Monday, November 14, 2011

Boden: Spring 2012 Preview Picks!

Wow.  I am finally getting around to doing my picks from Boden's Spring Preview 2012.  :)  I did need to wait for all the images to load (all the photos are there, so when you head over to the preview site, you will see everything, no "we need to pick our shots up from the chemists" line), AND I needed to wait until you all knew my news so you could see why I was choosing only flowy, jersey, stretchy items for my spring wardrobe.  LOL.  I won't always be postpartum, but it will be nice to have a few "it fits now and will fit later" kind of items to look forward to wearing after I give birth to Gus in late March.

I also have uploaded some of my picks from the accessories, shoes, mini Boden, and baby Boden lines.

Enjoy!  And don't forget to let me know what your picks are in the comments, too!

Regular Boden:
Border Print Tunic
You all know that I just LOVE me some Boden tunics, especially last year's Mosaic tiled version (bottom of post, called the terrazzo tunic), and this year's version seems similar, yet different enough.  I tried on last year's tunic over my slightly growing belly, and the material is very stretchy, so I will be ordering this in my tts size and will likely be able to wear it a few weeks after Gus is born.  It also comes in a pretty green/blue, and a pink version.

Fun Jersey Dress
I really like the simplicity of this easy dress, but the bit of "fun" at the hem allows it to stay in my "I love the prints and patterns" comfort zone.  I will size up one from my usual jersey dress size, but this will be fine even after I have lost the weight.  I find that some days I just want a nice, loose dress to throw on. 

Plait Trim Top
This is the top I want, but am most concerned about.  I could potentially send this one back if the top is too long and fits too constricted at my hips after a month or so.  I am willing to chance it, especially if it is a tee-shirt type cotton (which is stretchier than a cotton lawn), but I will not be sad or blue if I have to return it.  I do really love this pattern, and the plait detailing is beautiful.

Riviera Shirt Dress
I suspect that if this dress fits most women well, it will sell out.  What a fun pattern!  This dress is also featured as the home page outfit, and it looks so pretty on the model.  I will chance it in my tts dress size, especially with the skirt's full hips.  I could see this being the perfect dress for hiding postpartum lumps and bumps, and once back to a normal weight, being a lovely dress for church, etc.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Unless I lose all my weight super fast, this skirt will not be worn by me until late next summer, but I think this print is special and I have seen Boden sell out of their skirts in the prettiest prints, so I will bite the bullet and buy it early (to take advantage of the additional 20% off) and just use it as a "goal" skirt.

Twist Jersey Top
I think if you have had babies, you get why this top was chosen by me.  ;)  For those of you in the unaware state, the twist highlights the narrowest part of the torso (under the bust), whilst hiding a small tummy with the slight a-line and ruching in the bottom part of the top.  Plus jersey is so so soft!  Great for cuddling with newborns. 

Boden Accessories and Shoes:
I am holding off on purchasing accessories and shoes, but when the time (and the right catch of the day promo) comes, I will likely bite on the below...
Beachcomber Bag
A few years ago Boden sold a bag (and a skirt) with the union jack on it, and I didn't buy them then, but may think about this bag.  I am on the fence, but if I can sell a Vera Bradley or two on ebay, I might go for this one.

Flowerburst Scarf
Comes in a bazillion colors.  :)  This is my favorite, but all of the colors are lovely and delicious.  Also cotton, so great for covering up from the sun on a hot day.

T-Bar Flower Heels
Don't these remind you of something Anthropologie would sell?  I love different from anything I have ever seen from Boden.  But because it is Boden, they are made from all leather, and I can guarantee those rosettes are applied perfectly.

Twist Sandals
I love sandals.  Adore them.  I especially love these, with the animal print AND the toe separator bit (which means my feet won't slide all over the place--I know, weird, right--but they do!).

Uptown Heels
These are really lovely, and since I wear a lot of navy and prints that pair well with navy in the spring/summer, these would be used, for sure, on a regular basis.

Baby and mini Boden:
5 Pack Bodies
Not a ton for Gus in the preview, but these are practical, cute, and come in such fun colors.  Will get in the 0-3 month size so he can wear them in the right season.  (I am getting him the 5 pack bodies from the fall season, but in the 3-6 month size, which is what he will be my next fall.)

Jersey Applique Dress
Oh, sadness.  This is the last summer I can order clothing for CW from the baby Boden line.  Guess they have to grow up.  :)  At least they have some darling items for her last year in this line...

Vintage Dress
These seagulls are so cute.  And I love that baby Boden has some color combos that are unexpected for little girls, like grey, pink, blue, and white.

Hotchpotch T-Shirt Dress
This is mini Boden, and I think I have a thing for their pear print this year (look out below!).  Last year it was the owls, this year, the pears.  :)

Jersey Lined Anorak
Rex DESPERATELY needs a rain jacket, and this blue version with its comfy, cozy green lining will fit the bill perfectly.

Jersey Lined Anorak
CW needs a raincoat, too, and this one has pears.  LOL.  :)

Rough Applique T-Shirt
Rex chose this one on his own.  Guess why?  Skull, check.  Blue, check.  That is all it takes. 

Vehicle Applique T-Shirt
I chose this one, but Rex approved. :)

Well, that's it!  Don't forget, if you click to the home page (link is in the first paragraph), there is a link there for an additional 20% off and free ship/returns. 

Talk soon, provided I don't fall asleep at 9 pm, which is always a possibility.