Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My school outfit...January 21, 2009

I wore this outfit to work on January 21, 2009. It felt good to put on something fairly stylish...which is the exact opposite of what I did on Monday, Tuesday, and today (I finished the draft on 1/22/09). Monday I sat at home all day in my pjs. HOT! ;) Tuesday we went for a walk and I wore my warmest outfit possible...which is not super-stylish. Today (that would be 1/22/09)...well, we had a field trip. Nothing says "middle-school teacher" quite the way a bright blue tee emblazoned with "THE STARS" on the back. I did wear my madison stretch chinos and my yellow perfect patent flats, but there is no getting over the tee. And you know what is sad? This is actually the best looking tee I have ever had here and it has been seven years!

So back to my outfit from yesterday (1/21/09--I will figure this blog thing out). I decided to belt the leopard silk top (so soft and flowy) with the patent-leather belt. It actually worked, and it is rare for a belt to work on me that high. It cinched the waist in perfectly and made me look tiny there (which conversely made my hips huge, but ahh, whatever). I topped it with the aubrey jacket, whose collar I LOVE! The pants are the claire pant in white. I have them in black, but they are a smidge to small, so white it was (which everyone loved considering it's January and freezing). I love the length on these pants. 28" inseam means a little above ankle on me, and it flatters my feet (weird thing to want to flatter--but the shoes must be shown). I also wore the Etta Suede Peep-toe wedges in orange and pink from last winter. I know I have some other shoes in this polyvore outfit, but I couldn't find an exact match.

I will post the real shots later, but the link to this outfit is:

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