Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flattering Knitted Dress (Boden)--Perfect for a Winter Party!!!

I am continuing to try and post every single day the outfit I wear so I don't end up showing off outfits from months past. Starting tomorrow (Monday), I will begin to post two outfits a day (the day's outfit plus one from the past). I should be able to catch up again completely by the end of the month.

I hope I can publish my Mid-Century Mom tonight, but I am feeling pressed with family time (which is okay, that is the best kind of overextended you can have) and with getting my latest for sale stuff together for my Cash from My Closet, so it may be tomorrow before the latest Mid-Century Mom post gets published.

The polyvore for today's outfit is above. We were heading to a party today for a little girl turning 5...but it was NASTY outside, you know, 45 degrees and raining REALLY hard. So I knew I had to put something really warm, yet festive on...and this is what I found. The Boden dress is nice and toasty. I highly recommend it. I would say go up one size from your normal size because it is a sweater dress, so I am wearing a UK 12R in it. It is kind of clingly.

Right now it is sold-out at Boden, but I have a feeling that after the holidays there may be some returns, so ladies, I am telling you...December 26 or 27, expect to see some popbacks over there. Also, an anonymous commenter pointed out that if you go to the UK site, you can still see the reviews for the products, very helpful indeed. I haven't really examined the UK site to see what is over there (the prices send me into expensive to me if you do the exchange rate), but it is worth a look. Boden has done this before...the reviews will disappear for a few weeks when the items first go on sale and then reappear!!! It is bizarre.

Dress: Boden, Flattering Knitted Dress, Navy, Size UK 12R, Fall 2009.
Tights: Merona, Tights, Grey, Size M/T (I think), Winter 2009.
Shoes: Aerosoles, Patent Flats, Grey, Size 10, ???.
Necklace: J. Crew, Sparkly Necklace, Grey with Ribbon (Retail Only), Fall 2009.

Have a nice with you all tomorrow.


Erin said...

I loved that dress when I saw it in the catalog. Didn't really have an occasion to wear it, so I didn't buy it, but I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

Cute dress Dina!
And this weather is awful. Miss Lola is so depressed with all this rain, that she has been under a blanket all day only coming out for food/water or to go to the bathroom.

Cleo26 said...

I love it, Dina! So pretty.

Rachel said...

Great Dress and very flattering - I need some winter church options -it seems I spend most of my money on jeans ans stay-at-home-mommy clothes - which leaves little dress up. You are inspiring me. :)
I have never ordered from Boden but love their stuff.
BTW - I am in Falls Church - most of my fashion blogs are elsewhere so it is cool to see someone close by.
Love the blog -

Alexia said...

Ok, now I totally regret not buying that dress when I had the chance. I held back because of the price, but it looks so great on you!

Beth said...

This is a beautiful dress on you Dina! I like navy for's a good color.
Love me some Boden.....but I am going to hold out for spring stuff. Closet says "I'm full."


HeidiG said...

Love the dress on you! And you never told me the story on those shoes, either!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!

Erin: I thought the way the model looked was divine, too! I figure if a dress can actually make the models even more stunning, then the dress might be okay on us regular folks. :) Maybe a popback on sale???

Rosa: Poor Miss Lola, she and CW can be all sad and pitiful together. ;) CW would love Lola, btw, has a thing for precious animals.

Cleo26: Thank you...the other colors the dress came in were divine, as well!

Rachel: Boden is the UK "mums" if we started a revolution here in the States (I realize how that sounds considering what happened in 1776) of women who wear yummy mummy clothes...I am sure it would be FABULOUS. Of course, if you saw Monday's post (12/14/09), you know that even I FRUMP it out and big time, too. :)

You are in FALLS CHURCH??? Umm, when can we meet you? We have the greatest set of bloggie friends here...

Alexia: Yes, the price was a bit steep...I think I got it 20% off, but still. I do have a rather large clothing budget, but I try to make up for it by selling things I don't wear any longer and by figuring out a cost per wear thing. I anticipate this dress being a star for a few years at least (and probably a nice post-baby dress if I have any more kids), so I justified it that way. Watch for popbacks. I just last night scored the GORGEOUS statement necklace (silver floral one) for way less, and I had even contemplated buying that at full who knows???

Good luck!!!

Beth: Yes, my closet is DYING. Hence my cash from my closet thing!!! :) I bought far too much when I first had CW, and now it is all a bit big, so there you go...lesson learned.

Boden's spring collection is awesome, your closet may want some of those, anyhow. (Not that I am enabling...)

HeidiG.: My Bad!!! I think I bought them at Endless for $20??? Good deal, especially considering how often I have worn them. Now don't get me wrong, I think they are kind of ugly, but sometimes I have to marry comfort with style, and not all of my shoes can be uber-fabulous. :)

gigiofca said...

I love this dress on you. Loved it in the catalog, too. You styled it well, my dear :-)

Anonymous said...

Came across your site when searching for something else & noticed the Boden dress & reader comments. Just wanted to say 2 things: it isn't just 'mummies' who wear Boden (well, not in the UK & Australia anyway)& the good products are good (ergo, they sell fast & don't return); also, if buying from Boden, just be careful...they are selective in publishing not-so-positive reviews of items that are not well made & which are returned in large stock numbers.