Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Bit of Everything from Everywhere for a Trip South.

Okay all, before I get into the four outfits I brought with me on my trip to NC last weekend, I wanted to tell you all a few things regarding my life, this blog, and other such necessities.

1. My stinking computer is STILL being fixed. The teeny computer I am using will not let me onto either disqus OR facebook, so if you connect with me either way, know that I am very limited in what I see. I have to go to my phone to connect that way, and honestly, the smart phone, whilst great, makes it kinda hard to comment, etc. Maybe it would be easier if I was 15, but I am not that (and kinda pregnant), so I do what I can when I can. :)

2. Speaking of my computer, my abilities to edit photos and such are pretty basic at best here, and my wonderful photos are all tied up in the illin' computer, so things like finishing my Paris posts, etc., are all on the back burner.

3. My bro promises me he can fix it (he works at a computer superstore, you all!) and I have faith, but oy, could this take any longer? ;)

4. Although Rex looks beyond adorable in the photos he is in below...he has been a right holy terror in our lives this past week and a half. Let's just say I am questioning whether I am a doing a good enough job as his mom and I am spending many hours in either my bed or in the bathroom sobbing. It may require us to look into counseling for both me (giving me strategies on how to be both an advocate for me and be a sensible and rational force in his life) and him (he has outbursts and emotions that go beyond your typical "he is a four-year old, lucky you!"). Because of the emotional upheaval, my energies are being spent on trying to not let this problem get bigger. So if you don't hear from this blog for a day or two, it probably means I have to "deal" with a situation. If you do hear from this blog it is because the kids are napping or for the moment, all is okay. I know many of you moms have had issues with your own kids, so I know I am not alone, but it is hard when you see your kid being singled out amongst many others, and not having the backbone to see that the other parents don't think less of you as a parent because your kid is that "one." (And if they do think less of me, well, then, they must have some pretty terrible karma coming their way, right? Like their kids will be the bad seed teens? LOL. Just kidding!)

Anyhow, onto brighter things! Some folks out there do think we are okay people and actually let Mr. Dina and I be godparents for the second time this past weekend. Their baby girl, all adorable 6 months of her (squee, love babies!), is our second goddaughter in that family (#1 is exactly Rex's age).

Of course we said yes...the family thinks of us more like family than friends (Mr. Dina and the dad have known each other since 1995, I believe), so we trucked it on down to NC for a weekend. We go down there often, but it has been a while since I have had to take a trip away with honest to God maternity clothing. It was fine on the pant/tunic/dress front, but I could not (for the life of me) find all my old maternity tops (where the bleep are they???). So the bella band came out for a bit of fun times with one of my outfits as a "modesty" panel of sorts. ;)

Outfit #1 (Trip Down First Day):
It was cold enough to warrant a light jacket, so I opted for the awesome Cashmere Cardi Coat that I did a review of back at this post.

Topper: Boden Cashmere Cardi Coat, Ecru.  Although not available in ecru and grey (sold out fast--watch for popbacks), this can still be bought in the navy colorway, which is still at full price (only the ecru and grey went on sale). To find the navy look under the "non-sale" tab at Boden.  I bought the US 6, which is fine for me non-pregnant, but looks cute enough just buttoned up to the bump so the bump can be all exposed to the world.

Top: Loft Maternity Starry Night Bubble Hem Top, Size Extra Small. THANK YOU, ladies who suggested I look to the loft for a few items in this pregnancy. Although this is the only thing I have bought, I really love it. Adorable pattern, does not wrinkle, and is made just so that I could possibly wear it postpartum, too. I also bought it on Cyber Monday, so it was 50% off!  Woo!

Leggings: J. Crew Signature Leggings, Size Medium.  I love these, they keep going and going.  The length is fab, too, if you are a taller lady, must be around 31 inches or so?

Scarf: Loft Shimmer Open Knit Infinity Loop Scarf. Bought this (and one more) during the Cyber Monday madness. The other one I bought is for my stepmom for Christmas. Shh, don't tell her. ;)

Shoes: J. Crew Jeweled Bow Ballet Flats, Size 9.5.  I am kind of wearing these out!  I think next year will require me to find a grey replacement ballet flat.  I throw these on whenever my brain can't handle color matching and/or I am traveling and limited to what I can pack (these are a wonderful shade for a neutral).

