Thursday, January 15, 2009

My outfit...on me...before the party...

The outfit obviously pales in comparison to the best accesory ever, my baby girl Caroline Wealthy (or CW as I like to call her).

I liked how comfortable I was while hosting my husband's office party. I wore the outfit the entire day...from 8:30 am teaching to 10:30 pm clean-up after the party.

Why were we hosting a party on one of the coldest nights ever in Northern Virginia? Why was it on a Thursday? It actually was a belated Christmas party. It had an original date of December 18th, but it had to get pushed back. So there you go, a January 15th "Christmas" celebration.

It was kind of nice, though. Because Christmas and New Year's are done with, no one at the party was stressed about getting shopping done or travelling or getting to another party. Nope, it was pure frivolity!

I drank a lot of good wine and ate a lot of great food. Can't beat that...we should do this every January 15th!

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