Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bling, Bling, Bling...Sequin Scarf Cardi Goes to a Party!!!

I am super-excited to do this review. I knew that the polyvore was pretty popular, but I wasn't sure that the outfit would work in real life. I am glad to say that the polyvore outfit looked good in real life!!! (For those of us polyvore addicts, haven't you had that one set you were sure that would LOOK AWESOME and then you actually wore it and it was kind of "meh?")

By the way, many of my super-wonderful Bloggie Friends have nominated me for an award, and I want to take this moment to thank all of you!!! I have to find a few minutes to myself to do the post on it, but I am very grateful. :) (I felt like I wanted you all to know that I was aware of it, and not ignoring it!!!)

So here is the outfit in the polyvore. All the info you need to buy it is in the polyvore. (Except the Cocodrillo Skirt, that is a Collection piece that was in-store only and was from the summer...I believe this skirt has appeared on ebay, though.)

Cardigan: Size Small, Black. Sold-out in most colors on-line, but maybe a pop-back? Tee: Size X-Small, White. Skirt: Size 8, Coccodrillo Print. Shoes: Size 10, Azul Blue. Bag: Spring Daisy (?).

The cardigan is very pretty, and shimmery. The sequins are very TIGHTLY strung on...and since I am kind of a freak about sequins, they MUST be really well-done in order for me to wear the piece of clothing. This cardigan had ONE small sequin that fell off. There are HUNDREDS of sequins on this cardigan, so I was more than pleased.

I found the cardigan to be comfy and the stand-up collar did not bother me at all. I have heard that it has bothered some folks, so if you do buy it, and you have a sensitive neck, this may not be the piece for you.

I know some folks have done reviews of this cardigan, if you have can you leave the link in your comment??? THANK YOU!

I liked that I bought the small...the medium would have hung poorly on me.

You have seen the skirt before here, the shoes here, and the bag here.

This is my fave shot of the night because I have my little darling posing, too. So cute. Her dress is slowly becoming a top (she keeps growing!!!). Right now I would say it is a tunic. :)

Here is the outfit on me, sans Cardigan. So you know, I did NOT take the cardi off at the party.

By the way, I was wearing more makeup than I ever do. I look at myself wearing that much makeup and I feel weird about it. Normal makeup for me is a tiny bit of lip gloss, some powder, and maybe mascara.

Have a great day. Now off to comment back on some past posts!!!

My outfit of today will be published later. Still trying to decide what I want to wear...


tastymoog said...

love this outfit! bringing together jc pieces from different seasons is always fun. :)

i saw those shoes in tjmaxx back during the frenzy, but sadly, not in my size.

Stylestance said...

One of my favorites yet. You look gorgeous!

Kristin said...

Beautiful! The tee does not appear to be see-through. I have not tried this style, maybe I need to!

Patina said...

you look stunning, gorgeous, beautiful!!! I'm totally jealous of that wardrobe of yours, missy.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love CW in her little outfit too.

DaniBP said...

You look gorgeous!
That is a VERY pretty outfit. I love the pops of color with the bag and shoes.
Well Done!

crewlade drinka said...

you look great in that!

crewlade drinka said...

also, i always feel weird in makeup, too, when I don't wear much (the last 6 yrs! minus the last 6months, during which I did start to wear more. mostly b/c i let myself go as new mommy (and my skin is looking older)and then began feeling bad about my appearance. BUT you look great with little makeup, so not an issue for you!

Rachel said...

Hey -
LOVE the outfit - you look great - and I love the substitute teaching outfit too. The birdie skirt is too cute. I used to teach in Vienna before having my second child and then I just couldn't hang anymore.
BTW - I went in to the JCrew in Galleria yesterday and couldn't believe the sale - I got some great stuff. Spent too much - probably could have spent more but the kids weren't in to shopping. A lot had gotten an additional price cut and some other things were marked down. I picked up a wool dress for church so that was great.
Maybe our paths will cross eventually.

jcmama said...

You look fabulous! I wish I bought that skirt when it came out. Really cute! CW is adorable ^_^

MMM said...

Great outift!! I tried this cardi on in the store but it didn't work for me! :( Oh well! You can't *win* 'em all! =P

I can't wait for the weather to warm-up here so I can wear my cocodrillo skirt again- LOVE it!! :)

RatsOnParade said...

You look absolutely wonderful! And I love the "made-up" you! That cardigan is to die for - now you've got me lusting after it...and I'm willing to bet I'm even more of a freak about sequins than you are! (just think horrid ballet costume on a 4-year-old....I'll never look at sequins the same way...) I just LOVE this holiday look! So festive! Thanks for sharing! :)

Cloggsy said...

You look smashing darling!

Maggy said...

You look great! I think this is one of my fav outfits of the season on you. The makeup alos add's an extra flare to the dressy night out look. CW is getting big and very cute and happy looking as always :)

Marietta said...

You look fabulous! I love love love this outfit on you! I hadn't even thought of wearing my cocodrillo skirt in the winter, but you just gave me inspiration! :-)

dinagideon said...

Ooh, let's see if I can squeeze a couple of comments back before my darling hubby takes the computer from me so he can do some ebay stuff (rolling eyes)...

Thank you, all for the comments. I loved wearing this outfit...truth be told, it wasn't the best night, but at least I felt good!

Tastymoog: I was really worried that I had chosen poorly when I bought these on I am very pleased...they are way more comfy than I realized. I wish I could have found them for the 20 or so dollars it would have cost at TJ Maxx...that would have been great!!

Kristin: Did you see that it is the boyfriend v-neck? I am shocked at how opaque it is!!!

Patina: And I am jealous of your jewelry... ;)

crewlade drinka: I have always been a bit spare with makeup, so I do feel a bit "playing grown-up" when I do wear it, but it is a lot of fun to wear...even if I wonder if it is too much. :) Thank you for commenting...I kind of wondered if I was alone in the whole makeup feels weird thing!!!

Rachel: Subbing is SO much plans, no grades, other people take care of calling parents, etc. The cut in pay definitely matches that though!!! ;)

I hope our paths you have an e-mail that you can share, or if you want, e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com...of course, with this snow, I won't be able to see you until 2010, but soon...

RatsOnParade: Oh, thank goodness...I sometimes worry that I am OCD with my compulsions like the severe sequin anxiety. SSA for short...haha. ;)

Marietta: Soon, once your snow melts, pull the skirt out...I know you will look SMASHING!!!