Friday, December 2, 2011

Boden: Put a Fork in Me...

Because I am done.  LOL.

My brother could use an IPAD case.  Hmm...
UPDATE: (1:54 pm Eastern) JUST RECEIVED THE PROMO from the affiliate, so here is a direct link to the sale! Save 30% at with Free Shipping (I will also be placing it in my sidebar.)

What a crazy week in Boden land, eh?  I have been so busy updating my blog with all the great promos and sales that Boden is having that I haven't done an ootd post in for-freaking-ever.  :)

(I will be rectifying that later today.  I must. complete. my. Paris. trip. photos. already.)

But I would be completely terrible if I didn't at least tell you all that I received an e-mail this AM with the most current Boden promo, 30% off everything (minus clearance items) and free shipping.  Yesterday, and the two days prior, the promo was 40% off Limited Edition and 25% off everything else, so this current promo is better if you want something from regular Boden, mini Boden, Boden for men, baby Boden, or Johnnie B.

If I do receive a direct link to this promo, I will be updating this post and my blog. :)  Promo updated, the direct link is at the top of the post.

Are you all shopped out or do you think you might bite?

Me, nope. I am done. I will be spending my hard earned money at Lego, tiny prints, and various retailers for my non-clothes obsessed relatives (I know, can you even believe it?). 

I did get a lot over the past few weeks clothing wise for my holiday gift list, so I really don't see anything else I need for anyone. Although my brother would love an IPAD case, and Boden does carry them...and for me, I personally will be waiting for the big end of season clearance sale to do anymore shopping at Boden.

Happy (sale) shopping!  And talk with you all later!