Tuesday, December 6, 2011

J. Crew Reviews: Isabel and a Pair of Crewcuts.

Hey, all! I am going to make today's reviews brief and to the point--two reasons, my computer is on the fritz (ergh, power cable issues), and I am like a pregnant kitty cat, hyper-flexible (hey, thanks relaxin!) and always needing a nap. LOL. :)

I have three sweaters in today's post, the Cashmere Isabel sweatshirt in heather nordic blue, a crewcuts lambswool sweater in heather mediterranean, and another crewcuts (get it, a pair?) cashmere cable crewneck sweater in heather citrus.

Amazingly, given the sizes I purchased (wanted them to be for years to come, not just pregnant dinagideon year), I actually fit into all of them.  I doubt they all (except the Isabel) will fit at full term, but I know I have at least a month or so left to wear all three.  Yippee!

Can I just first mention how much I LUURRVVE this outfit?  I wore it on the preschool run today, and for an early (and slightly wet and warm) December morning, I all at once felt festive and perfectly warm and cozy?

Sweater: Cashmere Isabel Sweatshirt, Size extra-small.  This runs really large.  It is supposed to be a loose fit, but it is bordering on too slouchy.  Since my upper half of my torso hasn't grown, the shoulders were all '80s flashdance-y and my lower half was fitting exactly right.  :)  I suppose all "Flashdance" is fine, but we'll see next year.  Even if it is out of style, I still will probably keep it because it is SO COZY and yummy and warm and the color is a bit of candy blue heaven, just bright enough to warm my skin up, but not so bright I am the first thing you see coming.  If you can get this with an extra % off, bite.  It is a good egg in the J. Crew cashmere basket.

Pants: Duo Maternity, Cargo Pants, Size Small.  I have had these since I was pregnant with Rex and thought the ivory nicely suited the nordic blue sweater.

Scarf: Loft Infinity Scarf that I will do a quickie review of in a couple of photos.

Shoes: Boden Animal Print Bow Flats.  These are from a few years ago, and I wear them as much as I can, love the contrast blue bow to the giraffe print.  Boden has a current style that they are selling that I both did a review of here and that you can find at this link, Animal Bow Pumps.  Speaking of Boden, they have decided to continue selling their full and promo priced items at an extra 25% off with free shipping, so I have included a link at the very bottom of this post with that link (there is also one in the sidebar).  You will want to click on that before buying so the % off can be applied to your shopping bag.

I just love this shot.  But you can totally see Flashdance up top and normal on bottom, right?  :)

This scarf is so lovely...and I was fortunate enough to get it on the Cyber Monday madness (along with a pregnancy top) for an extra 50% off.  I figured it was such a great deal that I would get one for my stepmom.

It is called the Shimmer Open Knit Infinity Loop Scarf and is $34.50 before any discounts.  The price on its own is great, but for half off is almost a steal.  It isn't cashmere or any sort of yummy wool, but the acrylic is soft and warm and this style can be looped twice (like I have done) or three times for extra warmth.  I love how the shimmery light gold looks with the blue...very pretty combo.

Another momma/baby/Rex shot.  He loves the baby so much.  Really very cute.  :)

The color of the sweatshirt is most accurate here as I know that is the exact shade of Rex's tee.  So if you like that shade of blue for you then you should be stoked in real life when you receive it.

I call this look Preppy Pregnant Person.  (Wait till you see it paired with the Prince of Wales Schoolboy Jacket, hoo boy, call Harvard.)

Sweater: Crewcuts Lambswool Sweater, Size 14.  This is pretty true to size as far as crewcuts go...so if you wear a size extra small in regular J. Crew tops (or size 4-6), you should be fine to wear this.  Only avoid crewcuts if you have a longer torso as the length is a bit shorter.  In fact the reason I will need to stop wearing this after another month or so is because of the length, not the stretchability, etc.

Pants:  Liz Lange for Target, Size 6.  I think these are fab, but I prefer duo as I like the stretchy waistband bit on duo and only like the adjustable (button tab type) waistband on very specific types of pants.

Shoes: Uggs Ashdale, Size 9.  I have a desire for shearling lining, it seems.  I am a big wimp when it comes to cold weather, and the lining makes it a tiny bit more bearable.  The Ashdale look like regular duck shoes but with the shearling twist.  My hubby liked them but kind of laughed when he saw me wearing them on a non-rainy day. 

Scarf: J. Crew Airy Wool Scarf.  I love the pattern and loved all the pieces it came in, but I really think at this point, I need to just get things that will last in my wardrobe longest...hence a scarf.  I have scarves from years ago that I still wear, so I know it will stick around.  Totally sold out, but I provided a link just in case (popbacks).

From the side.  Oddly enough this one makes my belly look smaller.  Ha.  At least I get more sympathy if the belly looks bigger.  This outfit was worn on Saturday, so I can ensure you that my belly is only a teeny bit bigger than this today.

The color is awesome, btw.  Just a very pretty intense shade of blue...it definitely looks like a part of the sea.

I loved this sweater SO MUCH that when I saw it for sale at 9.80 in the red color, I bit and added free monogramming.  After the extra % off (it was a 25% off day), the total was 7.50 or something.  I about died, I was so thrilled.  Yeah, you know the end of the story, right?  It was canceled.  Boo.  Boo.  Sad face.

 With the Schoolboy Blazer in Prince of Wales Wool.  I know there are some folks who dislike this jacket,  but I adore the plaid/tartan (right, Tabitha?) and the weight is awesome for our warmer winters here in DC.

It still fits, and I anticipate that as long as I don't need it to be buttoned, I will be able to wear it as a topper until the bitter end.  I should mention it is in my tts jacket size of 4.

Close up of both the Prince of Wales Schoolboy and the scarf.

And finally, outfit #3.  Yet another preschool run outfit.  It was another fairly warm day, and oh, man, I was almost dying I was so hot by the end of the day.  This crewcuts cashmere is some warm wool!

Sweater: Crewcuts Cashmere Cable Crewneck Sweater.  I bought this in a size 14 and for a really good price, something like $70.  It is EXACTLY the same as adult sweaters, just a bit shorter in the torso and cheaper.  Yeah, um, I'll take it.  (Especially on sale.  Especially then!)  The heather citrus color is so soft and lofty, I literally was petting myself all day.

Pants: Duo Maternity Skinny Jeans, Size small.  I felt elegant wearing these, very slim and long enough for my inseam.  Love that they carry long lengths.

Shoes: Miss Albright Prized Rose Peep-Toes, worn with black socks (so they don't really look like peep-toes anymore).

Necklace: Boden Statement Necklace from a couple of years ago.  Currently they have the Chandelier Necklace, which if combined with the extra 25% off link (at the end of the post) is around $75.  I think I paid somewhere in that neighborhood for mine (also on sale).

From the side.  This is a belly from before Thanksgiving.  Definitely smaller.  Good to know that Gus grows.  :)

I hope these reviews have helped you all!  Good luck with your sweater shopping this season.

For those of you Boden fans, here is the link to that 25% off deal I mentioned a few times above:
Save 25% at Bodenusa.com with Free Shipping
This sale is on till Thursday night, December 8, 2011. :) Enjoy!

P.S. I was a guest blogger on my friend Rebecca's blog, I Wanna Be a Domestic Goddess (love that blog name), and it was a ton of fun making a wishlist for me and the kiddoes.  Check it out here!

Okay, talk soon, you all...