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Thursday, December 12, 2013

OOTE/Made by Me Files: Halloween. Glinda. Witch. Bad Pig. Blue Bird. And a Lone Fox.

Hey, all.  I am feeling mildly uninspired lately.  I 100% know it has to do with pain and feeling like the bottom is going to drop out if I don't get things done *right* now.  Because I am super crazy (obviously), I decided that I would handmake 70% of my gifts this Christmas, all the while knowing full well I would be recovering from wisdom teeth extraction.

So the actual wisdom teeth procedure went fine, as I have told you all already, but unfortunately some "tooth bits" were left in my upper left wisdom tooth cavity (this happens often enough that it isn't a big deal) and they have to. work. themselves. out.  WORK. THEMSELVES. OUT.  Read that as:

"Oh my God, it feels like a dagger is attacking my gumline and my cheek." 

Followed by:

"Why aren't there more painkillers over the counter?"

Followed by:

"Just leave me alone."

Followed by:

"Fine, Mr. Dina, call the doctor."

And of course she did what she needed to and now I feel marginally better, but I am irritated at myself for not calling her two days ago.  Sigh.  Stupid stubborn streak.

Anyhow, because I have zero energy, but figure I should let you all know that...

Onto a secret, and I really hope Boden fans are reading this, 'cause this is good...

Boden has allowed some of us to pre-order from the Boden clearance sale this weekend.  I noticed that the Boden Preview site was down for maintenance yesterday and thought, "hmm, that's odd."  Turns out they have the sale section there, with the great prices ready to go, and you can preorder.  At least I could.  Now, I received an e-mail that stated it was for my eyes only, but it seems that we should all be able to do it, so long as we have a Boden account, right?  Would one of you who did not get the e-mail try it and let me know so we can officially confirm that we can do this? 

UPDATE (10:13 pm): Stephanie has confirmed that only us with the official e-mail are able to access the early sale.  She says:

it wouldn't let me on the preview sale site, i randomly found it earlier today and when i tried to log in it said i wasn't on the list to get it :( very sad.

Thanks for letting us know, Stephanie.  Agreed.  :-(

Anyhow, if you go over there you can see many items that are very greatly reduced as well as many items that are MUCH greater reduced right now.  So basically if you like something that won't be greatly reduced at the clearance time, I definitely encourage you to grab it before the "officially" starts on Sunday.

About the above, I commented this back to Stephanie: 

I certainly can't go over the whole list of items, but I will say that if you like something that is popular, it appears that it is only reduced between 10% to 20% off. If the item is unpopular, there a whole lot of 40% to 60% off items. :)

Maybe this can help you all a little bit?

I decided to throw this info in here because I don't really know if I am allowed to tell you all, and would hate to find out I screwed up.  Heck, I might get in some trouble, but the percocet is making me all sorts of wild and daring.  ;-)

Okay, onto Halloween.  Right, Halloween.  Forgive me, month of December.

I had spent most of that day creating CW's Glinda costume.  I was spent by the time trick or treating came.  I figured the orange sweater, shoes, and pumpkin earrings was definitely festive enough.

I could have gone as Glinda my own self, but eh, maybe next year.  ;-)

So this Glinda costume basically exacted the same amount of time and energy as CW's Rapunzel costume did.  In other words, WAY too long.  And then of course I jumped into the Vogue Paris Original dress right after that, so I guess I should just accept I like a challenge.  My stepmom thinks now that I have made three insane outfits, I should attempt a jacket or coat.  And of course I was all, "yeah, let's do that."  Let me sleep straight for three months first, though.

(The Christmas presents I am making are far easier than any of these dresses, a bunch of pretty infinity scarves, some tote bags, a few stuffed animals, a few *simple* dresses and jackets, and a pillowcase.)

This dress is made from Simplicity 4139 ( here) and is a pretty close replication of what Glinda looks like in the movie.  (The original movie, not the most recent one.)  My daughter isn't an exact Billie Burke, but there is absolutely no mistaking who she is.  So mission accomplished, two ginormous "it looks like it can eat CW's head" puffy sleeves and all.

Most of the dress gave me little challenge.  In fact, this material is a plastic nylon fabric of some sort, probably meant for rain jackets, that I got at G Street fabrics at one of their "$2.97" tables.  It wasn't terrible to sew, it made a funny sucking kind of sound as I sewed it, but I loved that I didn't have to finish off the seams to prevent fraying fabric (plastic doesn't fray, hey!).

