Friday, January 23, 2009

Okay...weight loss again...

This post is positive. My last weight loss post I dove straight for the jugular and spoke about my struggles with weight and how I will never feel quite thin enough because of some issues I had in the past.

I am now 11 pounds down from where I was at Thanksgiving! YAY! I have about 9 pounds to go until I am the weight I was before I had Rex. (That is still higher than I was...I had to take hormones to get pregnant with him.) However, 9 pounds away from my size 10s! YAY! I am actually starting to find that my size 12s (pants) are very loose. I always seem to be a size 6, 8, or 10 in tops and I always stay there. I am a lucky pear who gains weight in my bottom half!

I am about 20 pounds from my ultimate goal...not 129 pounds (like I was when I was anorexic/exercise crazy); not 142 pounds (my wedding day)...but 155 pounds which is a great weight for me!

How did I do it? Well, as you know, the original weight fell off by simply having the baby. After 6 weeks though , weight loss is on you to lose (or so I have found). I simply decided (at Thanksgiving) to walk more, exercise when I couldn't walk (like my fave swimming), take some yoga and pilates classes for strength-training, and also eat better. Notice I didn't say eat less...I simply am eating better. More fruits and veggies, much less sodium, and way more home-cooked meals.

I am so excited to represent some voice of reason. I know there are others out there on the Internet preaching and practicing what I do, but hey, the more the merrier.

I am so sick of this constant parade of string-beans as the "look" for America. Why do we have a nation represented by the extremes? We have the most obese and the most skeletal representing us in magazines, on TV, in movies. I want to show there are nice, normal sized people in the USA!

So, girls of the middle, UNITE!


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