Close-up of the darling starry print on the top from the loft.

From the side.  Gus is definitely getting bigger.  His weight gain could be contributing to my overall hormonal imbalances, but Rex isn't in the all clear just 'cause I am nearly 26 weeks gone.

Outfit #2 (Actual godmother outfit):
I did a written review of the dress at my last post, so go and check that out for more info, if you are interested in this beautifully printed Boden "maxi" dress.

Dress: Boden Jersey Maxi Dress, Size 6 LONG.  I found it fits perfectly over my bump, but its skirt does have a ruched kind of effect with an a-line flare.  If you are a pear shape, you are fine to go with your bust size on this dress.  Currently on sale for $109, which is not that great of a deal, but this is a pretty good seller, so I suspect that is why they didn't reduce it all that much.  I got the idea to wear it, btw, after I saw this photo in a pregnancy magazine.

Shoes: Boden Upbeat Kitten Heels. This shade sells out quickly, but will popback from time to time.  I did a review of them here.

Necklace: Diana P. Original (Papazian Jewelry).  I have one other Diana P. necklace, this gorg yellow one that you all saw here.  The beautiful 3 Penny Princess gave me this necklace for Christmas!!!  I have already worn it twice.  Yum!

Close-up of both the necklace and the print on the dress.  Color is true in this photo.

From the side.  I have noticed non-maternity clothes only make me look "just pregnant," whereas pregnancy clothes make me look pretty darn far gone.  Weird.  Anyhow, you can tell this is nowhere near a true maxi on me. 

Outfit #3 (Hanging with our friends, post Baptism):
Rex looks so sweet here, right?

Top: J. Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater, Size Extra Small, Warm Ivory.  I decided to buy this in my non-pregnancy size even though I knew it would definitely be difficult to wear at the stage I am at.  That said, with the bella band and matching cami, the sweater was fine on me.  I think it will fit nicely next winter.  I had it monogrammed with my initials (which is why there is a white bit of something over my chest) since I had free monogramming on my account.  I chose red thread for a "festive" look.  This sweater is like a kitty cat, though, it shed everywhere.  It sort of made me miss my kitty cat Sammy (he died after Rex was born).  I would be wary of this sweater if you have black furniture and/or you are allergic to rabbit hair (angora is one of the components).

Pants: Duo Maternity Cord Pants, Size small.  Love these maternity pants.  Literally worn by me once a week during pregnancy.

Shoes: J. Crew Lula Jacquard Ballet Flats, size 9.5.  They are back in stock (at least they were a bit ago) and on sale, but only in limited sizes.  Watch for popbacks.  Love these shoes...very comfortable.

From the side.  Gus riding high and the other two playing low.

You can see a bit of the red monogram if you look closely.

One more view for you all.  CW is wearing her "muno" dress with tiger stripe tights.  Roar!

Outfit #4 (Going home outfit):
Tunic: Boden Easy Crossover Tunic, Size 4.  I did a review of this Boden Maternity piece WAY back before I was actually pregnant.  It actually can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy.  It is a great piece, very versatile.  Definitely shows off my bump, though, but part of that comes from how tight the bodice fits (doesn't bother me, but if you are busty, size up!).

Leggings: J. Crew Signature Leggings again.  Why not?  LOL. ;)

Shoes: J. Crew Jeweled Bow Ballet flats again.  Why not, part deux? 

From the front.  I think the bow is so cute with this tunic, but may seem superfluous to some of you.

Here I am holding my goddaughter (she is obscured for privacy) and my little princess CW.  Her poor chin, she busted it running around after all her friends.  She is pretty clumsy, and her poor face always seems to take the brunt of her falls.  Sigh.  At least at her age they heal quickly!  (You should have seen her busted lip over the Thanksgiving break, yowza...seriously scary how much blood can come from a lip wound!)

I added the Cashmere Cardi coat and scarf to keep me warm for the trip home.

Okay, folks, that's all.  Be back later with this week's installment of the Boden Weekly Review Roundup!