What ended up getting to me was the stinking sleeves since although they look fully puffy and definitely "good witch,' they are not evenly placed in the armhole and that irritates me.  No one else probably even notices, but after watching "Breaking the Faith" on TLC and seeing all the FLDS and their perfectly formed puffy sleeves, I just know I could have done better.  I did puff out her sleeves with the help of poly-fill.  That stuff is really great for more than just stuffing stuffed animals. 

I also hated the princess seams (they are covered by the silver rick rack to make up for the horrible job I did on sewing them).  Apparently you are supposed to ease the seam before you sew it (basically cutting it to fit the curve on the other piece).  I didn't know that and desperately wondered how I was supposed to fit them together.  By the back, I had figured it out, but the front was a mess.  So yay silver rick rack, I appreciate your hiding powers.

I did like that I chose to use a very sheer sparkly tulle over the puffy sleeves and collar, and a very light application of silver fabric spray on the skirt.  She literally shined as she moved.  It's pretty darn magical.

I think the back looks way better than the front. 

I also made the crown from posterboard, also sprayed with the silver fabric spray.  The crown is destroyed now, though, sigh.  Kids!  ;-)

My dad and my son's Angry Birds costumes also needed some polyfill.  Good thing I had some, just hanging out, huh?

My stepmom wanted to match CW, so she dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West.  CW was sad to hear that the wicked witch was not supposed to be her friend.  She almost cried, in fact.  We changed the story just a touch to make her feel better.

And there is our lone fox.  I bought that for Tiny at Carters in September, and he has actually worn it as a coat a handful of times since then.  He gets a lot of smiles, and yep, a lot of "what does the fox say?"  Ha.  He says "yip yip yip yip yip yip yip," of course.  (We have a few foxes in our forest behind the house, and I assure you foxes sound weird and deranged.  Turns out that angry zebras do, too.  Yeah, that's right, I have heard an angry zebra!)

Rex saw that and was all, "I want a fox coat, Momma!"  So guess what one of the coats for Christmas will be?  Yep, McCall's 6828 (here).  I am such a freaking pushover.

Okay, that's it for now.  Remember to try the Boden preview site (sign into your account first!) and let me know if you can access the sale.  Also, if you see something that goes UP in price at the clearance time, definitely better to buy now.

The coupon link below says it's expired, even though the affiliate program says it is good until tonight.  The link barely matters since the prices are all around 25% off, and lolcatgirl has let us know that you can use the code Z2H4 for free shipping.  If I get a new promo, I will update this post and my sidebar!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Colors in Superfluity.

Since I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, I figured I would just smack out a whole bunch of ootd photos in one fell swoop, but because I work by categorization (teeny bit ocd, that's me!), I had to find a "theme."

I also was waiting to publish some of these because most of them were taken before you all knew about little Gus, and I felt like these would be better published later than sooner.

I do plan on publishing posts whilst in Mississippi (go wifi!), but it may not be daily, which I know is cool and all. ;)

BTW, you all said so many nice comments in yesterday's post.  THANK YOU!  I definitely feel good most of the time, but there are moments when a little boost certainly helps.  (Like this afternoon when my belly literally felt like it was sitting atop my bladder.  Oof.)

Onto my fall colored clothing...

Picniked the heck out of this photo, but the coat and turtleneck were begging me for saturation.  :)

I wore this on the day before Halloween, wanted to be festive without being too "in your face" (that will be in the next set of photos, lol).

Coat: J. Crew Bonbon, last year, size 6.
Turtleneck: J. Crew Cashmere, Winter 2008, size medium.  This is yet another item pulled from my postpartum with CW wardrobe (handy to have held onto...).
Pants: J. Crew Pinstripe Suiting Trousers, Winter 2007, size 10.
Boots: Aerosoles from a long time ago, worn constantly by me when the temps dip.

No coat here, but the necklace is Chicos.  I love this color turtleneck, I believe it was called Tangelo.  So pretty.  We had a few trees round these parts that turned this color when autumn officially showed up (first week of November, really).

