not sure if they are really spaced differently or if it is a fit thing.

crewlade drinka said...

like the peacock blues, too. do you think that henley runs large? I tried a medium and didn't love it but it didn't occur to me that maybe the fit was off b/c it was a tad too big? also tried the cashmere popover (vneck/shawl like collar) and that def runs big. i was swimming in my normal size!

dinagideon said...

C--I just went over to Summerilla's blog and looked at her in the henley, and the placement is the same, but her longer hair covered up the top two buttons. I wonder if I should just take off the top button? Hmm...will also check out the outlet version when I get a chance. Thanks for the info!!!

crewlade drinka: I would say the fit is true to size, but looking at the photo, I would say that the shoulders may be a bit too wide for me, but I am bit used to that. I have always had issues with J. Crew tops, they sometimes are the toxic combo of too loose on top and too tight on the bottom...ARGH! Lately they have been a better fit but that may be because the crew is being better about giving us pear shaped gals a little breathing room at the hem!!! (I almost always wear a size small or 6 in J. Crew tops!) Try the small and see how you like it!!!

Ema said...

First, I really like the first outfit.

Second, I tried the cashmere V-neck henley for the first time this past weekend and I LOVED it (it was kind of sexy with the two first bottons opened). The "5th" botton is definitively more decorative than useful but it didn't bother me at all. However I don't think that it looked so close to the neck as in your pick, maybe because I have tried it without a shirt underneath? Unfortunately it rang as FP, so I didn't get it but if I can I will get one on sale.

crewlade drinka said...

i actually didn't look so closely at where the buttons were the 1st time I posted, but I think you might have gotten one with some defective sewing? i am pretty sure the top button is way higher than on mine. maybe you could just resew it lower?

dinagideon said...

Ema: Thank you!

I think you may be onto something...the shirt underneath could have made a difference...will definitely try out the henley without a button down under it, but there is also the possibility that what crewlade drinka has said is also possible. :)

Crewlade Drinka: I think there is something like FOUR inches between the top and the 2nd button, so I bet you are right...I am going to see if it is true when I pull it out next time. Love the top, but am annoyed by the stupid button!!! :)