Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying to Be Festive...Talbot's Style!!!

I don't really go for the "festive" look very often. On Halloween, I will wear orange and put in some pumpkin earrings. On Valentine's Day, I wear pink. At Christmas, I wear holiday colors, but rarely anything with trees, presents, etc.

And although I know that this reindeer tee from J. Crew has a lot of fans, I am not one of them. But then Talbot's, the purveyor of all things for a certain "mature" sort of woman called my name. They made two specific tops that made me want to be festive for real. And, yes, one of them was a reindeer tee.

The polyvore above is the outfit I am wearing today to substitute. For all of you locals who know how cold it is outside, be aware that I am wearing a cardigan and a puffer jacket. Even I don't run that "hot." :) I adore this top...very pretty, very comfortable, and it has just a dash of festive, in the form of very small sequins placed very carefully on top of the print. I am not even sure you could see them even when you expand the photo of me wearing the top, it is that subdued.

The pretty lady in my polyvore? The most excellent Anna Torv of the show Fringe. Easily one of my most favorite characters on TV, and also my beauty ideal (I try to have beauty ideals that I could easily use in me attempting to have Audrey Hepburn or Iman as my beauty ideal, as gorgeous as they are, I don't anticipate having big brown eyes or tiny hips anytime soon).

The pants I am wearing are similar to these pants in this polyvore. I call these "sailor-esque" sort of denim pants my "GingerSnap" pants, because one of my favorite bloggers ever, yes, she of GingerSnap's Daily Fashion Post, has a pair of pants that so remind me of the ones I wore today. And doesn't she just look darling wearing them???

I totally forgot to wear that necklace. Ergh. I bought that necklace from the J. Crew outlet in Lancaster, PA a few weeks ago (see below for more info on why I was in PA). It is really pretty.

Top: Talbot's, Size Small. This top has a blouse-y effect. I think I could wear this even if I was a bit pregnant (no, I am not), Winter 2009. :)
Jeans: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Denim Trousers, Size 10, bought a long time ago.
Shoes: J. Crew, Caroline Jeweled Ballet Flats, Graphite, Size 10.
Watch: My lovely, and very trusty Fossil.

Yes, that is the ever awesome Uncle Peter holding CW in the background. He is babysitting today. The kids were beyond thrilled. :)

There is no polyvore for the second outfit. Too tired. :)

Top: Talbot's, Reindeer Tee, Green, Size Medium (for the length), Winter 2009. I like this reindeer tee because it is a bit more understated. I know, I know. This is coming from the same girl who wears BRIGHT YELLOW on a regular basis. Sorry to be so hypocritical.
Pants: J. Crew, Cropped Cocktail Capri, Khaki, Size 8, Spring 2009.
Shoes: J. Crew, Etta Flats (I believe), Metallic Silver and Gold, Size 10, Fall 2008.

Look at the preciousness named CW. She looks perfectly festive for Valentine's Day wearing that adorable heart onesie.

I wore this outfit for a drive up to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. We went up there to visit Thomas the Tank Engine. Rex only sort of appreciated it. Sigh. ;)

Have a nice day. I may end up doing 6000 posts tomorrow. Turns out we are supposed to be blanketed with almost a foot of snow here in the NOVA region. And if you know this area, things will shut down for days because of it. We haven't seen this much snow since 2003. (And, yes, all you Canadians and Bostonians can start rofl'ing right now...we are a bit of a spectacle here...)


tastymoog said...

I know what you mean about festive graphic tees/sweaters/etc. I have made several pv sets w/ the jc reindeer tee, and I own a tee with a LOBSTER PLAYING WITH A BALL OF YARN (!), but I am still not so sure about these holiday tees. I guess because they are too limited to a certain time of year? The cost per wear does not pass muster in my budget. But if it were on super sale... hmmm. :)

I remember one winter in VA being sent home from work BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING/SLEETING. The roads weren't even icy! oh, I still miss VA, though. :) Enjoy the snow, looks like most of us on the north east coast will get something. :)

Snea said...

And, yes, all you Canadians and Bostonians can start rofl'ing right now...we are a bit of a spectacle here...

Aren't we though? 8D I have little presents for the kids! I'll drop them off with them later on today as Jess and I search for mom's last gift. :)

Summer said...

How long does it take to receive your Boden order?? thanks

gigiofca said...

I also don't like the JCrew reindeer tee. At least you can clearly make out the reindeer on the Talbot's tee. Love the other maaatuuure top, too. (winky-wink)

melissamolasses said...

