Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Last One of 2011.

Hi, lovely ladies of Boden land.  :)

Real fast today, not a whole lot of reviews, but at least there are some. 

Quick reminder...if you would like to see an item closer up on me or my blog friend Molly, click on the photo to be taken to a larger photo (a right click will even allow you to open it up in its own tab, btw)...if you would like to see the item's availability, other colors, and measurements, click on the Boden stock photo which will take you directly to Boden's website...if you would like to see an item at a prior blog post, click on the link taking you to that post.

I still don't know when Boden will switch the sale prices to their lower second cut prices (some items don't get a second cut, fwiw), but I anticipate early January.  Don't forget, January is when Boden updates its site with spring items, so anyone who pre-ordered should be getting those packages fairly soon (of course, I will get a few things, no surprise there).

Onto the reviews!

Boden Limited Edition:

This is the utterly perfect dress known as the Stella Dress.  I had ordered this before it went on sale, and when I saw that it went on sale a mere 9 days later (just outside the 7 day window price adjustment time period, durn it), I decided to order a second at the lower sale price.  I'll tell you what, it was certainly nice to have two to make comparisons to decide which one worked best for me.  (I only photographed one, though, the keeper of the two.)

I have not worn it in public as I didn't want to stain or ruin the dress before the other came (I will never EVER return worn items, yuck!), so once I saw the second came, I knew I could decide and finally wore this pretty.

Close-up of the silk/viscose jersey blend fabric.  I adore this fabric, especially if you are in your childbearing definitely will work during non-pregnant/nursing times of life, but more importantly WILL work while pregnant (barring the last month, I would think) and nursing.  This is a stretchy blend and the fabric glides over curves while the ruching gives the body a cinched in look even when it really isn't cinched at all.

Full length shot.  I bought this in a size 8, one up from my normal size 6 in jersey dresses, but from my experience, the Limited Edition line runs more traditionally cut (as opposed to a vanity cut).  I am glad I did as even at the bustline (my smallest part by far), it was a perfect fit.  The 6 would have felt a squidge too tight.

I opted for this one of the two dresses because of the underbust ruching...on the other dress the ruching was a bit high and didn't lay as well as the ruching on this dress.  Having said that, if I had received the other one and not received this one, I would have been fine with it.  When you have two well constructed items, it really is just splitting hairs over what makes one worthwhile in your wardrobe.

(Definitely nice to know that the refund for the original price I paid will be coming...and in January when we all need it the most...oh, my goodness, holiday excess under the tree always means an uncomfortable financial situation in January and February.  LOL.)

From the side.  I look forward to seeing how this will look without my passenger along for the ride, but it is such a treat to have a non-maternity dress work in maternity times.

The shoes, btw, are the Felt Almond Heels by Plenty by Tracy Reese (purchased from Anthro during the fall).  They are an excellent option for this outfit.  I could see wearing this outfit to church or dinner...easily.

From the back.  Nothing overtly special, but I do appreciate the print in times like these, they help break up my backside a bit.  Every little thing helps at nearly 7 months preggers.

Stella Dress
Stella Dress. Stock is running low...especially in the larger sizes and in the solids.

Regular Boden:
Molly (of the awesome blog My Closet Travels) sent me pics of her wearing the Jersey Rose Top with a Banana Republic Cardigan and jeans a week or so ago.  I had meant to include them in last week's BWRR, but well, you all know what happened.  (Oh, the folly of thinking I can publish during insane times like the holidays is a definite downfall of mine.)

Molly included this detail shot of the rosettes...I love the detailing, plus the sequins, AND the fact that these rosettes don't look like they will fall off or fray (cough, cough, J. Crew).

Jersey Rose Top
Jersey Rose Top. This top was utterly perfect for the "casual, festive and comfy" outfit that Molly was hoping to have for her morning out at worship. I agree. This is definitely a top that is festive but can be dressed up or worn more casually for a comfy dressy feel. Wish it came in other colors, as I am oversaturated in these hues for the moment. (Pardon my terrible pun.)

Molly had also worn the uptown flats as part of the outift, and I would think she must wear them all the time now...I know that my ballet flats/loafers are the most used shoes in my closet, and since her closet travels (teehee), they are probably frequent fliers now.

Uptown Flats
Uptown Flats. Of these, Molly had this to say: These navy patent flats were a mere $70 and are very comfy. I agree, btw. "Merely" $70 is a pretty decent price for all leather construction (barring a rubber bit on the sole for traction) in a versatile silhouette. The larger sizes are selling faster than the smaller sizes. :)

Cashmere Cardi Coat
Jersey Maxi Dress
Upbeat Kitten Heels
Easy Crossover Tunic
Cashmere Cardi Coat and Jersey Maxi Dress and Upbeat Kitten Heels and Easy Crossover Tunic. I did not wear all these together at once ('cause I am not crazy), but I did bring them down with me to NC for a weekend away. Check them out here. :)

Okay, that's it for today! You all have a great Wednesday!