Monday, January 19, 2009

What I wore on Friday, January 16th...

Since I was in Richmond (MY VERY FAVORITE CITY EVER--don't act so shocked, it is lovely) this weekend, I did not get a chance to upload my Friday outfit.

I really don't look very good in black, especially in winter, but the outfit itself is darling. I love the Fiona Jacket in citron, even if it is tad big (I bought a ten). The turtleneck fits perfect and the candy sequin tee is so much fun (I also have it in light blade and have not worn it yet). The jeans are some riders I got at Wal-Mart. I doubt I will wear them much longer (I continue to lose weight) but man, they are comfy. I wore the jacket only part of the day, it got a bit warm in my classroom. I have uploaded two pics to show the difference.

The shoes are Savona from Winter 2007-2008 J. Crew. They are a bit wide at size 11, but the perfect length.

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