Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boden: Hidden Sale Time.

On Sale!  Yay for Sale Time!
Thank you to the awesome Louise, who wrote me an e-mail letting me know that Boden had brought down the prices on quite a few items, including tons of knitwear and some Limited Edition items.

I (finally) was able to check it out earlier today and OMG, yes, there are quite a few items on special markdown. I wouldn't call this "secret" as the prices are right there on the product pages, but as far as I can tell these markdowns aren't exactly being heralded as being reduced anywhere.

I had planned on getting my butt in gear and doing a very long overdue Boden Weekly Review Roundup, but I decided that this would be a better use of all of our time. :)

I have also heard that it is stackable, so you can use a code you have in the shopping bag area (there is a box for codes if you have one), which will further discount the item.

Some of the items on sale have been reviewed by me or one of my blog friends, so if I have that link I will also add that to area under the stock photo from Boden.

The stock photo will take you directly to Boden's website.

I have no idea how long these prices will last. It could be till tomorrow, it could be till next week, it could be like that until sale time. LOL. I like a few of these and will be watching their stocks and will bite when needed.

I may have missed some, and if I have, or you have extra info, would you mind putting that in the comments to this post?

Embellished Cashmere Cardi
Embellished Cashmere Cardi. As you know, I think this is REAL pretty. Sorely tempted, but will wait a bit. Was $228, now $182.40.

Ribbon Flower Cardigan
Ribbon Flower Cardigan. Was $198, now $158.40.

Leopard Beaded Cardigan
Leopard Beaded Cardigan. Was $378, now $302.40.

Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan
Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan. Kit's Mommy had done such a great job reviewing these that I am gonna bite! :) Tonight! On the ecru! Was $228, now $182.40.

Velvet Trim Jersey Cardigan
Velvet Trim Jersey Cardigan. Was $68, now $54.40.

Favourite Tie Front Cardigan
Favorite Tie Front Cardigan. Was $68, now $54.40.

Fun Cardigan
Fun Cardigan. Was $84, now $67.20.

Georgina Dress
Georgina Dress. A lot of Fall Limited Edition dresses are on sale. :) Great for holiday parties. Was $218, now $174.40.

Charlotte Dress
Charlotte Dress. Was 218, now $174.40.

Cecily Dress
Cecily Dress. I like this one. A lot. Looks flattering for pear shapes. Was $218, now $174.40.

Amelia Dress
Amelia Dress. Was $198, now $158.40.

Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress. Was $164, now $131.20.

Ruched Waist Jersey Dress
Ruched Waist Jersey Dress. Was $138, now $110.40.

Mosaic Dress
Mosaic Dress. Was $148, now $118.40.

Alice Wrap Dress
Alice Wrap Dress. Was $164, now $131.20.

Silk Ruffle Neck Top
Silk Ruffle Neck Top. This is beautiful. Definitely on my wishlist. Was $118, now $94.40.

Ruffled Scallop Silk Shirt
Ruffled Scallop Silk Shirt. Was $188, now $150.40. Wow this is expensive, but I gather the detailing is why.

Palermo Silk Top
Palermo Silk Top. Was $118, now $94.40.

Beautiful Silk Top
Beautiful Silk Top. Was $68, now $54.40.

Jewelled Ruffle Top
Jewelled Ruffle Top. Was $98, now $78.40.

Twist Jersey Top
Twist Jersey Top. Was $78, now $62.40.

Lavish Tunic
Lavish Tunic. I did a review here of this darling tunic. Was $188, now $150.40.

Drapey Jersey Top
Drapey Jersey Top. What a great staple in a wardrobe. Was $44.00, now $35.20.

Retro Knit Tunic
Retro Knit Tunic. I did a review of this almost a dress here...still one of my hubby's favorites. Was $138, now $110.40.

Show Stopping Tunic
Show Stopping Tunic. Has had mixed reviews (although jruby loves hers!), but if you have the right figure for it, I can imagine it would be stunning! Was $148, now $118.40.

Oil Cloth Shopper
Oil Cloth Shopper. And an accessory to round it out. Was $68, now $54.40.

Hope this helped some of you! Happy (Sale) Shopping!