Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Only a Few Weeks Late.

Hi, all! First thing I want to say is THANK YOU for all the congratulations and well wishes regarding my big news from yesterday. :) If you haven't read that post yet, definitely go ahead on over there. It will for sure be affecting many of my ootd posts in the near future (and many of my Boden reviews!).

Onto the very VERY delayed Boden Weekly Review Roundup...I grabbed a few of my most recent reviews, including a new one for today. I also looked through my blogger dashboard to find all the recent Boden reviews. I feel like I have missed some, though, so if you have a blog and have done a Boden review recently, OR you have e-mailed me a review, would you mind terribly e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com and let me know??? Many early thanks!

Also, and this is important for budget watchers (probably all of us, lol), today is the last day you can use the coupon code that Boden sent out recently, either through the catalog or the e-mails. I could have sworn my catalog said this Sunday, but I could be wrong. At any rate, 20% off and free ship/returns is nothing to sniff at if an item you want from the fall/winter line is showing low stocks. I often will just wait for the big sale at this point of the year, but sometimes these last minutes sales (there will probably be another % off promo in the next few weeks) can be nearly as good as the BIG SALE and it has the bonus of ensuring that you will get your desired item. I have seen items completely disappear at the BIG SALE within hours, so keep that in mind.

The BIG SALE last winter was the first week of December, which I love because it means I can get presents for the holidays for a little bit less!!! (I expect that the BIG SALE will be the same time as it was last year, but I will be on top of it for you all if it comes early.)

If you want to use a code from your catalog, there is a box on the shopping bag page that allows you to use the code. After you enter the code you will see that your entire purchase (minus some clearance items) will show the additional % off and all items on their regular pages will reflect the new price.

Okay, onto the reviews. :)

Regular Boden for Women:

Animal Bow Flats.  I have worn these for the past few days.  I had seen them in the Fall Preview, and bit.  I could have waited to buy them, but I was glad to have them for the fall. 

I bought them in a size 41, which is technically my tts Boden shoe size, however that said I have been wearing the size 40 a lot, too, especially since Boden tends to run wide, which is NO good for my narrow feet.  These run narrow enough, though, that I had no need to size down.  So bear that in mind when purchasing, if you have wider feet, you may want to size up for extra width.

The army green color PLUS the animal print look very military and I would have returned them for another color had it not been for the adorable bedazzled bow which takes the military aspect way down.  :)

I have a lot of items in my closet that work well with this color, and have found it a versatile part of my wardrobe. 

It has all leather construction, except for a rubber bit on the bottom for traction, and its sparkly bits are nicely secured on a grosgrain ribbon.

I wore it to the "let's find out the gender" 20 week ultrasound yesterday, like that they are easy to slip on and off, so they could also make for nice travel shoes too.  I wore it with a fun skirt (circa Summer 2009?) in a size UK 14 or US 10 (little tiny baby belly is making it hard for me to do up many of my smaller sized skirts and pants, but that is to be expected, I have been wearing some of my CW postpartum clothing until the maternity wear fits better).  I also wore a J. Crew v-neck sweater and necklace. 

Mr. Dina quite likes me in my simple, funky, preppy style.  He says this look is not overdone.  Men always make me laugh.  I would say I dress 30% of the time for him and 70% of the time for me and my blog buddies.  :)  If I dressed for him 100% of the time, you all would see a whole lot more gingham and plaid and khaki pants.

Animal Bow Pumps
Animal Bow Pumps. These also come in the grey version in the stock photo and a tan version (like my leopard tote whose review is below).

Fun Skirt
Fun Skirt. Don't forget, I also did a review of this fall's version in the black/fern colorway.  (Would you all let me know if this link doesn't work for you?  I had to pull it from a previous post.)

Venice Dress
Venice Dress. I did a quick review of this the day I left for France. :)

Leopard Tote
Leopard Tote.  This was the bag I wanted to have for France, and am so glad I bought it.  Out of all the items I have ever purchased from Boden, this one is by far the chicest.  My review is here. 

Richmond Cardigan
Richmond Cardigan. Suburban Mom did a review of this a while ago, I had put it on the blog but not in an official BWRR. :)

Cashmere Cropped Cardigan
Cashmere Cropped Cardigan. Ema paired the black version for a night out. It looks wonderful with her black party dress. :)

Boden Limited Edition:
Knitted Boucle Coat
Knitted Boucle Coat. Suburban Mom is in love, and I can totally see why!!! :)

If Baby Gus looks this darling, I seriously may not be blogging very much because I will literally be staring at him constantly.  Look at this darling baby.  Swoon!

Woodland Appliqué T-shirt
Woodland Applique Tee Shirt.
Now that you have all seen my "news," I bet you are wondering what my pick for my darling little man will be from this fall/winter season.  Seeing as how we are naming him a revered Scottish name, we figure we need something uniquely British Isles, so we picked a tee with a hedgehog on it.  :)  You had better believe my little guy will be all kitted out in the best baby Boden has to offer.   (To see the adorable hedgehog version, click on the stock photo, although I must say that moose one is pretty cute, too!)

Okay, all, have a great night.  :)  Talk soon!