Tuesday, November 22, 2011

J. Crew Reviews: Stadium Cloth Elements Coat and Lula Jacquard Ballet Flats...

I am so gonna make this a super-fast post, what with this terrible internet connection I have here in Mississippi (it was great last year, huh).

I know that many of you are disappointed by the lack of the outerwear in the outerwear promo, including the stadium cloth elements coat in nordic blue, and I get it.  That is some kind of lame promo over the past two days, eh, J. Crew?  I did decide that with today's price drop on the excursion coat (Rex has one just like it, and I love it for its ease) AND free shipping, the price was decent enough for me to at least give it a try.  I will eventually do a review on that one, too.

Anyhow, here is the review of the elements coat.  Ema did a great review of hers here.

I wore mine when I needed a very warm topper to my snow leopard/blue pencil skirt combo.  Of course I left my legs bare, makes sense, right?

Size: 4.  I received the measurements from my PS and the numbers are generous, as I suspected.  All stadium cloth coats of the past few years have run really large, imo.  I wear at least a 6 or an 8 in double cloth coats.  Maybe they give more wiggle room in the stadium cloth because they figure if you are buying stadium cloth you must live in an area where you absolutely need extra layers beneath the coat?  Here in VA, even at the coldest nights, we almost never need those extra layers, the stadium cloth itself is plenty warm on its own.  Anyhow, if I find I do need an extra layer, I just pull out the down puffer and resign myself to looking like the Michelin man as I just stop caring when my face is about to freeze off.

Clearly I am unable to button the bottom button completely, but the zip did up just fine.  Remember, I am with child (22 weeks about right now), so I have a good excuse.  ;)  I also expect that by next winter the coat will fall nicely from shoulder to hem.  (Can you tell I look forward to getting my waist back, lol?)

Note about the zipper...it is one of the double ones, so if need be, you can unzip it a bit from the bottom and from the top, which as a pear-shaped momma to be, I really appreciate.

The color is fab, and you can see it is tonally the same as the bright blue pencil skirt but less intensely colored.  I love this color and am thrilled that they decided to bring back the nordic blue for another season (it came in a peacoat last year).

From the side.  It has four pockets, an interior drawstring (which I am not using right now) to define the waist), and a nicely made hood (doesn't detach, however).  The length is fine on the sleeves and hem, and when you have done up all the buttons and zip and put the hood up, you just look serenely warm, not like you are out looking for trouble.

I definitely think if you have a need for a brightly colored super-warm coat, go for it.  Really, though, unless you are truly in love with fashion and love collecting clothes, this may be a luxury more than a necessity, but I do love being able to walk around on a grey, cold, miserable day with a divinely colored jacket on...makes me smile every time.

I bought this coat during the last 25% off promo.  It is worth that price.  $325 is a lot for this coat, so maybe hold off if you can?  Otherwise, if your size is almost out of stock, maybe bite, and be willing to return and re-buy if a better price comes around?

Anyone else have this coat?

These are the Lula Jacquard Ballet Flats, also bought as a pre-order during the last 25% off promo.  They have since sold out in my size, so I am glad I bit when I did.

I have many incarnations of this flat, as I find the fit and style to be very much perfect for any SAHM who spends a lot of time on her feet.  I bought my tts 9.5 and it fits well.  In a pinch I could have gone with a size 9 (I have one pair of Lulas in that size and while a bit tight feel fine), but I only recommend doing that if you have narrow feet.

The flat has NO leather, which I think is insane, but that poly jacquard fabric is so luscious and pretty, I forgave J. Crew.  Anyhow, the non-leather bits are super-comfortable and ensure I can stay on my feet all day, so again, forgiveness is on the offering.

Anyone give these flats a try?

Okay, so you all know, I have worn these two items with outfits, the stadium cloth elements coat is worn with the leopard harlow blouse and blue pencil skirt and the lula jacquard ballet flats is worn with the old navy tee/leopard print top and grey pants.  Both outfits appear in this post.

That's it!  Boden babes, I have a Boden Weekly Review Roundup slated for tomorrow, and right now, I have one review, which is fine of course, but if you would like to have yours included, would you mind e-mailing me at dinagideon @ aim DOT com?