Friday, October 21, 2011

Boden: Catch of the Day, Friday, Thank Goodness!

You are seeing this photo because I have the internet.  Don't worry, there is a Boden piece or two in here amongst all the French pretty, the Leopard Tote I am holding and CW's adorable dress.  This was taken last night after a yummy dinner!  Neither of these Boden pieces are on sale today but were earlier this week!  :)
And it is TGIF!  How is your Friday starting off?  I am six hours ahead, and I hope that our Friday is as good as your Friday!  (But I have toddlers, in Paris, eek, so say tiny prayers, if you wouldn't mind!).

So I WAS able to get onto the internet this morning, woo!  :) Yesterday was a day I spent taking it much easier than the day before, but that was because I had overextended myself on Wednesday. My version of taking it easy was to nap while the children and their daddy went to the Modern Art Museum.  Word of advice, don't just "go, go, go" even when your body says "stop, stop, stop."  LOL.  Trust me on this.

The US site is not updated with the catch of the day, but I briefly went over to the UK site and it appears that a few skirts are on sale (including the printed A-line I reviewed here), pants (which I have not reviewed or seen reviews of), and many shoes (including the upbeat kitten heels which I LOVE).  I am abstaining from this sale entirely, in fact, the only thing I really wanted on sale was on Wednesday, of course, the one day I didn't have any access at all to the site (oh, Parade Coat at 30% off...sadness is mine!).  For those of you who got your fave pieces at a great % off, yay!  Enjoy.  And for those of you tickled by today's offerings, report back and let us know your faves!

I am going to include a link from this post to the mini Boden portion of the Boden website.  This link will also enable all users to get free shipping and returns so I wanted to make sure the link I used was able to do that, too.

From that link, you need to go to the top of the page and find the tab that says "women."  If you are in firefox, you should be able to drag your cursor over the tab and it will illuminate all the categories, one of which is called "Women's Catch of the Day."  (This is at the very bottom on the right hand side under "Style Shops.")  You should click on that which will then lead to the main page for that day's catch of the day (and also includes links to all the others--mini Boden, Johnnie B., and mens).

I am hoping that some of you could come back and comment your favorites from today's catch of the day, and which seem to be especially good deals.

Reminder...this catch of the day is 30% off selected items each day for a week. So if you see something you like, you have to get it that day or else lose out on the 30% off.  Also, you are unable to use additional % off offers with this discount...the 30% off is what you receive.

I look forward to seeing what all the great deals are, and from what I hear, my smart phone's internet should work, so whilst waiting in line (inevitable, right?), I will definitely be checking in...

Thank you all, or should I say "merci?"  ;)

Link to free ship/returns:
Mini Boden Winter Launch plus Free Shipping and Returns!