Monday, October 10, 2011

And in Honor of It Being a Monday...

So Mondays like this are always weird for me. Especially here in the DC area, where there is such a high concentration of government offices, these "less important" federal holiday Mondays throw the whole system off.

First, more than 50-75% of folks here do not have to go to work today. Which is cool, yay! But that leaves the rest of humanity at work. You would think that would be an awesome thing for those that are left over having to trudge to work because they are faced with far FAR shorter commute times, no lines at their local eatery for lunch, and less buzz in their individual work places, but that still can't take the grump out of people who really really want to have a foul day.

So I never know how to respond to them. I have to still trudge my kids to their various activities, I definitely did not have the day off from my "mom" duties, but the shortened commute, easier in and out to the errands, and smiley faces around me definitely bolstered my spirits.

Unfortunately I still couldn't bring the sunshine out everywhere, regardless of my firm intent to do so, as not ONCE, but TWICE, on my far easier commute to the kids classes was I basically road raged for NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH or (you all are gonna love this one) NOT RUNNING A RED LIGHT.

Actual events of the day, which is why either everyone should have the day off or no one should, because clearly, there are some people that just can't handle it at all: ;)

1. Yeah, sorry, the speed limit in the parking lot at the freaking preschool is 5 mph and there are little kids running everywhere, not really my desire to, you know, maim or kill some kid because your snarky butt is all pi**ed off at me for making you pull into that spot an extra 30 seconds later.

(And why she chose to follow me in the parking lot when there were other spaces available on the other side is beyond me. I can't expect snarky people to also be smart, right?)

2. Oh, yeah, and sorry, not gonna do it, pulling onto a major road while their lights turn green and ours are firmly red is not happening regardless of how awesomely my Routan's airbags up, down, and sideways are planted throughout the vehicle.

(Oh, yeah, and the piece of work lady behind me--all 23 years old--decided that a middle fingered salute was the best way to respond to me being safe for my kids and all. To which I made them turn around and wave their little hands at her so she could, I don't know, maybe feel an ounce of shame for being such a heartless, well you know. LOL.)


So yeah, there is a second, I promise.

Second, I also find it weird that only my hubby has to work today amongst all our friends and family in the area. Every year we hear of all these folks who have this fabulous long weekend planned, and every year we are asked if we are doing anything, and it's always, umm, no. Some of us have to work.

Third, I always think, huh, I have all these things to do and everything is open, where's the mail? And it isn't there, every year. Yet, UPS ships. Messing with me, all this weirdness.

Is DC the only area in the country where everyone is pretty much off of work (outside of my husband and really angry young women)?

I am not here just to bore you (or make you laugh, depending on whether you have been in the above situations, which my God, I hope none of you have), so here is an outfit I wore a month ago? I was out with the kids running around, so it was sort of like today. I figure it counts.

J. Crew Collection Crystal Cardigan, Size Small.
J. Crew Factory Hayworth Giraffe Cami, Size Small.
J. Crew Double Serge Cotton Pencil Skirt, Size 6.
Boden Downtown Heels, Size 41.

I liked this image better, but silly camera auto-focused wrong, so it is a tad blurry.  :)

It got fairly warm that day, so the thin cardigan had to come off. 

I love this abyss blue color, I wish that J. Crew would issue this color in one of their wool pencil skirts, seems to be a color that can translate well to winter clothing, but I don't believe I have seen them use it outside of some special event dresses.

Okay, all, enjoy the rest of your Columbus Day holiday (if you have it off), and if you don't, focus on the positives, not the negatives.  And keep that middle finger in its holster.  ;)