Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whole Lot of Snow Leopard Going on...

So without even meaning to, I wore my three snow leopard pieces in a row last week. I think my brain is on pregnancy mode and I seriously pay no mind to whether something has been overplayed in my wardrobe, especially over a freaking weekend. :)

I typically wear these three snow leopard pieces over the course of a season, usually twice each, but I knocked out the first time rather swiftly. LOL.

The snow leopard pattern was a J. Crew fabric from Fall 2008, and from what I can tell continues to be a popular one. I see the pieces pop up from time to time on ebay, and without fail, they sell easily and with multiple bids. It is a rather unique design, and with its rich ivory and black coloring, it lends itself to be a great anchor for so many saturated colors.

Wore this last Thursday to do the preschool run.  I am trying to have a pregnant belly but still enjoy mixing it up with non-maternity pieces.  Jackets are fab for this as I never gain weight in my shoulders while pregnant, so as long as the jacket is unbuttoned, I can wear them throughout the entire pregnancy.

Jacket: Snow Leopard Simone Peacoat, J. Crew, Fall 2008.  Thank you, Slastena, I am so GLAD I bought this from you last year.  :)
Top: Tissue Pintuck Tee, J. Crew this season.  I bought this in my usual x-small, because, and this is as I suspected, the tissue tees are running quite large this season, like they did last year.  I like how it flares out from the empire waist, making it perfection for the first six months of my pregnancy, and quite possibly longer, especially if I employ the lovely Bella band (what in the world would I do without these whilst pregnant?).
Jeans: J.C. Penney, Duo Maternity, Career Denim Pant, Size Small.  I wear a lot of this brand while pregnant, they have nice long inseams, with waistbands that (usually) stay up nicely.  This pair gave me a bit of trouble as the thighs were just fitting (now fit great after being worn, btw) but the band was a bit large.  Ah, well, the bella band also fixes a too loose waist, so I just hitched them up with one of those.
Shoes: Miss Albright (Anthropologie) Prized Rose Peep Toes.  Love love these.

BTW, I guess I am a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of gal.  Except for the long hair and baby belly, this is a familiar outfit, eh?

No jacket here, but I am giving a HUGE thumps up to the pintuck tee for pregnant and postpartum ladies.

Polyvore addicts, you will totally recognize this outfit from a set I did last week.  I wore this ensemble to go out last weekend to dinner with the fam, and I was pleasantly surprised when both the top and skirt still fit decently enough to wear out in public.  :)

Top: Snow Leopard Silk Harlow Blouse.  I had bought this in 2008 in a larger size for my then postpartum (with CW) body.  I had lost the weight and suddenly needed a smaller size, so when a size 4 came up on the JCA exchange, I bit.  Then, to pay it forward, I sold my larger size to another JCA.  I was thinking as much as I loved the polyvore set, there would be no way the 4 would still work on me.  Well, it turns out that the fabric has some give AND with the button back, I could unbutton the very bottom button and have it fit, just fine.  This one has since been retired, and I will happily bring it back next winter.  :)
Skirt: J. Crew Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Bright Blue, also from the 2008 season.  I got this off ebay in a size 8 and again, was slightly concerned it wouldn't fit, but aha!, if you just keep the top 1/2" unzipped, the skirt fits fine.  Again, I am retiring it till next winter, but I was glad I got to take it out for one more go.
Shoes: Anthropologie Chiseled Wedges, Size 9.  Yum and eee.  I had spied these in the catalog over the summer and really really liked how the shoe almost looked like a cool mid-century modern building.  The heel itself is made from wood and has a cut-out opening.  The leather is a printed snakeskin, which also lends it a very MCM feel.  I sized down to a 9 because I read that the heel slipped if you bought it too large, and with my crazy narrow feet, I knew sizing down would be smart.  And guess what?  They fit awesomely. (I also waited till sale time, and was able to buy them at a much more reasonable price, too.)
Bag: Andie Bag, also J. Crew Fall 2008.  What would I do if it weren't for the JCA exchange?  When this bag came out, I LOVED LOVED LOVED it, but could not even consider its nearly $500 price tag.  Yow.  But then a savior in J. Crew clothing came and sold it to me for a mere $200 (she had gotten the sale price, and passed it along to me).  Between the bright red color and the crinkly, patent leather, and the special, elaborate zippers, this bag makes me smile every time I bring it out.

I wish my hair and makeup looked like this everyday.  Sometimes the pregnancy hormones agree with me and sometimes the hormones equal baggy eyes and curly frizzy hair.  Sigh.

Here you can see the outfit, sans bag.  You can also a teeny bit of "Gus" belly here.

Shopping My Closet...

Above is the polyvore that inspired me to wear this outfit. I especially like madped's comment about the phrase "growing into glamour" being especially appropriate for me right now. Teehee. :)

And finally, this look.  I wore this to church with Rex on Saturday night.  Normally I wear dresses and skirts, but it was C-O-L-D and I just wasn't feeling wearing tights.

Top: Old Navy Burgundy Tee (ancient, ancient, ancient), paired with the J. Crew Factory Snow Leopard Button Down Shirt.  J. Crew factory does a lot of this, re-issuing prints in similar styles the next year.  So I bought this button down the summer of 2009, if I recall correctly.  I wasn't tremendously worried about this top buttoning up, as I knew the layer atop it would cover it if I couldn't, but it did still do up, so there was that.  (But I do have a belly in this outfit, wait till you see the next photo.)
Pants: J.C. Penney, Duo Maternity, Stretch Twill Pants.  Once again, bringing out the duo.  The pants fit well enough, but still used the bella band to keep the waistband up (I think that is less necessary when further along, and not as far along, right now my belly is kind of long--up and down--so not huge, but not high enough to keep the waistband from having issues).    BTW, if you have no idea what I am talking about, just ignore my ramblings.  Only if you have been pregnant will any of this make any sense.  I also bought these in the regular length (as opposed to talls), so I could wear them with flats.
Shoes: J. Crew Lula Jacquard Flats, Size 9.5.  I am going to do a review of these (and the Elements coat) later this week, but let me just emphasize to you all...if you have never owned a pair of Lula flats, go out and buy a pair.  They fit well, are cute as can be, and are super-comfy.  When I saw these were coming out in this darling fabric, I made sure my PS pre-ordered them (and with the 25% off, woohoo!).  They are now sold out in my size, so I guess I made the right call.
Necklace: J. Crew Ombre Maritime Rope Necklace. 

Rex is all Target, btw.  Go Circo!

There is no hiding a baby belly with knit tees.  :)

You all have a great day!  BTW, I was supposed to be on a plane to Mississippi today, but I received a phone call from Mr. Dina in which he let me know that he had screwed up...we aren't leaving until Monday.  I was in the midst of packing when he did this, so I kind of just laughed out loud, threw my arms up in the air, and exclaimed that at least I had a great head start.

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