Actual Halloween outfit.  I didn't overdo it, but the jack-o-lantern earrings are a bit much.  :)

Cardigan: J. Crew Cashmere, I can't remember what season, size medium.  Really nice color here, too.  J. Crew really does color well.
Top: J. Crew Drapey Sequin Tank, winter 2010, size extra small.  Here is the crazy thing about J. Crew, there sizing in tops is so wacky that even nearly five months pregnant with a small belly, I CAN WEAR THIS SIZE.  Nuts.  No wonder I go to crewcuts so much of the time.
Jeans: Maybe Calvin Klein?  Pulled from postpartum with CW pile.  Size 10.
Shoes: Cole Haan, Size 9.5.  I wear these a lot.  Very comfy and go with everything.
Necklace and earrings: Ancient and brought out exactly once a year.

CW is all princess, all the time.  That's Princess Aurora, if you don't mind.  :)

Really unnecessary to publish this photo twice, but OMG, CW's smile is darling.

I only got one good shot this day, but I kind of like it, makes me feel like I am some sort of warrior in this pose.  A pregnant warrior.  :)

Top: J. Crew Button Down, Fall 2009, Size medium.  They offer these all the time.  This is likely a suiting top, but I liked it layered with the Missoni for Target "dress."
Dress:  (Chortle, dress.  Tunic if you are 5' 6" or taller.)  I was able to order one item from Target the morning of the Missoni madness.  You are seeing it.  I had also ordered some tights, for around $15.  I mention the price of the tights because when they canceled that part of the order they sent me a gift card for $25 to say "sorry."  I appreciated the gesture, but I think in the end, I won out.  Huh.  Anyhow, I love this tunic, very unusual, not too much stripy madness, and the black panels are slimming.  Plus this tunic looks cute with a tiny belly.  I may even wear it later when I have a bigger belly, we'll see.  I ordered the small, and it fits well enough.  Obviously we'll see next fall how well it really fits.
Pants:  J.C. Penney, Duo Maternity.  I had these from the past two pregnancies.  These are simply the easiest pair of pants for me to wear while preggers, they go on well without struggle and they stay up well (although this early on I have to use the bella band to keep them up).
Shoes: Cole Haan Ada Low Heels in Nude, Size 10.   Great pair of heels, low heel, but high enough to improve the leg line.

I had a day out with my mom (she visited in very early November), so I wanted comfort but pretty comfort, so I pulled this one together.

Cardigan: J. Crew Factory, Golden Roses Merino Cardigan, Size small.  I finally found something I like with this cardigan.  Until this point I hated everything I paired with it.  I think the neckline on the dress, plus the dark grey color, work nicely with the print.
Dress: J. Crew Carly, Winter 2009 (maybe early 2010).  Don't wear this a ton, but I do always love it when I do.  They had a factory version for awhile, I wonder if the quality was the same.  FWIW, this was a size 8 and it fit fine over the belly, meaning that its waistline is a bit loose in general.
Tights: Target Assets, I believe.  Love the Spanx off-shoot.
Heels: Anthropologie, Miss Albright Prised Rose Peep-Toes.  You all have now seen this pair of shoes at least a half a dozen time this season.  I am so glad I was able to buy them (and on sale, to boot).
Headband: J. Crew.

I run "hot," even when not with child, but OMG, when pregnant I am literally on fire every day.  Hence I need layers.  With Rex it got so bad that I wore a sundress and sandals with an overcoat towards the end.  It was freaking February and there I was, wind whipping, and temps in the 20s, with no overcoat on, and looking like it was a nice mid-May day.  Only other moms got it.  Men thought I was NUTS.

Heehee.  I see a happy outfit here, but  really should have worn these with boots or at least a pair of closed toe flats.  It looks less odd with the Bella off, but only just.

Jacket: J. Crew Factory Bella, Size 4, coral color.  These came out one season post the original, so Fall 2008.  Love this jacket.  :)  Lucky me, I was able to get a pink herringbone version in a P6 (like a 4, but with slighter shorter sleeves) off ebay.  I paid near full price, but I know how hard it is to find the pink one, so I was stoked.  It is in great shape, just waiting for a "pink" mood to strike so I can wear it.
Tunic: Boden Terazzo Tunic.  Size 6.  Such a fan.  And its stretchy modal fabric is looks great when you are not pregnant, and stretches (without hurting the fabric) when you are.  Love!
Pants: J. Crew Minnie in twill, navy, size 8.  Fit fine that day, but were retired soon thereafter.  Could unzip an inch or so, but eh, no.
Shoes: J. Crew Collection, very cute, but probably too summery here.
Scarf: J. Crew Mohair, Winter 2008.

