Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why my blog is named what it is...

I feel that blogs need a theme, but I always seem to go back and forth on what my "theme" should be...therefore I went with a title that allows me to delve into multiple topics, so long as they are in the category of superfluity.

Superfluity is defined as: Overabundance; excess. (Actually, this is the third down of three meanings, but the best for my purposes.)

It seems that the things I want to "blog" about come in the form of an excess of something. If something gets me excited, hot, passionate enough to write about, it is because I have seen, heard, been around, worn, read, etc. that thing so many times (hence the overabundance) that I feel I can have an opinion on it...

My superfluities include but are not limited to: J. Crew, Northern Virginia (especially stupid things I see people do while driving and the fact that I seem to be the only one left living here who "grew up here"), Virginia and American history, mid-century modern stuff, my two awesome children, other random clothing topics, and any other musings that I have that can "fit" (however loosely) into my blog theme.

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