Monday, January 19, 2009

Lovely Mankin Mansion in eastern Richmond...

I always seem to stay in the city center, Museum district, or the western portion of Richmond. I have never stayed in eastern Richmond (near the airport).

Well, hubby had other plans, and I must say I am glad he did. He knew I wanted to get the heck out of NOVA for at least part of the weekend (Obama will become president this Tuesday and everyone seems to want to be here). Now we only stayed one night at the Mankin Mansion but it was worth it.

First, it got us the first goal of getting out of town (too bad we couldn't stay more nights). Second, it let me discover a part of Richmond I had never explored. Third, and most importantly, can we say family friendly?

Even though this B&B is a wedding resort, they don't mind if you bring children and you aren't getting married. Some of the B&Bs Jim looked at were only willing to take children if they were "over 12 and well-behaved." Well, okay then. I guess you will be seeing our money either never (most likely--Jim and I are not in favor of subsidizing the snooty sort) or in the short 12 years before CW is that age (and this all provided we don't have more kids).

The room was not child-proofed, but I am now the master of child-proofing and it took me about four minutes to make it so...the room had a kitchenette with a sink, fridge, microwave, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, glasses, and even a corkscrew (which I used, of course...). Turns out we used the kitchenette after our dinner out on Saturday night failed (there will be a post about the atrocious Andy's BBQ later).

The B&B also has awesome breakfast (a WHOLE lot of food), a game room (LOVE IT) with foosball, pool table, a basketball hoops game, dart-board, a "pillow room" to watch DVDs and videos, a well-stocked video/DVD library, books, a popcorn machine, a poker room, some sort of shuffleboard, and even two comfy couches (I nursed CW there). You could probably even take the DVD you want back to your room to watch it there--our room in the carriage house had a dvd player.

The outside was fun, too. The grounds are immaculately kept and groomed. There is even a huge chess set for the kids to play with!

I will post the pictures in the next post...with descriptions...



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