I like the top half better than the bottom half, especially with the jacket.

But when the jacket is gone, the shoes look okay.  Still not great, but better.  LOL.

I thought I had uploaded the shots of me wearing an adorable crewcuts collection cashmere cable knit sweater (woo, that was a lot to type) in heather citrus, but I appear not to have done so, I guess I will leave that one for another day.  :)

You all have a great late Sunday or Monday!  Hope you all don't work too hard this week...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mommy Style Monday #23--Style Repeated.

I have totally discussed this topic before.  I called it my Mommy Style "go to," and that post is here.

However that post was mostly about my winter style uniform, and I wanted you all to see a summer style uniform.  This summer "go to" outfit choice of mine is especially useful for me when I am trying to get ready to go to church or dinner out but am a bit stumped or I am having the dreaded "fat day."

I love that feel of ease and effortlessness, so I highly recommend every momma out there grab a look or two and hone it so that when similarly stumped (or feeling stumpy), you have a go-to for nearly every moment of your life.  I cannot tell you how much better life with these multiple ankle biters has been since streamlining the dressing process.  I am able to just get it and go most mornings.  I do want to step outside my comfort zone and will do so, but refuse to let some "goal" of being different get in the way of getting the kids to preschool or getting us to church on time.

To remind you of the last time I wore an outfit similar to my summer uniform, it was here on the kids first day of preschool.  Now that I have tried this look a couple of times, I will definitely continue to pull from this uniform look in the future.

Stripes and Florals...Easy Breezy. 

Tee: J. Crew Cashmere Tee, Striped Citron, from Summer 2007.  Fitted shape to offset the more full shape of the floral skirt (also done in the preschool day outfit).
Skirt: J. Crew Sketchbook Roses Belle Skirt, Size 10 (I sized up one size for length and so I could tuck tees in it), from Fall 2008.  This full skirt works nicely on most figures, but make sure not to go too full or else it can look a bit juvenile and if you are at all hippy (like me), it can over-emphasize the hips if too full.
Necklace: J. Crew Crystal Devote Necklace.
Shoes: Plenty for Tracy Reese Felt Almond Heels from Anthropologie.  How these are not sold out already is beyond me.  These are all at once COMFORTABLE (even with the heel), FLATTERING (love the v-shape to the top of the shoes), and all leather (and on sale for $70, still).  I took the size 40, which works great for my (J. Crew sized) 9.5 narrow foot.

CW is feeling fine in her summer staple uniform, the frilly, girly, all cotton dress.  :)

Grey Floral and Yellow Stripes.

Above is the polyvore of this set.

I can't let today's Mommy Style Monday go by without including my version of Halloween chic.  We had CW's ballet class this morning and my way of going festive was to wear orange and a snakeskin print.  (And jack-o-lantern earrings.  I had totally forgotten about those.  They were from my full-time teaching days.  No, I do NOT own a "Christmas Cardigan."  Hand on heart.)

J. Crew Python Print Silk Twill Dress.  This was a random purchase of mine on ebay that worked out.  I was nervous it wouldn't fit, but thank goodness it did.  :)  However the silk twill fabric is super static cling tastic...does anyone have a recommendation for a short slip to go under this dress?  Merci!

Tights are Ralph Lauren control top sweater knit tights and very warm.  Love them.

Frye Ada Peep Toe Kitten Heels.

Not loving this face, but it makes me laugh.  The earrings are the lovely jack-o-lantern earrings that are so cliche they are probably hip in some sort of ironic hipster way.  The coat is from J. Crew last winter, the double cloth bonbon.

Wasn't super cold today, but the bonbon was a welcome addition to my wardrobe this past weekend.  Not only is it orange but it is a winter jacket.  I cannot believe that in VA, where we typically don't wear coats until mid-November, that we had FREAKING snow and mid-30s temps on Saturday.  Yeah, blegh.  Welcome to Halloween, VA.

They have their costumes already to go...CW as Princess Aurora and...

Rex either riding a T. Rex or as a T. Rex. Your call. LOL.

Happy Halloween!

BTW, here is the polyvore of today's outfit.

