Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pink Jacket and Brown Top. Again.

Hi, all!  Thank you for your sweet Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays wishes over the past few days.  :)  I read them all and even though I can't respond (without a lot of effort, thanks teeny computer with no access to disqus), I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays right back.

Also, I read all the comments about Rex, and thank you, every one of you, who told me your own story, etc.  It was very helpful to see what has worked for you, what your life is like with your "energetic" toddler/child, and what isn't working.  So so appreciated!

I will continue to tell you all about the Rex saga, but for now, things are okay.  Not great, but with the extra empathy and patience we are trying with him, we seem to (crosses fingers) be on the road to normalcy (we don't expect--or want--him to overnight become the opposite of his personality).

So onto today's quick post.  Remember this post?  I wore the pink heather azalea Lexington Jacket with Boden's Silk Flower Top and jeans.  Well, I guess I really liked the pink/brown combo so a few days later I went with a similar combo...the heather azalea Bella Jacket (yes, that one!) with J. Crew's perfect fit swirling petals tank in cobblestone.

This is the outfit as worn out of the house.  The sunglasses and scarf are from Target (CW picked both of them out for me, in between trying on bits and pieces for herself--see bottom photo for proof of that).  The pants are really ancient Duo Maternity cream canvas pants, very comfortable and go nicely with the pink and brown/grey of the top half.

It was warm, though, probably too warm for the jacket, scarf, and Bensimon sherpa lace-up low sneakers I bought from Madewell recently.  With highs in the 60s that day, I felt a bit heated on my preschool run and it had nothing to do with Rex's teacher.  ;)  They are saying this is the fourth warmest December on record here in the DC area.  I want you all to notice I am not complaining.  I am such a weather wimp.

From the side.  I was so lucky to find the bella jacket on ebay a few months ago.  It was around the price of the original retail cost, but it was NWT and (almost) my size, so I bit.  I love this shade of pink, and I know that even if J. Crew was to re-issue the bella (like they did with the Lexington), they may not re-issue this herringbone version again, so I just re-budgeted that week so I could work it into my finances.

I am wearing the petite 6, which is nearly the right everything, except in the sleeves (har-dee-har, and my belly, but that isn't permanent).  The length of the sleeves are short, but I will take it so I can have a perfect fit in the shoulders and torso.  (And next year, lol, in the waist.)

The perfect fit tank is long enough to fit over my belly, even in the size small.  J. Crew's tanks and tees run really long, don't they?

The Bensimon sneakers are a size 41, which is about a size 10.  I thought the 41 would fit great, and they do, but I think I over-sized for what I suspected would be a fair amount of sherpa lining.  It is lined, but don't be fooled into believing it will be all thick like Uggs or even like what J. Crew does with sherpa.  I should have gone with a 40, but because it ties up, I just have to tie my shoes a bit tighter to have them fit well.

CW in the Target women's accessories department.  She loves trying all these on...the bag right next to her, btw, is really cute, sequined and all bow-ed up.  Go Target.  :) 

The sunglasses in the first shot were about $12 and are from Merona and the scarf is around $15 or so and also from Merona.  I can't find the glasses on-line, but I have included the scarf in my polyvore (below) so you can get more info on it.

Pink and Brown. Again.

Above is the polyvore.

Umm, okay, that's all, I guess.  Before I go, two quick reminders/questions...if you have a review for me for this week's Boden Weekly Review roundup, can you either drop your link to your blog review in the comment or e-mail me at dinagideonATaimDOTcom...and on that note...when do you all think Boden will switch over to their second cut prices?  Last year it seemed to come a couple of weeks after the initial clearance, but I still haven't seen the prices budge (and I am WAITING for some of the pieces to go down in price, couple of my wishlist items are still too pricey at even their sale price). 

Have a great rest of your Tuesday, everyone!