Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PSA: Sweater Dressing Equals Warmth and Smiles.

I know many of you caught me in one of my only non-Pollyanna moments a few days ago when I was complaining BITTERLY about the freaking cold and rain and wind we were having here over the past weekend.  I was certifiably grumpy.  I almost became Wednesday Addams, who is for sure, the exact opposite of Pollyanna.  "Dark Dina" is not really me, so it was sort of amusing for everyone who saw me.  I nearly started writing goth poetry. 

My hubby tried to get me out of my funk by bringing all of us to Bethesda on Saturday to go to the comic book store, the Cajun place (yum, yum, Louisiana Kitchen, yum!), and to the barbers.  Yeah, I totally wasn't even really excited about that even though I knew that soon enough I would have some awesome Fried Oyster Eggs Benedict.  That's bad.

So I tried to soothe myself sartorially (ha, I probably do that every day, some ladies have chocolate, I have my fun printed excess from Boden), and put on the Retro tunic from Boden last year's fall collection.  Like all of Boden's sweater dresses (many of them are tunics, btw, but all are long enough to be called dresses), I wear mine constantly when the temps dip.  For the record, this is the earliest I have HAD to wear one.  I read that this was the coldest start to October EVER recorded in DC.  Yeah, that's living there.  :)

So that is my Public Service Announcement.  If you are like me, pull that sweater dress out and get all cozy and yummy feeling regardless of the weather.  I felt marginally warmer, and because the wool is so soft (it is a merino wool), I kept petting my arm. 

See!  Totally smiling.  And you tell it's not fake because my eyes aren't sad looking, like one of those random weird 60s paintings of puppies.

But you know it was really frigid if I wore this with my cable knit tights.  At least my legs were as warm as my body.

This tunic is more of mini-dress, which necessitates the use of tights or leggings, I suppose, that said I just wanted the weekend to be bit more warm so at least I could have worn thinner tights or something...

Sweater Dress Smiles.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.  I like the way the outfit came together, definitely colorful but not so bright that I blinded anyone.

Retro Knit Tunic. So you know, I had been eyeing this one from Boden this fall, and when it went on mid-season sale two weeks ago, I bit. I purchased the size US 8 and I must say I am so glad I got it. It definitely has references to the retro tunic from last year but is different enough it actually fills a need in my closet. I will be reviewing it later today in the BWRR. (Quick synopsis for those of you who can't is much longer than last year's version and the wool is super thick.)

Also on today's BWRR, CW reviews her own sweater dress (she loves it!).

Talk soon, stay warm.  ;)