Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Anthro Blazers and a Pregnant Belly. Chortle.

Before I begin this showcase of how adaptable jackets really are, I want to say a few things!

1. You all are too sweet. I had such a rough day when I wrote my last post and all the comments were wonderfully uplifting. I know that the road to Rex's success is a long one, but at least I know I am not alone in my journey--that others have also had similar challenges and came out in the end. :) Whew.

2. A parent from the class (she is also pregnant), saw the whole "Rex" incident and was MORTIFIED over what happened to me as a parent (the teacher basically took Rex out of the holiday sing-a-thon in front of all the kids and other parents and loudly announced that he needed to be with me) and was so very sad for us. She said I handled it well and she understands how embarrassed I felt. She actually said she would have been livid if it had happened to her daughter and her and would have had words with the teacher. She was surprised at my patience. Huh! I thought I handled it poorly, I am glad to know that an outsider felt I held my own...

3. I am reading a book, though, regardless of all incidents, that I picked up because I felt like Rex needed some extra parenting on my part. It is called "The Explosive Child," and OMG, it is wonderful. The advice is spot on AND it also makes me realize that I had some explosive tendencies of my own as a child. (Albeit differently...I was the type to explode exclusively at home when there was a change in my daily routine. I never ever exploded or acted out in public or at school which made my anger and sensitivities a bit easier for my dad to bear.) I have such a clear understanding of why and what is occurring now that I feel so much is like experiencing thick fog and then suddenly seeing blue skies and trees, enlightening and uplifting. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with their own explosive child.

4. Onto (somewhat) less pressing darling brother has ordered the part for my computer and he will fix it himself. :) Cross fingers that this means in the next week or so!!! I miss having access to disqus or facebook or etc. SO FRUSTRATING.

5. Speaking of computer issues, mine means no disqus, which means NO access to awesome giveaways like Molly's of My Closet Travels.  Just 'cause I can't enter doesn't mean you all can't!  Anyone want to win a $50 gift card to J. Crew?  If you win, spend it on something glittery and fun, so I can live vicariously through you!

Okay, now onto true frivolity--CLOTHES! Just kidding...clothes are only slightly frivolous.

CW's pose is cracking me up.  She looks like a nutcracker.

We were headed to see Santa that night and I figured since I made both of my kids dress up, I should be festive, too, which in my world means sequins and ruffles.  Of course it does.

Jacket: Anthropologie Elevenses Boucle de Souffle Jacket, Size 6.  It does not button up.  It still can be worn as my shoulders haven't grown, so yay for jackets working in pregnancy!  YAY!

Top: J. Crew Collection Glimmer Mist Tissue Tee, Size small.  I am finding as long as it is stretchy material, most tees still fit fine.  Especially J. Crew ones as they run really long, which is ideal for me during pregnancy (not so much when I am not pregnant, they look really long normally, hence my adoration of crewcuts tops).

Pants: I can't remember.  Maybe my Mimi Maternity Black Bootcut ones?  Hmm.  Doesn't matter, Mimi Maternity is gone now, which kind of bums me out...was a great company.

Shoes: Galaxy Leather Ballet Flats.  From a long time ago...still love them, even though one of the gems fell out (sad face).

Bracelet: J. Crew Stone Mosaic Cuff.  Ooh, I got this one this summer.  Found it on ebay for a decent enough price.  I took a close-up pic of it for you will see it a bit later in the post.

Couldn't resist.  CW looks so darling.  LOVE!  :)

Close-up of cuff bracelet.  The color and stones were a nice match to the cream and light blue of the outfit.  The cuff is a tad big on me, but I have wrists that are small enough to wear children's watches, so I think if you have average wrists, you would be fine to buy this and not have it be too big.

I am teaching Winter Wardrobe again...that fashion class for elementary kids that I teach every few months.  I had to skip out on Fall into Fashion as I was feeling really bad in October (and I was going to France, so it would have been CRAZY to do both) and I will skip out on Spring into Style (might not be a good idea to leave a week old newborn in the care of someone besides momma, lol), so Winter Wardrobe is it this year.  I had a meeting last Monday, so I wanted to make sure that I got dressed up, but I don't have a ton of "business casual" looks for pregnancy, so I made due with what I had in my closet (except the dress, which is new).

Jacket: Anthropologie Cloaked in Roses Jacket, Size Small.  Yum.  This felty wool jacket is warm, pretty, unusual, and has the distinct advantage of sort of doing up even though my waist is pretty ginormous compared to what it normally looks like.
Dress: Liz Lange for Target Cowlneck Jersey Dress with Pockets, size medium.  This dress is really large through the top, but since the top has a cowlneck, it sort of looks "on purpose" and not because of my specific lacking in the "lady" department.  Ha.
Tights: Ralph Lauren Grey tights I have had forever, like four years going.  I have good luck with tights.  Fortunately, because I fall in love with tights and how comfortable they are and would be super sad if they ran after one wear.
Shoes: Clarks Artisan.  I wear these all the time.  Definite best buy of my 2011.

The dress has pockets!  And is pretty long!

Necklace: J. Crew Palm Springs Beaded Necklace.  My good blog friend, Marietta, let me know about this one, and OMG, she is so right...lovely, feminine, and very much old school J. Crew.  I won't say it is as awesome as my double strand frog necklace, but it is pretty darn decent for J. Crew 2011. It does not have the heft of the original double strand necklaces from 2006-2007, but it is glass beaded, and the brooch bit is well done.  Thumbs up if this type of necklace is your thang.  I have it double looped around my neck here, but below you will see it worn its "original" way.
Nice plain view of the dress and of the necklace.

Closer view of the necklace...and of my very pale face.  Guess I put a bit too much powder on that day.

Okay, all, remember, THANK you for all your sweet comments, even though I can't respond back (easily, that is, I can respond it just takes forever to do it through my e-mail), I am reading every single comment and appreciating all you have taken the time to say!  You all are the best!