Tuesday, December 13, 2011

J. Crew: Excursion Quilted Jacket Review and a Very Casual OOTD.

Oh, you all. For those of you who have been "with child" in the past (or currently), do you remember those days where it literally took every spare bit of energy just to get out of bed? This morning was one of those mornings. Goodness.

It is my fault really, I had a "dinagideon really truly is a fifteen year old girl" moment/meltdown/crying jag last night (will get into that in another post, let's just say it was nuts!) and didn't sleep well at all, but I am sure that Gus sitting right on top of my diaphragm doesn't help, either.

Anyhow, I had the mental energy of a gnat this morning, so I literally pulled together the most casual outfit I have worn outside in years. I definitely have had my share of pjs until noon and sweatpants at night in this pregnancy, but this is the closest I have come to seriously considering wearing my pjs and slippers out in public (*I know*).

But, um yum, I kind of dig the individual bits, especially the jacket which I got on sale a few weeks ago during one of J. Crew's ubiquitous promos of late.  It is not currently available on the site, but it could pop back, so I have included a link to it.

Jacket: Excursion Quilted Jacket.  Size small.  I confess, I actually bought this because Rex owns one from crewcuts and he always looks so cute and very "Virginia" when he wears his.  (Very "Virginia" is just my term for anything remotely "horsey.")

I chose to get a small after seeing multiple reviews of this on other bloggers (if you reviewed it, would you drop the link in the comments, many thanks!).  Lately I have been sized out of the small, which was my tts jacket/top size back before J. Crew went vanity sizing crazy.  Amazingly though, this jacket is sized exactly right, just perfect through the shoulders and length (including the arms, although I rolled them up to show off the wide hand enameled bangle in strawberry) but is not buttoning up over my six month baby belly (and I would never expect it to, either).  I say this because I have many MANY J. Crew items that are an extra small that are fine over my baby bump.  That is mind-boggling to me.  (Carriage coat dress, I am so looking at you...btw, that review will be upcoming on a future True Crew Love blog post.)

So if you are interested in this jacket, get your former tts top size (say J. Crew circa 2006).  If you don't know it, go up one size from your current J. Crew top size.

From the side.  Love the butt-covering length.  Also, the pockets in the front are almost false fronts for hand pockets (though not truly false as they are functional).  It is fab as you can keep your hands toasty easily AND you can carry things.

Rex has gotten back into posing for the camera.  He is wearing the Dinosaur T-shirt, which is currently on sale (almost everything at Boden is on winter sale right now, woo) for $16.  I think he likes the side photos the best because he thinks it is great that I am showing off my Gus belly to the world.

So the jacket can be belted in front, but really, I'm not going to even bother with that until next year.  So I have taken to belting it in the back with a knot, which is what I also do with my trench coat when I want to wear it open and yet maintain a vaguely feminine shape.  I love the jacket from the back, especially when belted like this.

This is a warm jacket considering its lightweight feel.  I believe it could be a fab layering piece with other jackets, but here in VA I most likely won't do that...it never gets cold enough to ever do that, really.  And if it does, I usually just say "screw it, we're staying inside."  I know, I am a big wimp.

The jacket classed up the joint a bit. Sans makeup (except the teeniest bit of mascara) and no jacket, I look, well, kind of sleepy. LOL.

The top is a Liz Lange for Target top (has a hoodie!) in xs, the pants are a pair of grey cords from J. Crew in a size 12 Regular, and the shoes are the amazing, awesome Upbeat Kitten Heels from Boden (also on sale, but this colorway is LONG gone).  The kitten heels were my only real nod to being even vaguely interested in style this morning.  Well, okay, CW's outfit is fun, too, but I had a much easier time dressing her rather than me.  ;)

I blame you, belly, for my current state of pregnancy induced hysteria and sleeplessness.  Look at how freaking high he is riding, too.  He is close to puncturing a lung.  Ha.

Okay, that's all for today.  Gonna eat some lunch now.

P.S.  I will be having a Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow, but if you are a fan of Boden, the sale started on Sunday.  There are still quite a few goodies left, but the craziness of a Boden sale means that things are selling fast.  I have included a link for those of you on a mobile device (there is also one in the sidebar).

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