Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: In Which You Can Definitely Tell I Am Pregnant.

I entitled today's post what I did because if there ever is an excuse to wear pink ugg-like boots, grey leggings, and a mini Boden fairisle tunic/dress out in public, being pregnant and having a splitting headache AND it being cold out seems like more than an adequate reason.  :)

My headache is getting better (s-l-o-w-l-y) and it is getting warmer out (s-l-o-w-e-r than that) but I am sooooo so glad I am wearing today's outfit.  Lovely Johnnie Boden and his gorgeous yummy warm winter wear for the minis of the world work exceptionally well for me and Gus, too.

Before I begin the roundup, I do want to remind you all that today is the very last day of the super super sale on Boden Limited Edition (40% off!!! with code WL01--put it in your shopping bag promo code area) and for 25% off all else (barring clearance items).  I added a direct link to the 25% off sale at the bottom of the post for you lovely mobile users and if you are on a regular computer, you can access the link in my sidebar.

It's just me this week in the roundup, but if you have a late arrival, just let me know in the comments or e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com to let me know about your review. 

If you would like to see an item on me closer, click on the photo which will bring up a larger version of the image.  If you would like to see the item at Boden (for availability, sizing, measurements, and other colors), click on the Boden stock photo.

Mini Boden:
Back way back when, I did a Mommy Style Monday where I mentioned that you could turn little girl dresses/tops into maternity tunics/top as the shorter styles and empire waists (more typical on girls clothing than adult clothing) are very much suited for a body whose belly is the only thing growing.  For me, this pregnancy has been very much "everything stays the same EXCEPT my belly" which has been definitely showing the presence of little Gus.  (Although I still have people surprised when I tell them...especially when I am wearing a coat or loose fitted top, no one even guesses.  Happened yesterday at Harris Teeter, our local grocery store.  LOL.  Definitely does not happen if the tee or top is fitted.)

This is the fairisle dress, a mini Boden piece that goes from size 1.5-2 to size 13-14, which is the size I chose to buy.  At $68 normally (and $45 with the additional 25% off), this is a pretty decent buy.  You get a very warm (cotton/viscose/nylon/cashmere blend) and soft tunic (if you are taller than 5'3") or dress (under 5'3") for what I would normally spend on a button down blouse.

Now would I call this super stylish and fashion forward?  Heck no.  This is just a piece that is made for "those days."  Especially pregnancy induced "those days."  I will admit that this outfit minus uggs and plus a sleek pair of riding boots could look darling, but then my feet wouldn't feel so cushy and pampered.  Next time.  ;)

By the way, the boots are mini Boden, too.  Turns out that their version of uggs come in pink (and purple!) and go up to a size 39, which in some weird space of this world, works on my massive 9.5 foot (I look at the measurements, measured my feet and discovered it could work!).

I think this dress runs a tad large through the lower half, which if you are not pregnant you need to keep in mind.  I don't know that you should size down as the shoulders and bust fit normal enough (if you wear a top size of US 4-6, the 13-14 will fit great), but this may not be the right look for you.  I know that this will work for me all the way up to the birth of my dear little one in March, which I am stoked about.  The tunic/dress is super stretchy, too.

For kids, the silhouette is perfect.  I adore CW in these sort of loosey-goosey dresses, they are cute, precious, and conservative enough for me as her mom.

From behind.  You can see how loose it is through the waist.  I expect that I will be selling this dress next fall on ebay, as I doubt sincerely that this will be a look for me when I get my waistline back.

The mini Boden shearling boots only have one thing that identify them as such...the tiny stitched tag on the bottom of the back of the boot.  It doesn't come off, so bear that in mind if you choose to get these for yourself.

Here is a close-up of the boot.  Love the color and the matching shearling.  I am also wearing a pair of Madewell leggings that have stirrup bottoms (making it super easy to tuck into the boot).  These are very similar to my Costco boots, except a teeny bit softer.  (And Costco does not have a pink version for adults.)

Fairisle Dress
Fairisle Dress. This also comes in a very pretty red and a saturated blue. The smaller sizes are sold out, but plenty left for older kids/pregnant mommas.

Sheepskin Boots
Sheepskin Boots. Plenty of size 36-39 left, but the smaller sizes are all gone. The $85 price (that is after the 25% off) seems like a good enough deal if you wear these sort of boots in superfluity. I love these for wearing around the house and/or driving in the winter. Normally they don't make appearances in my outfits of the day, well, except "those days."

Boden Maternity:
Special Day Tunic
Special Day Tunic. Don't worry ladies. I have dipped into "normal" maternity wear, too. :) See the above tunic on me here at this post (halfway down).

I have a few items that I need to clip to polyvore for today's outfit and also for the items that I will be purchasing during this 40% off Limited Edition please do forgive me for taking up the space. :) (Also, remember the link to 25% off is at the very bottom for the mobile users.)

Boden Limited Edition Stella Dress.  Very pretty and I think I can make this work for the next month or so, and then definitely next fall/winter.

Okay, mobile users, use this link to ensure that you get the 25% off (Boden 25% off plus Free Shipping and Returns!) and add the code WL01 at the shopping bag page to get both discounts.

Happy last day of (sale) shopping!

P.S. Anyone want to make a gentleman bet with me that the fall/winter clearance starts tomorrow???  :)