I bought the reindeer tee but was forced to return it. Like Tastymoog, the cost per wear just didn't make sense to me.

I promise that Virginia copes better with snow than the Seattle area. We get 1 inch of accumulation and schools start running late or close altogether. It's not that bad to drive in though because the roads are pretty deserted.

Summer said...

The Talboats tee is cute. I could not be paid to wear the JCrew one esp, the antler one...that is just weird.

Kathy said...

I am also a Fringe fan! Anna is gorgeous and she even looks makeup free on the tv screen.

Seashell will not let me go into Talbots in her presence, but I really like you top. I think I need to go to the Mall without her and check out this store again.

Looks like we are getting some snow too!

Drewablank said...

I love Anna Torv too! She is a beauty. :) (You actually kinda look like her.)

'Loving your two outfits - but I do like the reindeer outfit better. ;) You look rockin' in that photo!

I guess I'm one of the few (if not the only) fan of the reindeer tee. I bought the brown one and am loving it. It's so festive, and I can't wait to wear it at our family Christmas dinner. :)

Please do stay safe and warm today. I went outside with the doggies to do their business, and maaan, it is definitely wintry, windy outside!

dinagideon said...

Hi, yippee!!!

I can comment back without interruption...

Tastymoog: I am okay with this reindeer tee because it was so inexpensive after the black friday special they had, something like 18 dollars. I tend to be okay with summer-time critter tees because I can wear those all year long, but a holiday tee in July??? Even me, Mistress All Things BRIGHT and Printed, can't do it.

As you obvioulsy know by now, DC forecasters actually called a storm with scary accuracy. I don't know what I prefer, an actual HUGE storm that paralyzes the region or the hint of a storm that barely appears and then gives us the day off. Hmm.

Snea: I am so glad we got to see you. Sorry for my frenzied mood. Can I see you soon? (To catch up for real...none of this crazy catching up!!!)

BTW, his shoe? In the kitchen, next to the small fridge, with the spices. Of course. Why didn't I look there first? Stupid me. Haha. :)

Summer: Ooh, that depends. I have received shipments from them as quick as three days...but I have had orders take up to 14 BUSINESS days. Is something wrong with an order you placed? BTW, the necklace I ordered was busted in one small place...Boden has said they will pay 15 dollars to get it fixed by a jeweler...very cool...but now I have to find a way to a jeweler in the snow. (Maybe Wednesday???)

Gigiofca: Yes, being mature...have to do it every once in a while. Teehee. Graphic tees will be back, hand on heart. ;)

Melissamolasses: Well, hmm. It is good to know someone out there thinks we deal with snow better than they do...we get a lot of cr*p from NYC, Boston, Ottawa, Montana, Chicago, etc. for the way we can't handle it. But I think you are a little too kind to us...see Tastymoog's is true, we call school when there is a POSSIBILITY of winter weather in the future. You know why? Because none of us, even us NOVA natives, can drive for cr*p when the white/frozen stuff starts falling. I turn into a frightened, anxious, scared little mouse when it starts does everyone else. We are sort of ridiculous. But if Seattle gets to be our "brother" or "sister" in kind, I'll take it...Seattle is AWESOME!!!

Summer: I was thinking I was the only one who didn't like it...I just had a problem with the hazelnut color...seemed weird with the decoration. The one with the antlers? That made me think of grabby hands, so I couldn't do that, either!!! :)

Kathy: Anna Torv...sigh. I want to be her best friend. (Her character's, at least...)

Seashell, you must go to Talbot's with your mom!!! I went to Talbot's as a teen, and I was always dressed fairly well as a girl, and people at my school always asked where I got stuff, and I would proudly say "Talbots," and that was back when it was for much older women. I just mixed the Talbots pieces with younger pieces from 5*7*9 (which I don't think is around anymore) or Contempo Casuals (natch)...but F21, etc. could do the same trick.

Barring that, you could go on-line. 95% of my shopping is on-line nowadays (thanks sweet babies). ;)

Drewablank: So sweet. It's funny, Anna Torv will come on screen, and Mr. Dina will say, "who's that?" and Rex will reply, "momma." ;) Whatever. I'll take it!!!

I can see you looking DARLING in the tee...but you have the Perfect skintone for that shade...I would look washed out.

So you up for a visit once we can dig ourselves out? Are you doing anything on Christmas? If not, we have dinner here and you would be invited!!!