Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Maternity Wear Times Two!

Hi, all!  Happy belated Black Friday.  LOL.  :)  I hope everyone had a great time shopping the great deals.  I, unfortunately, had absolutely no access to the internet (it was on the fritz in a major way, and kinda still is, ugh).  So I did my Black Friday shopping the old fashioned way, in the mall and at Walmart.  Woo!

I did have a great Thursday, though, with all sorts of yummy deep Southern favorites like sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, broccoli and cheese and rice casserole (do you sense a theme?), and of course, the ultimate yumminess, stuffing.  I barely even touched the turkey or pecan pie.

We dress for dinner here but only just, so I didn't really need to bring it fully with a dress and tights and heels, so I decided to wear a maternity outfit I purchased in Paris (only clothing I bought, btw!) from a darling little (little is being ambitious) boutique called Mamma Fashion

I walked into the store and barely showing meant that I had to guesstimate if the items I chose would actually fit, but these pieces had the dual advantage of looking decent without a real belly, and now that I have a belly, look pretty good with...I guess it might have something to do with French women only buying quality pieces that will last a lifetime, so the shop only carried the items that truly fit that description.  I anticipate the top working well beyond my pregnancy and the pants appear to be the sort that can be tailored to work after your postpartum stage is up.

The top and pants are from a brand called Pomkin, and they have the rare (at least I have rarely seen this) plus of actually being MADE IN FRANCE.  That probably also explains the prices, which also explains why these two pieces are the only clothing I purchased over the entire trip.  ;)

Top: Pomkin Liberty of London Silk Fabric Tie Top, Size Small (FR 38).  This retailed for around 170 Euro, but it was on sale for 85 Euro and was the last one in the shop.  I felt like I had literally died and gone to heaven, here I am the biggest Liberty of London fan, AND on sale is one of the most exquisite tops (not even just maternity tops) I have ever seen.  In. my. size.  And my hubby gave me a thumbs up.  I might have squealed.  Yes, 85 Euros, even on sale, is a HUGE chunk of change, but I think you all get it, right?

Pants: Pomkin Career Full Leg Pants (Pantalon Drew Caviar), Size Large (FR 42).  These were 98 Euro, but the fabric is super soft and fit then and fits now.  It also didn't appear to be too small in the thighs but too big in the band which is often my issue.

The headband is from Anthropologie, the earrings are the J. Crew Snow sparkle earrings (which have been the MOST popular item I have ever clipped for polyvore, seriously every time I go on polyvore, it has been used by 20 women for 20 different sets), and the shoes are Nine West.

You can really tell here how this top can work both for pregnant and non-pregnant women.  The fabric is the Caesar design, more often known as the Peacock design (as the design is based on peacock feathers).  I have a few items with this pattern, but they are all from the Liberty of London for Target line.  I daresay the fabric on this blouse may be a teeny bit more exquisite.

I also happen to own a LoL top from Target that can also be maternity, same pattern.  :)  LOL at the LoL love.  I just think that one is less dressy, so can be worn a tad more casually. 

Close up of the snow sparkle earrings, headband, and the bow on the blouse.

You know what I did after the very filling meal, right?  No, I didn't nap.  We took a walk!  Of course!  I didn't want to wear heels and fancy pants and fancy top out so I switched to a Boden Maternity tunic called the Special Day Tunic.  I will be linking back to this on Wednesday for the next Boden Weekly Review Roundup, so here is a little on this tunic.  I went with my regular tunic size in Boden, size 6 (US size), and it fits well, and is very very soft.  I love the pretty pattern, it reminds me a lot of the Show Stopping Tunic, but is a bit more forgiving of a forever expanding waistline.

The leggings and shoes are a bit casual, but worked for the event.  I will probably wear the tunic with tights the next time and a cute pair of ballet flats.

From the side.  The nice thing is that this tunic could also work as a non-maternity dress if you so desire.  I feel like you had best wear super-control top tights, though, as any little bulge is going to be read as a pregnant belly owing to its baby doll shape.  Just a little PSA.

Special Day Tunic
Special Day Tunic. Also comes in a blue and a pink version. Right now, with the continuing 25% off and free ship and returns (till November 30th), this tunic goes from $98 down to around $75. (I have placed a link at the bottom of this post for folks to get the 25% off...seems that with my internet issues lately, I turned out to be the one who MOST needed the access from my mobile phone, lol.)

I have added this top's photo to this post so I can clip it to Polyvore and create a chic maternity set. Yay!

Okay, all, better go, as I really don't want to press my luck with the internet...

Here is that link for the extra 25% off and free ship and returns at Boden:
Boden 25% off plus Free Shipping and Returns!