Monday, December 19, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: All Written Review Edition!

All of the reviewed items are part of the sale and in stock!

I promised in the last Boden Weekly Review Roundup that this week would have two posts, with one of them featuring IRL photos, and the other with written reviews. Well, yes, “this” week turned into early next week, so guess what today is? LOL. It turns out I have great timing because the sale section was updated with all the returns made in the past week, so there are a TON of popbacks (though none in my sought after color choices and sizes, le sigh!).

If you had a piece you were thinking about, it may be your lucky day. At the end of this post I have a link to the site for mobile users, but if you are on a regular PC, you can check out the popbacks by clicking on the sale link in the sidebar.

So why am I so late in delivering this post to you? I was in NC this weekend! I was asked by our good friends to be a godmother for the second time (they have entrusted me and my hubby with this before, now that’s trust!). We had an insanely good time, and I didn’t really find any opportunity to update this blog (although our friend does appreciate what I do as he quipped to Mr. Dina, “you know, the blog won’t just write itself…” yeah, take that, Mr. Dina).

Okay, there are no IRL photos to click on, but if you want to check out the item at Boden, please do click on the stock photo. I do believe all the kinks have been worked out at my affiliate site, so you should be taken right to the item.

Okay, have fun, and good luck (sale) shopping!

Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress. I will definitely be showing this off very soon as part of my “weekend away to NC” outfits post, but until then here are my thoughts: The dress is not a maxi by any stretch of the imagination, and that has nothing to do with my current baby bump. I ordered a size US 6 Long and it reached the mid-calf area making this dress decidedly tea length UPDATE (7:30 PM EST) and I just looked at the photos and it hit about three inches above my ankle which is not mid-calf on me, but it is still nowhere near being maxi length. I have longer calves than I do thighs, so the length worked pretty well on me, but for some of you this length will hit at too weird of a spot. Some possibilities…if you are tall and prefer just below knee length, buy the regular length and it should hit around there (which is where I suspect it would hit on me as the regular is about three inches shorter in length than the long). If you are shorter, buy the long and you will actually have a true maxi. Or you can wear it with tall boots which could take away a bit of the awkwardness by giving your lower leg a bit of visual interest from hem to floor.

The fabric and design are really lovely, soft on the skin (it has a double layer with the inner layer made of the nicest jersey material), while the print is not at all overwhelming (I bought the sage/tan design) owing to its subtle coloring.

I went with the larger of my two jersey dress sizes (I have worn a size US 4 in jersey dresses with Boden), but I am happy with the size 6. I think it will even fit great postpartum, maybe a tad loose, but nothing extreme.

I may also shorten the dress once summertime comes, but I will let you all decide that once you see it on me. :)

Stella Dress
Stella Dress. This I have only tried on and not shot photos of, but I will for this Wednesday’s Boden Weekly Review Roundup. I chose to get the size US 8 and I am so glad I did. I think that the US 6 would have been too tight (wait for it!)…at my BUST. If you know me, I have the world’s teeniest chest area (even pregnant!!!), so I was a bit surprised that the size 8 fit just right at the bust. It sort of felt like the old school J. Crew size 8 dresses, with the teeny ribcage area. The waist and hips were fine, even over the bebe belly, so that will not be an issue for anyone.

The design is chic and different (went with the fudge spot pattern, which is a grey/brown hue with yellow and dark brown floral design). The fabric is beautiful, with the silk and jersey mixing nicely to skim over curves and ruche exactly right (lots of ruching on the front, especially).

The length is perfect, just right above my knee. For those of you who are shorter, it will hit at knee length or just below.

Size up if you are ample of bosom. Trust me.

Embellished Cashmere Cardi
Embellished Cashmere Cardi. I chose to get this in my normal cardigan size with Boden, size US 6. This fits EXACTLY the same as my Gorgeous Cashmere Cardi, so please do check that review out for info on that.

Regarding how luxurious this limited edition piece is…it is…the construction, detailing, and fabric choice all show that Boden was looking to make this a special piece in your wardrobe for when you need to bring it a bit (like to a dinner party) or you just want to play dress-up with your typical SAHM outfit (white tee and jeans look pretty darn uplifted with a bit of bling, for sure). The taupe color I went with is a perfect neutral, just brown enough to work with quite a bit, but has just a touch of grey (think of J. Crew’s fab cobblestone color for reference,--the cardi in that photo is the color I am thinking of, maybe a touch lighter in color with a bit more brown) to help keep it from being too muddy for most complexions (I look HORRID in pure brown).

The embellishments are a mix of seed beads, crystals, and velvet. The shell buttons are nice to see, as many companies are moving away from them (I have so many cardigans and such from the 90s that all have shell buttons).  One thing, though, there is a bit of deconstructed silk chiffon on the placket, which could fray.  I don't know if it will, but I know that my J. Crew pieces with that bit of fluff do fray, so I am keeping my eye on that.  That said, if it does fray, I can make it work, especially at the price I bought the cardi at. 

Speaking of this cardigan, Ann and I were talking about it in our comments back and forth to each other and I asked her about how the mint green color read in real life as I was concerned that it would be too cool of a green for my coloring, and she said:

“My sister has the sweater. It is not a cool mint and does not look a thing like the color on the model. It is a warm shade of green--a bit more like the online image when it is lying flat but still a darker green in person.”

Thank you, Ann, I definitely will be watching that for a popback, as well!

Other Blog Friends Reviews (pulled from comments made in other posts):
(If I missed your review, please please please let me know and I will absolutely update this post! I have been away a lot from the computer this past week so it is very possible a review or such has been missed! Thank you!)

Retro Knit Tunic
Retro Knit Tunic. AudreyS (huge Boden fan who always has great reviews) said that she decided to order this in the pink colorway because she “already own[s] and lov[es] the same tunic in lavender/grey AND aqua/green, thanks to your earlier post on this. I will second your opinion that this is a GREAT little dress, especially at $40 -- a thicker merino than some of their other sweater dresses that helps to hide any lumps to be hidden.” Wonderful! Now if only the grey would popback in my size. ;)

Silk Flower Top
Jewelled Ruffle Top
Silk Flower Top and Jewelled Ruffle Top. These two tops were IRL reviewed in the last BWRR by yours truly and Molly, but I wanted to add the two cents made by CC, who commented:

“Both the Silk Flower Top and Jewel Ruffle Top are favorites of mine - easy to wear, to dress up or down. Love them both - these were some of the less expensive, but some of the best of the Limited Edition items.”

I think she is right, hence why these have been some of the quicker movers of this sale. Thank you, CC!

Okay, thanks again for reading! I love putting these together, and hopefully I can find the time to eek out a couple more of these this week while the sale section still has plenty of goodies left. (I also hope to make a HUGE dent in my ootd posts.)

Oh, and lovely ladies reading on their mobile devices, here is the link I promised you:

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