Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Glimmer Goes A Long Way...Just Don't Try This at the Movies...

In keeping up with my goal of publishing outfits as close to the day I wear them, I present to you tonight's outfit, fresh off the presses.

Here is the polyvore of the outfit. I wore this to go to dinner and the movies...yes, I did. I truly believe that I must appear to every single one of you as that kind of crazy housewife/stay at home mom who really SPLASHES out anytime she leaves the house. Well, yep, it's true, and this outfit proves it. I mean, come on, sparkly Collection pants to go to a movie??? At least they are wool, and it was REALLY cold I must get some credit for at least getting the fabric choice right. ;)

Now, if I had to do it all over again, I would wear the pants to dinner, but not to a movie. Here's a secret, these babies are not stretchy and really kind of annoyed me about 1/4 way through the movie. Sigh. It isn't that they were too small or too big, no they fit, it is just that I think these pants were made for showing off, you know, clubbing, or some other late night activity (that only involves standing) that I didn't even bother participating in when I was 21, much less now, with the two babies.

Okay, I want to splash out, but next time, wear the pants for a two-hour block max. Otherwise you will regret it. Okay, noted, self. (And now I am talking to myself on my blog...yeah, please don't send in the specialists, not yet at least.)

Sizes (the polyvore has all the info on pieces):
Hoodie: Size Small.
Top: Size X-Small.
Pants: Size 10 (they fit the way J. Crew pants used to, back when I really was a know 2006...LOL).
Shoes: Size 10.

Have a great night, all. And if you own these pants, I warned you. ;)


tiffany rose said...

You are too funny, LOL! A woman after my own heart in sparkly Collection pants going to the movies :) Oh, what we sacrifice to look good, and you look GREAT in that outfit!! I don't have those pants but I have other metallic jacquard pants so duly noted, two-hour block max.

The Outfit of the day said...

I have the same pants. I love it, but unfortunately I wore it just once. I gained a few pounds and it isn't fit depressed!
I think the pants look very cute on you!

Pamela said...

Cute pants! Movie theater seating can be uncomfortable to begin with. But hey, you looked good!

Anonymous said...

i love that you wore sparkly/dressy pants to see a movie! i'm a stay at home mom that has too much love for fashion to keep the fun stuff in the closet--you should see some of the get-ups i wear to my daughter's mommy&me classes! pencil skirts, sequins, heck i even put on a pair of heels last week!

you look great! go for it! (tho' do make sure whatever you're wearing is comfortable!)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!!! I am glad you enjoyed my tale of no comfort. It really was something trying to get comfy on the seats at the theater. At least the pants were lined!!! :)

And thank you for saying the outfit looked okay, I will be wearing the pants again, just in a more selective fashion!

Tiffany Rose: Ooh, I like those jacquard pants...they are beautiful. :)

The Outfit of the Day: I have now JUST fit into the pair I bought over a year ago. These are not the kindest pants in terms of weight fluctuations. :P Blegh. Heaven forbid I retain water one day and try to wear them...

Pamela: I am sure the darkened theater appreciated my making an effort. Heehee.

Anon.: YAY!!! I am not alone...I love pencil skirts for the "school run." My school run, amazingly, is almost all dads so I definitely am the most dressed up. I don't think the fathers get hubby barely does and he lives with me. ;)