Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Helping Boden Babes Make Sale Decisions. LOL.

I am super excited for this Boden Weekly Review Roundup because just a couple of hours ago I found out that Boden has launched a 25% off everything (with free ship and returns) today, and so this makes this BWRR even more worthwhile because the items we are looking at today are all part of this sale. :)

(That said, remember that "clearance" items are not included in the 25% off, boo on that, but regular "promo" items are included. I included one quickie review of a "promo" item and a link or two to other promo item reviews to help you with your sale shopping. The inclusion of "promo" items really brings down the overall cost on those particular items, almost catch of the day worthy!)

Okay, so if you would like to see an item on me close up, click on the photo; if you would like to see it on a blog friend, click on the link to their blog; and if you would like to see the item at Boden's website for availability, colors, sizing, and measurements, click on the stock photo.

Just a reminder, you will need to click on the 25% off promo link in my sidebar to get the coupon applied, but if you are on a mobile device, I have included that coupon link at the bottom of this post. :)

Onto the reviews!

Regular Boden:
Sixties Dress.  I was so on the fence about this one, but one or two of you said to give it a try, and so I bit the bullet when the ivory came back in a size 8 (long, had wanted the regular, but that's a popback for you).  This dress is REALLY popular.  I mean, yes, it looks really good on the model, but even I was surprised by its popularity.

I was in France when I purchased it, and you all are going to love this, it took TWO whole weeks to arrive at my doorstep because it was coming from their Leicester location in England.  The ships that bring Boden from England are S-L-O-W.  My ASOS order was like that, too.  My Warehouse UK order came within a week, so I think they must use airplanes.  LOL.

I wore this dress today to bring Rex to my grade school for an open house.  You read that right, my boy is going to attend the same school I did!  :)  I guess that is the benefit of being in a Catholic school AND only living four miles from where you grew up.  It was really nice to see all the kids in the uniform.  They haven't even changed it!  I even saw my favorite PE teacher ever, Mrs. Bauer, she literally is the reason I even knew I could be an athlete...

Back to the main part of the post, always seem to find a tangent or two to go off on.  Anyhow, I really wanted a conservative, dressy looking outfit for the open house, and this was perfection.  Especially in the Long, as I suspect the regular would have been too short to be considered conservative.  So I lucked out that the long wasn't too long overall (like in the torso) and was long enough in the place I need it, namely the skirt.

Walking, hands on hips.  I see how the shoulders and bust are a tad loose on me, but that is usual for me unless I size down to a 6.  If I was not pregnant, I would have returned this for a 6, but as it turns out, with the pregnancy and my love for loose frocks some of the time (especially if they are white or ivory, I think it can look a little bit too much to wear those colors too tight), the 8 long is absolutely what I needed, and so I will keep it for now, and definitely for later.

Also, bear this in mind, the neckline is very tight when attempting to get it over the head (there is a side zip, not a back zip).  I had no problem, but if you have broad shoulders or carry your weight in your top half, you may need to size up.

Side view (with baby belly just forming)...btw, totally have lost my waistline, have gained about four inches overall (so 32 inches, I think?).  This dress more than accommodated the baby belly, and my hips, too.  My question will be how this will work when I go back to my regular waistline...will I need to take it in a bit or will the looser look still be okay?  Hmm.  Guess I will know next winter.  :)

I did notice that from the back you can see rippling in the torso which must mean that it is a bit long in the torso, but really hard to notice in real life.

The frock is totally lined in a poly fabric that is very soft and silky.  The wool is very soft, I am actually surprised that it is almost like a suiting fabric without looking like a suiting fabric.  The "pockets" are not pockets but just fun detailing.

I want to mentioned that it does wrinkle, but can be pressed out easily enough.  I take mine to the cleaners if I am being lazy (it's 5 dollars and they do an amazing job) or I will grab the iron and just spend some time on it.  Mine came a bit wrinkled, what you see is the pressed version.

I paired it with a silk scarf from J. Crew...the tights are opaque black tights...and the shoes are kitten heels from Frye.

Sixties Dress
Sixties Dress. I knew the fit was right on me when I realized it fit nearly like it fit the model (well, except that she is a model and clearly not pregnant). The dress also comes in a pretty pink, a black, and a blue color.

Okay, confession time, this is not available in this print or this exact style this fall, but the double layer jersey dress has an incarnation every season, and I find that the one I own from 2009 has served me so well that I would be doing a disservice not to mention that Boden does this particular type of dress really well.

One thing I really like is that if you pick a size that can fit loosely when you are at your best weight and be more fitted at a higher weight (or whilst in early pregnancy), this dress will not be subject to the whims of our bodies (and/or water retention, grr).

I wore it the other day, and I could have slept in comfy, and cozy.  I anticipate that this will work for me for at least a couple more weeks.  And definitely will work postpartum.

Double Layer Knot Dress
Double Layer Knot Dress. I think this one would be even more flattering for hiding a baby belly early on, or just a little bit of a fat day, here and there. :)

Sumptuous Scarf
Sumptuous Scarf. Oh, lucky Suburban Mom! She was able to go to Hawaii AND she had the beautiful saturated purple version of this scarf to keep her warm on the the long flight. Go re-live a few of her moments here at this post. :)

Promo Regular Boden:
Printed Scarf
Printed Scarf. Promo priced $46.40, but with the 25% off it goes down to $34.80, which when compared to the original price of $58 means this puppy is nearly half off. I did a review here.

Promo Boden Limited Edition:
Lavish Tunic
Lavish Tunic. Promo priced $150.40, but with the 25% off, it comes to $112.80, a substantial savings from the $188 original cost. Check out my review here.

Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan
Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan. Promo priced to $182.40 (down from $228), with the extra 25% this beauty comes in at a jaw-dropping $136.80 for a well-made, super-soft, and very thick short cashmere cardigan. I mention short because it is very much meant as a topper for pencil skirts and dresses, which means that it is meant to end at the high hip or waistline. If you have a longer torso this means it may be too short for you, but if this silhouette will work for you, I highly recommend buying at least one of the colors in your tts knitwear size (from Boden, which means I bought a size 6). I have not worn it IRL yet (just got it two days ago from the slow boat from Leicester), but do plan on bringing it to the Thanksgiving festivities down in Mississippi, so do expect an IRL photo next week.

Kit's Mommy is a huge fan, which is why I even bit. Thank you, Kit's Mommy for enabling me. :)

So did I bite today? Well, yes, but in reason. My budget is sort of tight, but I managed a gift for CW and one for my soon to be tired tootsies.

Sheepskin Slippers
Sheepskin Slippers. I ordered these in a size 40 (which is a size 9) as the ones I own from J. Crew stretch out. BTW, the reason I bought them from Boden this year? One, OMG, they are pink, how awesome, and two, J. Crew's version this year is really expensive (my bad, they aren't that expensive, just overpriced for what they are) AND they are lined in faux shearling (not done in prior years). The decision was easy.

Pretty Party Dress
Pretty Party Dress. Well, I don't really think CW will wear this to a party, but it is the perfect Christmas gift/preschool pretty dress.

Alrighty, that's it! You all enjoy your night and your (sale) shopping.

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