Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boden Winter Sale...Best Deals, Fast Movers, and More.

Her cardigan?  One of the best deals in the WHOLE sale.

Okay, after taking a long hard look at Boden today, I found some wonderful deals, some fast movers, and some just okay deals. I also found some items not on sale, darn.

Below you will find links to all of my favorites and fast movers (update--the links only currently link to the main website, which is okay, but I hope that this little snafu gets fixed, fast!). I have also included links to reviews if I had any available. (My computer is not with me so I only can access limited amounts of all of the work I put into my reviews this season, sigh.)

Reminder, since this is just the beginning of the sale season, shipping is not free, there is a flat $10 shipping rate for all items (better to bundle them all up to ensure you only pay the shipping once). This could change, but it typically takes a while (count on a couple of weeks of paying shipping).

Embellished Cashmere Cardi
Embellished Cashmere Cardi: $228 to $91 (60% off!).

Stella Dress
Stella Dress: $188 to $75 (60% off!). Yes, this is the dress I ordered a few weeks ago. I did ask for a price adjustment. Geez, I haven’t even received it yet!

Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan
Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan: $228 to $68 (a whopping 70% off!). You could buy all four colors and still only be a few dollars over the original retail value. This cardigan is loved by all who have bought it. I did a review a few weeks ago, and Kit's mommy is a very big fan of this style. Buy with confidence.

Ruffle Front Dress
Ruffle Front Dress: $128 to $38 (another whopping 70% off!). I did a review earlier this week, and yes, I asked for this to price adjusted (haven’t even worn it in public, the review photos was it). I highly recommend this dress at the new price.

Retro Knit Tunic
Retro Knit Tunic: $138 to $40 (70% again!). This must have been over-manufactured. I have never seen something this highly rated (above a 4) just languish. I adore mine in the blue/green shade, and if the grey sticks around, I will be picking that one up, too (budget is making me wait until later this week).

Polkadot Shift
Polkadot Shift: $148 to $97. Black is gone, the navy is nearly gone, but this dress seems to be uber popular this season. I can see why, after seeing it on Pamela. Gorg.

Sixties Dress
Sixties Dress: $138 to $101. Not even that good of a discount (about what I paid back in October with a 20% coupon), BUT it is a good dress and is selling fast. I did a review here.

Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress: $164 to $109. I didn’t even notice this dress until it showed up in a maternity magazine I was reading (pic of that to come later on in this post) but it isn’t even a maternity dress. That’s why I couldn’t find it forever. I guess I lucked out, as I found it yesterday and immediately placed it on order today. The pregnancy angels are watching over me. LOL. FWIW, the dress seems popular, which surprises me, but it could be a stock issue and not a demand issue.

Sequin Notch Neck
Sequin Notch Neck: $58 to $37. This is a beautiful top that is very versatile. Even though the sale price is just meh, I can see this top paying for itself many times over. Definitely looking low in stock, though.

British Tweed Kilt
British Tweed Kilt: $98 to $70. Another fast seller. This reminds me so much of old school J. Crew I can see why it’s been popular. I don’t know how long this one will last in the sale.

Printed A-Line Skirt
Printed A-Line Skirt: $78 to $51. I did a review of the only color not selling out way back when (before waistline expansion commenced)…I love the color I own, and believe it is a good, solid, fun skirt to have in your wardrobe.

There are quite a few items that are not that great of a deal, and I will publish those at a later date. I think they are all good prices overall, just nothing, "WOW, OMG, now that’s a deal" like the above items.

There are also many items that are not part of the sale including my very favorite from this season, the Leopard Tote (in the tan colorway that I purchased, the other two colors are on sale). I can see why they held off on reducing them (they’re popular!!!), but it is a definite bummer if you were waiting for the clearance sale to buy them only to see that they aren’t even part of the sale. (Sad Face.) Also no current season maternity is on sale, either. Bummer for me, for sure.

So what were my choices this afternoon? As I mentioned above, I wrote an e-mail for a price adjustment on two items (recently ordered) and decided on three “had to have” items. One is a gift and two are for my closet.

Embellished Cashmere Cardi in Taupe. I almost got the mint version because the model looks SO beautiful in it, but honestly, I will get so much more wear out of this brown/yellow version as I own more items that complement this combo.  Plus the model looks really nice in this color, too.  :)

Jersey Maxi Dress in Army Green Winter Vine. Look at how sweet this pregnant model looks in this dress. I will keep it long for my pregnancy, but am very tempted to shorten it after I give birth to Gus (more versatile to me as a knee-length dress).

Ornamental Jersey Top in Iris. This top was $78 and now is $23. This color and combo will look awesome on my stepmom who is busty and petite. I read the reviews and it said that it lays weird on non well-endowed females (like me, lucky me, lol) but will look much nicer on someone with something up top, and I immediately knew I had found the perfect Christmas gift for her. She will love it and will likely wear it with a jacket or cardi now and on its own come summer.

Okay, confession time…what did you all decide on for you or your loved ones (I will keep it a secret!)…