Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun (and tears) with Rex in the snow...

So the snow came and went and left in its place some awful ice. Ugh. Our driveway is impossible to get up, and the street itself (where it is shady) is an ice rink. I only got to school today because my dad came and met me in the neighborhood where the ice had melted. I wonder how many other people had to make contingency plans because they were unable to get out of their unplowed 'hood. Thanks, Fairfax truly make us on our street feel like the "forgotten part of Fairfax County." Anyone else who lives in Bailey's Crossroads feel like we do? I mean why bother being part of the largest, wealthiest county in Virginia if your services are nil when you need it the most?

That said, on Tuesday afternoon when the snow was pretty and fluffy, we decided to let Rex have some fun outside. His birth, February 12th (almost February 13th), 2007 was the last time it really snowed in the DC area. Therefore, he has actually never really experienced snow. Turns out he loves it...a little too much!

Here is our house in the snow. Jim is shoveling the longest darn driveway in the world. And although it is hard to tell from the pic, the driveway is a hill going down. The carport is not really visible from the street. Even when I pitched in we barely made a dent.

Rex is looking ready to pounce on the snow, which is what he did three seconds after this shot was taken.

I taught Rex to throw snowballs. LOVED IT! I probably shouldn't have, but ehh, we don't get snow enough here to make me nervous about him getting really good at it.

Here is Rex and I about to head in for the day. That boy is impervious to the cold. Look at his belly, all exposed. Does he care? No. Do I? Yes.
Because it was freezing and his little hands were like icicles, I brought him in after ten minutes. OOOOH! He was ANGRY! He stood at the door and screeched for about twenty minutes. It was quite dramatic. Behavior like this makes me and Jim very reluctant to let him do fun things, but we hear they outgrow these temper tantrums. Let's hope!


IRL said...

They do! My son used to stand at the back door and say "outside, outside, outside..." forever! Now he is seven and doesn't even remember.

dinagideon said...

Ha Ha...I love that image of a little boy saying "outside, outside, outside." Their plaintive little voices are so sweet, huh?