Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paris: Day Four Outfit of the Day,

It seems beyond appropriate that I do this post today, as Rex's behavior today has only really been matched by the behavior her recently exhibited in the beautiful small French city of Chartres. Ugh. :)

He is getting more "mature" every day, but for all his advancements socially, his fits have also matured to their own fine and ripe age. They will soon be so ripe they will be spoiled. Oh, dear. He will be five in February. Someone out there tell me it gets better when they turn five. Please. LOL.

So yeah, I am not one to focus on negativity (well at least not here on my happy place, aka my respite from my crazy, rugrat filled life), so I am choosing to continue my sartorial journey in France for the rest of the post. Remember, you can also see the other days here, day one, day two, and day three.

Anyone who LOVES the Paris Catalog from Fall 2007 will immediately know what this outfit is referencing.  :)

I also included the image in the polyvore set, so all you polyvore addicts, clip away. 

I had the Bridget shirtdress in plaid from the original season, had bought it in a size 10 to fit my newly postpartum body (post-Rex, yes, five years ago, lol), and when I lost all that weight a couple of years ago, the 10 was getting too big, so I hunted ebay for a replacement in a size 6, and finally one day, I found it.   (And a fellow JCA got my size 10 from the exchange, you know share the love...it really is a great dress.)

I was actually really worried it wouldn't fit, but with Gus hanging out and growing but not really, the dress did up just fine.  Phew.  (Can't wear it today, though.  I have officially lost my waist--woo!)

The boots are the Britten Tall Flat boots, and I am so glad I decided to bring them to France, they were super comfy AND stylish, which I appreciated.

This is just outside the cathedral at Chartres, in the courtyard.  It was pretty sunny that day, so the sunglasses were more than just "fashionable."

I added the Icon trench to keep the wind from whipping me too much.  It was warm-ish that day, but it was good to have the topper that evening, when the temps dipped quickly.

Just like the previous photo, many of you have already seen this image, but now you know more about the outfit under the trench.  Plus the cobblestone plus French folks plus CW equals really cool photo.

Paris: Day Four Outfit of the Day.

Above is the polyvore. Eventually I will get around to publishing my packing list (which I did about two months ago), but I will wait until all the ootd posts are done (two more to go!).

Boden ladies...remember I did a post on the Boden Spring Preview in this post yesterday. I bit the bullet today, so I feel poorer, but at least I have a few weeks to save up for the January bill. :)

Also, if you have a Boden review and would like it to be included in tomorrow's Boden Weekly Review Roundup, you can e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or comment in the post (although if you recently commented, I have seen it, and will include your review--thanks!).

Alright, have a great night!!!

P.S.  Can I just say how sweet and caring all of you are?  I love (and read) ALL of the comments left here, and omg, I have the nicest, most darling blog friends.  I want to let everyone know that although I have been unable to spend a ton on other friends blogs, or comment back to everyone's comments here, I at least want to express my gratitude!  So many of your comments (especially on the "Gus is here" post) have really made me smile big, and often laugh out loud, literally!