Monday, November 7, 2011

J. Crew Review: OOTD with the Hacking Jacket in Herringbone. Plus a Cowlneck.

I was going to publish all of the posts (this one and the upcoming two) at some point or another, but J. Crew's current promo for 25% off over $150 sort of became a catalyst for me to just get my patooty in gear and publish them sooner rather than later. :)

I am really late to this review party, but the Hacking Jacket in Herringbone in Midnight Ocean (really, this is the color name for this particular hue...wha ha, J. Crew?) is still available and if you can find your right size, could be a fun, colorful, traditionally styled jacket that would probably fit a niche, especially if you have fun with dress-up. And really would you be here if you didn't enjoy dress-up at some level?

Jacket: Hacking Jacket in Herringbone, Size 4.  The fit is spot on.  I wear size 4 in J. Crew jackets and tops, and this fits exactly as my others do, great through the shoulders, and with enough give in the hips (because of the vent--which does not flap open horribly on me, but has on others, so be wary if that is a bugger, and if you button your jackets).  The color is really pretty, a crayon-y version of blue, with just enough warmth that it doesn't make me look like death.

Top: J. Crew Silk Casbah Blouse.  I got it but only recently wore it, so no review when it was still available.  FWIW, I am in the size 4, and I think it fits lovely, but have read that it is narrow through the shoulders on some folks.  These colors look fab with the Herringbone Jacket in midnight ocean.

Pants: J. Crew Collection Wool Minnies.  These are the ones with the zipper detail at the ankle from a few years ago that I was able to score at the Clearance center in L'burg for $25.

Heels: Miss Albright Prized Rose Peep Toes from Anthropologie.  I seriously wear this pair and the sister pair (the very popular Anticipation heels) more than I ever expected.  They are all at once comfortable and can be worn in three seasons (not really the best for summertime, bit heavy of a heel, etc.).

Necklace: J. Crew Knotty Pearl Necklace.  I used to buy J. Crew jewelry all the time.  This was one of my most recent J. Crew jewelry purchases and this was made well over a year ago.  I will admit to buying a pair of earrings today (with the promo), the snow sparkle earrings, which at about an inch will make a statement, but not too much of one.  :)

I popped the collar for this shot.  I wouldn't say the felt material is all that divine, and the tie-repp of the past is far preferable, but it does give some contrast, and with this particular outfit looked just fine, if a bit preppy.

Speaking of this jacket, I love this color so much that I decided to order the Stadium Cloth Elements Coat in the nordic blue color today.  I hope it looks the same in real life as on line.  That color is luscious. 

That was it, btw, a coat and some earrings.  My budget said stop.  LOL.

No jacket.  I wore this outfit to go out with my mom (she was in town for a few days last week) and we literally did the stereotypical "SAHM" stuff, you know, grocery store, meltdown, craft store, meltdown, German food store, no meltdown, lol.  Did you all know that one mile from my house is a German food store?  Guess who bought weisswurst that day???  :)

Hacking Jacket in Herringbone with the Casbah.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.

Okay, I really don't think this has a snow's chance in heck of showing up on J. Crew's website again, but just in case, I wanted to show you the cowlneck poncho in action.  This is what I wear when I am tired, sort of lazy, and just going out for a quick bite to eat at Five Guys (mmm, Five Guys, my childhood neighborhood haunt done good).  :)  I do dress up a lot, so give me a little slack.

I already did a review of the cowlneck poncho here, so refer to that for any info you may need.

The tee is old (OLD) school J. Crew and such a beautiful color.  I wish they would bring back this color.

The jeans are some bootcut jeans from J. Crew a few years back.

The boots are Costco shearling lined boots.  I have read that they are almost exactly the same as Uggs, but none of it really matters to me as these puppies only come out when I am cold, it is a "lazy" night, and/or I am swim coaching when it is 0 degrees outside.  For those nights and days, though, totally worth it.

The cowlneck actually kept me decently warm.  It wasn't the most warm I have ever been, but I could have slipped on a sweater instead of a long-sleeved tee, admittedly.

FWIW, I like my no makeup (well, okay, lip gloss) and glasses look.  But I prefer contacts most of the time (glasses wearers, do you all get tired eyes after a day of glasses...never happens when I wear contacts).

You all have a great night.  Should be back with two more reviews soon.  Did any of you bite on today's promo?