Friday, January 30, 2009

Shiny Casual on a Day Off!

This is the polyvore set of my outfit I wore on my day off. I actually got inspiration from "My Delightful Obsessions" blog, here:

I changed it up a bit...but still have to give credit where credit is due! Thanks!

Here is the link to the Polyvore set itself:

Here it is on me...right before I left for Costco with my brother. I am sort of surprised how comfortable I managed to be in the behemoth of a store. Let's not even begin to talk about how much I bought (and scary enough, how much we will USE)!

Had to add this pic, because my brother took such a nice pic of me and CW. Her outfit is so darling itself. It has RUFFLES on her butt. AWESOME. At Costco, I bought her an outfit with a bee on her butt and a ladybug on her butt. Does she need them? No! But will she look that is enough for me. Oh, and at 5.50 per outfit, no big deal!

I also want to mention how much I love the Picasa 3 photo editor...although Photoshop elements does more, if you want quick fixes, this is where to go. I used the GLOW feature on this photo. :)


Snea said...

Yay! She has a bee set so she'll match me! :D

dinagideon said...

Hi Roxie:

I will definitely make her wear it when you take care of her! :) Go SCAD!

Jordan said...

I love this set...the DOJO's look fantastic on you and I am loving the shiny top with the sweater...I have two of these shiny tops from JCrew and have been wearing them very similarly with cardis over them..such a fun versatile look! Your daughter is so beautiful!! Congrats!

dinagideon said...

Hi Jordan:

Thank you for the compliment for my daughter and me!

These tops are awesome...I think you are right...the cardigan is the way to go with them, however when summer comes I will be wearing them all alone. I can't wait! Which colors do you have? I went with the warmer ones (I also got the champagne colored one) because I look better in those colors...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I never thought I would enjoy "blogging" a much as I have!

Jordan said...

I have this top in the peach color you showed above and the metallic silver. I like that I have them in a cool and a warm tone...they go with almost everything. And I wore my silver one all last summer so that is why I bought the peach one. I plan on wearing them all summer too!