Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OMG. Boden! Limited Edition 40% Off for the Next Three Days.


Plus 25% off everything else.  Wow.   I didn't think the Stella Dress was going to be mine or the Silk Ruffle Neck top, but I think I might just bite before the promo is up (can't today, but possibly Thursday, depending on funds). 

I was SURE, sure, sure, that the 30% off everything yesterday was as far as Boden could go.  Nope.  Retailers have been nuts this year with the promos, which is all at once exhilirating and exhausting.

I am currently holed up in a New Orleans hotel, with a flight scheduled for later today back home (with a stop at Cafe du Monde, of course), so my access to the internet is limited, to say the least.   (The internet has been the bane of my existence this trip, lol.  I love traveling, but I do love my "down time" in the AM and PM with my favorite internet reads.)

By the way, there have been reviews of quite a few Limited Edition items, so check out this link if you would like some more info on a few of the pieces before you buy.  Hope that helps some of you.
As of right now, I have not received  a direct link to the sale from my affiliate, but if I do, I will absolutely update this blog post with the information and direct link.  I will also update my sidebar, as well.

For now I recommend going through the link below and placing the code WL01 into your shopping bag (if you would like to participate in this offer). 
Boden 25% off plus Free Shipping and Returns!

I have already heard from quite a few of you that this promo worked for you and you are super-pumped to have this sale!  Thanks especially to Tweetybird2, CC, and clairenmaddy for either e-mailing me or commenting to this blog with this info.  :)

Anyone else excited, as well?