Monday, November 28, 2011

Boden: Cyber Monday 30% Off Today Only!

She spies a 30% off (one day only!) deal on Boden today.  It is making her smile.

UPDATE (10:49 am Eastern Time):  I just received a DIRECT LINK and code for the sale at Boden from my affiliate, woo!  Here it is, and for regular computer users, I will give you a direct link and code in my sidebar, too:
Get 30% off with Free Shipping at Use code WCM1.

Wow, in all the years I have been shopping at Boden, I have never seen a 30% off sale on their items (except clearance time). This is awesome. :) I received an e-mail this morning alerting me to the Cyber Monday deal and I am stoked for us Boden babes.

This is *almost* as good as some of the clearance prices, which when the clearance happens, usually is 35% to 50% off the original sale price.

This is a particular good deal if you are interested in a promo priced item like the Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan which is promo priced at $182.40, but whose price with the extra 30% off is $127.68. (And I thought I got a good deal when I got it at an additional 20% off promo price, lol.) This cardigan came to mind because I have recently reviewed it, but there are tons of items on promo, some of which I covered in this post.

I also feel like if you have an item you really want but are concerned it won't make it to sale OR that you see has low stocks, this is the sort of sale made for your needs. I will probably bite today on three or four mini Boden items that are showing lower stocks that I want to have for the kids' Christmas presents. I have already bought CW's (a couple of weeks ago), but today I will get Gus and Rex squared away with the Woodland Appliqué T-shirt, the Big Appliqué T-shirt, and the Lined Skate Trousers.

If you need help deciding, remember I have a whole bunch of Boden Weekly Review Roundups, which can be found by clicking this link.

Hope you all have a great (Cyber Monday Sale) shopping!