Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: J. Crew Winsome Dress in Blurry Rose OOTD.

Hey, all! Here is part two of my three part J. Crew review series. I started earlier this evening with the Hacking Jacket in Herringbone, which you can find here.

Although this dress is currently on sale, it has sold out. Having said that, sometimes the sale section gets restocked during these promos, so with 25% off (which, btw, is how I got it the last time, with the last 25% off promo), it is a pretty decent deal for what it is!

Dress: J. Crew Winsome Dress, Blurry Rose, size 6.  As with the last super 120s dress I purchased, this definitely is vanity sized.  There is no reason in my mind (outside of a super a-lined skirt) that a shift dress in a size 6 should boast 41.5 inch hips.  That used to be reserved exclusively for 8s and 10s.  (And still is in some of their dresses).

Whatever, I still adore this dress.  When I saw this upon my return home from France, I literally exclaimed my love out loud, which would have disturbed Mr. Dina, I am sure.  But the print!  The fabric!  The length!  The print fulfills all my loudly printed desires...the fabric is super soft and sort of stretchy and smooth...the length means I can wear it to church!

The tights are some pair or another of control top tights I own, and the boots are a pretty ancient pair of Aerosoles that I still find reasons to wear (usually involves freaking freezing temperatures).

There is shirring at the waistband, which can do one of two things (or possibly both).  The shirring acts as an arrow, highlighting the smallest part of your waist, but the shirring can poof out a bit, which means from the side it can look bulge-y, especially if you are prone to not standing up straight.  This is a dress for proper posture.

I love how CW is willing to try poses out.  Makes us laugh.  Every time.

We were headed to church that night, and yes, it turns out that wearing the Marled Thandie Blazer with the mohair scarf was smart.  The church doesn't switch over to heating until mid-November (usually we don't need real heating until then), but that night it was C-O-L-D.  The Marled Thandie/scarf did a pretty great job of keeping me toasty.

Really this photo is for me.  LOL.  CW is such a sweet doll baby.  Love this shot.  :)

Hope that this dress pops back for one or two of you!!!  It is definitely worth the promo price.

Winsome Dress in Blurry Rose ootd.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.