Also, because I am you all have a summer staple uniform that you turn to when you have no time or "one of those days?"

Have a great night. Back to normal My Superfluities programming tomorrow!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wie schön...

Happy Halloween!

Oh, let's not beat around the bush. I know you all have seen the pic in your blogger reader or preview screen, so here goes...yes, I am wearing a dirndl.

It gets better. I own THREE dirndls. As some of you may know or remember from the past posts, I spent a lot of my youth in Germany. My mother and her family are actually German (my Omi, or grandmother, was born and raised in Berlin, DURING World War II--if you have any knowledge of German history, you know that was NOT the time to live in Berlin). My dad is American, and when my dad and my mom met in California (my mother's father is American and was in the military--he met my Omi during the Berlin Airlift), and had me and my brother, they decided to move to Germany with the Army. For the first few years of my life (I was the ages of my own children), I lived all over Southern Germany. My mom and dad divorced when I was five, and we moved back to the states. Even with that move, my brother and I still went to Germany to visit my mom, so even though we were gone from Germany, it was still a place we visited often.

My youth was spent wearing fun German clothing, including dirndls. My brother had lederhosen, too. Fast forward to now. Do I get to Germany very often anymore? Well, nein, not really. I went a few years ago in 2005, but that is not how I received three dirndls. My dirndls are from my step-grandmother, Grandma Jane, who passed away when I was twelve. In a twist of serendipity, she and my grandfather (not my mom's dad, but my dad's dad) were living in Germany while we were in Germany. Grandma Jane loved clothing, and loved celebrating ethnic clothing, so she purchased upwards of 20 dirndls. I always loved my Grandma Jane's style, and because my Grandpa couldn't get rid of her gorgeous clothing when she passed away, I was gifted her clothing (not all of it, but some of her pieces came my way) eventually. It took my grandpa YEARS to accept her passing, and when he was ready to get rid of the pieces, he realized that I am the same size she was (height and all), so he gave me three of the dirndls. And what kind of person would I be if I didn't wear them when I can...

And knowing what a clothes horse Grandma Jane was, I still don't get how we aren't blood-related. LOL.

Hang on for a moment longer, then pics, I promise...

My dad went to Germany two years ago and because I asked him, he bought both Rex and CW an authentic lederhosen and dirndl. Of course he sized WAY up, so they weren't quite big enough last Halloween to celebrate their German heritage, but this year, well, ya, das ist gut!

And just for you all...a sneak peek of tonight...German style. (Get out the oom-pah band.) (Accordians and beer steins ready?)

This is my green dirndl. It is also the only dirndl I have that has a separate blouse. The dirndl I will wear tonight, the pink one, is actually one piece with an apron and a pair of lace-y socks.

What do I mean I am wearing the pink one tonight? Isn't the green one what I am wearing today? Nope. I got to be all FESTIVE twice this week. Rex's preschool had a Halloween day on Thursday, so we get to celebrate our heritage TWICE. In one week. If we keep this up, the German store down the street from our house may just hire us to work every Sunday, holding up signs on the road announcing the fact that there is a GERMAN store right there in the middle of all the Ethiopian and Korean restaurants. We would fit right in. (It still boggles my mind that there is a German store right there...I keep expecting its doors to shutter closed, but it never does. Maybe it is a demand thing...maybe all the Germans in the DC area drive all the way to this store to get their Weißwurst and spätzle once a week and that alone keeps them in business.)

No, we didn't get Baby CW's baby doll her own dirndl.  Even I don't want to shop that badly...

Here we are, all three of us. We look so HAPPY!

And there is a close-up of Rex in his lederhosen. I think he will actually get a few more years use out of this outfit. Bit big, eh?  BTW, we kept him real authentic like by being all Euro with his socks/sandals combo.  Oh, yeah!  (P.S. I have no idea what that link's website is all about...I don't think I am its target audience!)

BTW, Baby CW could have been given the dirndl and told to wear it, and it would have been no issue at all. Rex, not so much. The only way we got him to wear it? They are officially Hansel and Gretel. It took only three weeks, with many hours spent telling him the story, showing him the various versions of it on youtube, and singing the song before he finally gave in.

So don't anyone mention to him that he is a German Boy, instead call him Hansel. Oh, and make a really big deal about saving his sister from the witch by pushing the witch in the oven. (Yeah, you can tell my son is three.)

