Wednesday, November 9, 2011

His Nickname Will Be Gus.

This is Gus.  He is 20 weeks along.  Yes, dinagideon has been pregnant since mid-July.

This is me this morning, 20 weeks along.  This hasn't exactly been the most difficult pregnancy to hide from the world.

I told at least a dozen people today that I was having a baby boy and that I am 20 weeks pregnant (that is the halfway point for those of you who have never been pregnant), and most of them were all, "you're pregnant?"

You all may have noticed a statement here or a odd pose there, and tonight it is all clicking together.

Of course dinagideon hasn't published her BWRR in a few weeks, being pregnant means that the normal blogging female has to take her life down a few notches, and even though every. single. pregnancy. manual. says the energy comes back with the second trimester, that turns out to only be true if you don't have wild toddlers.

Of course dinagideon mentioned being sick for the past few months in superfluity, she had MORNING SICKNESS! Smacks head. LOL.

Of course dinagideon looks pale, she isn't able to eat meat or any real good food because darling boy living inside of her isn't really agreeable to you know, calories. ;)

Of course dinagideon isn't doing side shots, even though she has only gained four pounds, it has all gone to one place and it is (kind of) noticeable from the side.

Anyhow, I am thrilled to finally share this news with you all. We are excited that this baby is going to be in our lives by early April.

And yes, I have plans for many a chic maternity outfit. Promise.

(Well, once I finally get the baby belly to fill out the maternity clothing already. Do you know that by this point with both CW and Rex I had a way bigger belly? They say each pregnancy is different. They were right!)

You all, have a great night!!! Talk with you all tomorrow.  I need sleep.