Have a great day. I hope you and yours have a really great time celebrating Halloween!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Five Outfits Take a Vacation in North Carolina...

Compared to my last post on outfits in the Bahamas, I feel like these outfits, while I like them, don't really represent me as well as summer or beach outfits do.

But my winter clothing serves me well, so I decided to take some of them on a little vacation to the hills of North Carolina. (Well, I really didn't...Mr. Dina had a conference there...but still, it counts.)

This was the same vacation that I was able to go to the AWESOME J. Crew Clearance Center in Arden, NC. (BTW, there are some great tips in the comments section...check them out before you make a trek to this store.)

Here is the polyvore of this vacation wardrobe. I have no in real life photos from this trip of the berry trim Astrid jacket (which is really the outlet version), but I wore it last night to go shopping, so it will be on this blog soon enough! The herringbone ecole in pumpkin is another outlet find. (But it looks EXACTLY like the one from J. Crew last fall.)

Day One--Drive from NOVA to NC in five hours in awful weather. Kinda wet, kinda warm, kinda blah. The yellow in my v-neck brightened the world for hours. I think you can read in the dark from the illumination.

Anyhow, we are at my FAVORITE fast food joint ever, Steak and Shake. This place has the best fast food...hands down. It even beats my other fave (and local business gone good) Five Guys. Why? Because Steak and Shake has more variety. If Five Guys had Steak and Shake's variety, it would be no contest, my neighborhood burger joint would win, of course. But since Five Guys business model is to stick to the basics (which they do REALLY well), I think Steak and Shake will always reign supreme. BTW, I always get the Frisco Melt with a side of cheese fries and either cottage cheese or chili. I eat clean the rest of the time...Steak and Shake is for me to INDULGE.

Here is the sadness...there are NO Steak and Shakes anywhere in the Virginia, DC, or Maryland area. I have to drive 5 hours to where Elon College is located to get to our nearest one.

Still Day One--Halloween night. My kids were both their favorite characters from the hit children's tv program, Yo Gabba Gabba, for Halloween, so I decided to be their DJ Lance. Rex was Brobee, and CW was Foofa. I know...a bit ridiculous, but all in fun. Plus, and this is just perfection, when can you ever pull out J. Crew and wear it for Halloween??? I love that this Candace sweater jacket just fit the bill.

Day Two--Drive from Winston-Salem (we stayed at the same hotel as we did when I had the INCIDENT but on the other side AWAY from hilarity and festivity) to Asheville. This top is not represented in the polyvore. It is from Boden probably three years ago? This was when Boden was still making their tops fairly short, which doesn't really bother me, Miss Short Torso, but I remember seeing people complaining about how Boden doesn't really give enough length in their tops on their website. Anyhow, I love the floral detail with the stripes. Plus the colors are pretty and all autumnal.

Day Two--Evening at dinner with the kids at some fancy restaurant at the resort. THE KIDS WERE PERFECT. :) YAY! Anyhow, IGNORE my makeup. I have no idea if the flash did that or if I really am that ghostly, but I definitely didn't look like that in real, actual light.

I love this is very comfortable, but when the bow is tied and you wear it with a pencil skirt, tights, and heels, it gets notched up to "dressy casual." (Which is my favorite type of outfit...) Also, look at it! Not an ounce of actual color. This may be a dinagideon first!

Last Day (Day Four)--Skipped right over Day Three because that was the day I went to the clearance center and none of the outfit pics turned out. Sigh.

This top is the abstract rose victoria cami from the outlet and the jacket is the herringbone ecole (with a button instead of a clasp) from the outlet. The pants are the charcoal minnies, and the shoes are my lovely Alessias in grey. This was the ONLY shot that turned out okay. I think the room had bad lighting. This outfit was actually VERY comfortable. This was the outfit I wore when we ate at Tupelo Honey (which has FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC southern food). If this outfit was still comfortable after that meal (which it was), then those Minnies are God-sends.

I still have more posts upcoming. Later on today, I will be doing my next Mid-Century Mom post (I did some cooking, you all). The next couple from My Superfluities will include one on the ruffles and rosette top in black, a recreation of a catalog look from November, some Boden pieces from this fall, and a whole long post with me wearing a bunch of dresses.

Have a nice Sunday!